Please start thinking about this issue NOW, and slowly, over the next year, I will do my best to take you through a long scenario which should prove beyond a doubt that MAYOR JAMES BAKER SHOULD NEVER BE RE-ELECTED AS MAYOR OR WILMINGTON, IN FACT, NEVER BE ELECTED TO ANYTHING, EVER AGAIN.

People think, then feel, then act. I’ll provide you with the factual information to think about, but it’s up to you do the feeling, and then the acting. Baker’s sole response to any legitimate criticism he receives is always the same :

“That’s a lot of crap”, which really describes his own administration, if you ask me. In fact, that must be what he whispered to himself after taking his oath of office; considering the way he carried out his administration.

Attorney Tom Neuberger’s most recent lawsuit against Mayor Baker and some of his in-house hacks, proves the point. Over the last few years Neuberger took some heavy legal action against the Mayor’s alleged illegal, maybe even racist decisions with regard to police promotions, and hiring, and with regard to some “iffy” police shootings. But this time, Newberger’s lawsuit against Baker deals with Neuberger himself.

Tom Neuberger had some additions and renovations done to this own home. It all went well, work done properly, all tests passed with regard to rules and regulations. The work was checked for code appoval, etc, etc, etc.. A certificate of occupancy was OKed, and things looked good. BUT…apparently the Baker gang on the 9th floor of the City County building decided that they were going to mess with the Neuberger-man.

 Out of the blue come three or four over-paid and under-qualfied city officials, who started to get even with Neuberger for his previous lawsuits. They decided to flipflop on the certificate of occupancy. They dropped a bomb on the whole deal, and decided that significant work (which had already been approved) was suddenly inadequate, and had to be torn out and re-done. “NO certificate of occupancy, Mr. Neuberger”. Of course it’s just antoher cluster f_ _ _ on the part of the Baker gang, we all know that.

Baker’s demise should not be judged on just this Neuberger incident alone, of course, because I’m sure the Neu-man will win, as he usually does.



Start thinking about a phony project for a minority bank; a scam which he knew about, but let the guy disappear and keep the $150,000 of YOUR money;(aided by a former City Councilperson, I’m told). Start thinking about why he decided to cancel a $200,000 loan owed to YOU, by the Kumba charter school, because he wanted to cut a break for a friend.

Start thinking about the scam which he knew about, or should have known about, regarding the Ships’ Tavern area (between 2nd and 4th streets on Market street). He knew that William Wyer was screwing the City, while paying himself hundreds of thousands each year for five years, to accomplish nothing…virtually nothing that was promised, and to this day has been a complete flop. Take a trip down that way to see a perfect example of your money being “legally” stolen.

Start thinking about why you have to fix your own sidewalks, when Delaware courts say that the City should be responsible for sidewalks.

Start thinking about the $270,000 salary for the guy running the whole show at the riverfront and the failing shops, and so on…it’s YOUR money, folks.

Start thinking about a scam that was pulled with regard to sneaky deals coming from an “Entrepreneurs Council” project allegedly to be supervise by the mayor’s office —about which a whistle-blower went to the FBI; there were wires worn and everything…hopefully results still pending.

That’s right! NOW is the time to start thinking about all these things, and more; which I will detail gradually over the next year. I’ll give you all the specfics…but I want to spread it out between now and the next election campaign….AND AS LONG AS YOU ARE THINKING, ALSO START THINKING ABOUT WHY A TYLER NIXON MIGHT BE A GOOD CHOICE FOR MAYOR. More on that topic coming soon…..



  1. Mike Matthews Says:

    Go, Gerry, Go!!!!!!

  2. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    Gerry: Thanks for bringing all issues out.There is so much more that must be exposed. Tyler Nixon, I wholeheartedly agree would be the best solution for Wilmington. Time to get the “new city” guys to fold their “insider” tents and leave City government, so the citizens can “fix” the ole City to end further decline.

    I have heard some of Tyler’s ideas and stand behind them 100%. People in Wilmngton have been bamboozled, hoodwinked and fooled into believing Baker has done “anything” to protect the lives of the citzens and their families.

    All the cities monies have gone into “deals” made behind the scenes, without public access or knowledge. We need a new “regime” in City government, a cleansing of the incompentents, and purveyors of leading by 9th floor fiat, regardless of the needs, desires of those they govern.

    Its time to “liberate” city hall, in particular liberate Community TV-Channel 22, which has been turned into anything but a Community station. Open the doors of the City auditorium and permit the citzens to have their forums, discussion and debate. Permit the citizens to use Chan. 22 to reach all citizens in the City from the comfort of their living rooms. That is what Community TV was supposed to do. What actually happened, our tax dollars are being used to run Campaigns for certain incumbents, to pat themselves on the back, while they turned their backs on the citizens. In fact, citizens have been “banned” from using our Community TV, forcing some to pay hundreds of dollars to bring information and communicate with the citizens. Of course Ted Blunt City Council President has decided that “we the public are not permitted to use those rooms or the TV at city hall” who died and left him boss?

    City Government is governed by a few elites (they think they are) but are really just bullies and thugs who don’t believe in, or support the issues they citizens are interested in.

    There are many “scandals” about to come forward from a variety of concerned citizens. City Hall must be returned to its rightful owners and this bunch should be retired from public life.

    My advise should Tyler decide to run for Mayor, would be to call for a complete audit of the entire City government. FRom what I understand the computerization of City Hall is a laughable joke, except that more and more of our tax dollars will be required to fix it.

    Good for the citizen hero Mr. Newberger! Its time the intimidation by some against their “supposed” enemies ends. A lawsuit works every time.

    Go get him Tyler! We will stand with you, regardless of that “R” you have for party affilation. We who know you, realize that you are attempting to correct the ills and ilk of the current leadership in the republican party to bring it back to its roots. The Democrats beholden to the Baker administration and its attempts at eminent domain, and all who voted for it, should be under public scrutiny. Why did they vote that way! Why!

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