You know Rudy Giuliani’s close friend, Bernie Kerik, don’t you? Well, if you don’t know him, let me introduce you to him: former NYPD commissioner,former NYC chief corrections official, documented adulterer, documented recipient of a $250,000 gift from a New York Mafia Don, employer of illegal alien worker, docmented tax evader, documented federal bank fraud participant, suspected thief of several hundred thousand dollars from corrections department money (for which his chief assistant took the rap, in return for a nice bundle of cash, according to police insiders in New York), and most of all, now he’s the happy recipient of a 16 count federal felony indictment? We do know this much; he could be the cause of the beginning of the end of Rudy Giulani’s Presidential race, hopefully.

Kerik’s numerous documented misdeeds, and subsequent
16 count federal indictment could play the same role in Rudy Giuliani’s campaign for President, as the swift boat issue played in John Kerry’s demise. And it should. I know more than “just a little bit” about the inner workers of the NYPD and the criminal justice system in New York in general. And some friends there recently told me “You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet”.

Rudy’s supporters may be able to spin him out from under the flak about three very strange marriages, including one to a second cousin. By the way, you realize, of course, that marriage to a second cousin is one degree removed from incest, right? His other marriage was ended, and his wife had to find out about it by a formal press conference Rudy held. At the time, his wife was still living in their home with hubby Rudy and their kids. It even gets stranger…according to some, Rudys’ dysfunctional
“Adam’s Family” type homelife included a girlfriend (now wife three) who was hanging around the corridors and bedroom areas at the same time everybody else was still living there. Can you picture what trying to get some morning bathroom time must have been like? Now, his present whacko wife, is another story, which can’t help his run to become President. She has been barred from the campaign trail altogether, because of her strangeness”, shall we call it. You know how the wives always come into play once a candidate in selected after the primary… well wait until you see it this time, if Rudy is the candidate.
You probably remember how Kerry’s wife took all that heat about botox treatments, and a public misstatment here and there; well what are you going to do when you see an entire campaign wherein the candidate’s wife stands next to him handcuffed behind her back and tape over her mouth? In fact, I’m not sure that the “home”, which is treating her, will even give her a patient’s pass for the duration of the campaign stump.

Why do I believe that the Kerik thing will kill off Rudy?
Fact; Giuliani and Kerik were not just colleagues, they were close, close, close friends…and very close business partners.
Fact: Rudy was thoroughly informed about Kerik’s former and present serious problems and misdeeds BEFORE he appointed him NYPD Commissioner, and BEFORE he decided to enter business with Bernie, and BEFORE he recommended him to be the Secretary of Homeland Security, and BEFORE he got him the job of training the Iraq police, at which he failed miserably, and was thrown out of that job. These sixteen indictments are not minor transgressions…they are all felony crimes.

Rudy either DID know, or SHOULD have known what Kerik was all about. The police community is the closest thing to a female neighborhood gossipy coffee klatch. No secrets are safe. Believe me, Rudy knew absolutely everything about Kerik before he gave him all those important positions, and/or before he recommended him for even more important positions mentioned above. Rudy did not demonstrate just a single foregiveable error in judgment. No, he had all the facts about Kerik, and purposely hid them, and made several calculated terribly wrong decisions to hide the true character of his friend; and almost got away with having him placed in extremely important positions, which could have effected the entire country. Add to the picture, the fact that having a Mafia Don give Kerik a $250,000 gift means that he would have had to eventually repay it in whatever way the Don dictates. If you think Haliburton screwed us, just image the thievery and corruption of mob controlled company contracts for Homeland Security projects. That’s how the mob would have benefitted from the $250,000 gift they gave to Kerik, had he gotten the homeland security job.

It has been said that Rudy Giulani is loyal to a fault…that he excuses transgressions, if he is friends with the transgressors. Now wait a damn minute! Isn’t that EXACTLY what was said about our beloved President George Bush? Didn’t he stick us with Rumsfeld and Rove, who screwed up everything, because he wanted to be loyal to them…to our detriment? Another useless ineffective “loyalist-to-friends”, is exactly what we DON’T need as our next president. The worst case scenario is that Guilani get’s elected, and immediately after he takes his oath of office, he grabs the mic and pardons Bernie Kerik. God save us!

Let’s try somebody who will actualy do something positive about our real problems, and not a guy who is going to be looking for piles of rubble to stand on and profess that he is the 9/11 savior for the next four years. Boy! is that theme getting old, or what?” Give it a rest, Rudy. In fact, think of it this way, if you lose the primary, you’ll have so much more free time to spend every day in the courtroom during Bernie Kerik’s trial and subsequent guilty verdict. I do hope Kerik IS Giuliani’s swift boat.

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  1. Tyler Nixon Says:

    The GOP is asking for a loss if they nominate Giuliani. The public’s awareness in the age of Bush has become far more acute than I can remember.

    Much of the smarm beneath the surface with Giuliani has yet to be brought to their attention. He has many many negatives that will not play well.

    The idea that he can beat Hillary is a fallacy.

    My take on the race this far is anybody but HillaRudy.


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