Many of us have been doing  a lot of mouthing-off about needing change in the legislative system in Delaware.  We say we are  sick and tired of the same old crap, year after year. Well, here’s your chance to put your vote where your mouth is……THERE IS A SPECIAL ELECTION BETWEEN JOANNE CHRISTIAN AND BRUCE ENNIS IN THE 14th SENATORIAL DISTRICT, {TO FILL  SENATOR VAUGHN’S SEAT).    WE CAN ONLY HOPE THAT THE PROFRESSIVE THINKERS WILL PREVAIL.  WE’LL SEE IF THE “DEMAND  CHANGE”  TYPES ARE FOR REAL, OR JUST A LOT OF TRASH TALKERS. I hope they win.  You will note that,  except for this one sentence, the words “Republican” and “Democrat” will never appear in anything I write about the elections in this State.  The hell with “parties”; let’s talk people….it’s good PEOPLE, not parties, which we need in our legislature.  Prove it in this special election.  PLEASE!

The best digging that I’ve been able to come up with is the following.   JOANNE CHRISTIAN is in favor of: Open Government/Against Lobby Influence/ For Inspector General/ For Real Improvement in her field, Education/ Very much into human service issues/ Deeply involved in youth development programs….actucally DOING things in these fields, not just talking about them.

My knowledge of her opponent, BRUCE ENNIS, reveals that he is living proof that the regressive “Good Old Boy” mentality will be alive and well, and will thrive in the back row chair once occupied by Jim Vaughn, if Bruce Ennis wins.

As Dana Garrett pointed out lately in his blog, we can look for nothing new coming from Bruce Ennis.  I can verify that.  I’ve watched him only fairly closely, but, I don’t think he ever bucked his own party on anything.  He’s been pretty well inbedded in Bob Gilligan’s pocket on all issues.  This means he will be deeply in Thurman Adam’s pocket (the back pocket, of course, where he can be closer to the butt).  If Ennis wins, he will have to spend the first month cleaning out Vaughn’s desk draw filled with good legislative bills which are buried  under a mountain of cobwebs.  If Ennis wins, the Jim Vaughn mentality lives on.  It’s that simple.  He will bring over the same attitude as he had in the House of Representatives; following Gilligan’s positions:

NO REAL OPEN GOVERNMENT/ NO DEDICATION TO CHANGING EDUCATION/ CERTAINLY NO INSPECTOR GENERAL/ NO RECORD OF INVOLVEMENT IN YOUTH ISSUES OR HUMAN SERVICE ISSUES IN GENERAL.  Ennis is pretty much a lightweight when it comes to  changing anything.  He’ll cruise  along with his duel pension intact  (state police), and like virtually all of the ex-state police types in the legislature that I have seen over 30 year, he will define success was being about to stay afloat in a pool of mediocrity, and go-along-to-get-along, thereby becoming  a 20 year career do-nothing implant….voting against anything which will deviate from the existing system.  “Change” from the existing system is not the strong point of police thinking. I have known about 10 to 13 ex-state police persons in the legislature; none of them that I can rememer, actively strove to improve the system. In fact, Vaughn could have gotten a PhD  from Atilla Univerity, in stopping progress, and returning to whipping posts and hangings.  There is only one exception to my general opinion of policemen in the legislature, PETE SCHWARTZKOPF.  He’s different, progressive, bucked his on party on occasion, and stands on principle: voted for needle bill, strongly against John Atkins, against lobbyist influence, favors budget reform process, fights against the joint finance committee weaknesses, stands up for a lot of human service causes, and backs Inspector General bill, ONLY if it gets tougher and really does the job. I only have 72 hours to talk him  into moving into the 14th Senatorial District.  

AT ANY RATE, HERE’S MY PICK FOR THE SPECIAL ELECTION SATURDAY. I’LL TAKE THE UNDERDOG,  JOANNE CHRISTIAN, FOR THE EXPRESS PURPOSE OF PROGRESS, CHANGE, AND MEANINGFUL REFORM. How about YOU……who is your choice and WHY? And if you use the forbidden words “Republican or Democrat”, I’ll find a way to delete your response….NO PARTIES, ONLY PEOPLE



  1. Mike Mahaffie Says:

    Please stop shouting.

  2. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    MAHAFFIE…you are a gem, truly magnificent… exhibit more about youself, than you do about me. You are internalizing to the extent that you evision shouting from the written word…your’re one of a kind, brother. Get down to the substance of issues….not the self-indulgent image that you conjure up. Substance over image. The story here is NOT me…it’s an important ISSUE, an important ELECTION. The decision made in the legislature should be your concern….not how I write. You’re becoming obsessed with ME. Let is go. Your mental health may be at stake…But, whatever you do, DON’T stop commenting!

  3. Tyler Nixon Says:

    I sincerely hope you are right about people looking past the shackles and blinders of pure party line voting. There are good Democrats and good Republicans who will be challenging the status quo more than the other party. There is much truth in the view that stale entrenched incumbents from both parties form a two-headed hydra serving the same masters : themselves.

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