BOB BROWN is the name…and good government has been his game, for a long, long time. He wants to give what he has to offer by doing it in the Independent Party style. He’s a perfect fit. The IPOD people are not going to be discouraged or diverted from their efforts to drastically change the local political scenery. Now they can have great candidate waiting in the wings to be called on stage….hopefully after at the upcoming party convention.

After a minor in-house faux pas involving wannabe Lt. Governor Tom Little, and some confusion over “whose-signature-is-this anyway; it looks like Hazel Plant can be unseated by this classy activist, Bob Brown; owner of Walnut Street Subshop.

Bob Brown is some candidate-come-lately. He raised hell about street money corruption long before it was fashionable.
He went to court and successfully beat the City’s big shot politicians; stopping them from playng hide-and-seek with federal community planning money. He has been on top of the do-nothing City officials for years and years.

Like Hazel, Bob Brown is an African American, so race is no issue here . Bob will shine as a well-informed, experienced and dedicated state representative who will be owned by nobody. Believe me, I’ve known him for about 20 years…and no one owns him…people have tried, but he wasn’t having any of it. Brown is no stranger to policitics or to good govenment. He has finally found an offical party who will hopefully welcome him and use his reformer energy.

He totally buys into the Independent Party formula: Inspector General/ he tried to force open government before it was an
“in-thing” to do/ he’ll fight for single-payer universal health care with the best of them. He’s behind a newly developed quality district model education experiment–and he wants a Wimington based senior high school (a much needed entity). He would push for special drug courts with mandated probation, mandatory treatment, and mandatory after-care recovery. He’s dedicated to campaign reform, and for public referendum, as well as term limits.

Let’s be frank, he is for everything that Hazel Plant is against or, doesn’t know anything about. And get this! He will not mention Hazel Plant’s name during a campaign, should he gain the IPOD support. No negative campaigning…just positive principles a la Brown and Independent Party style. He’s a true gentleman, with just enough of a testy edge on him to change the polictical scene.

This is the kind of candidate who will be a definite plus in the House of Representatives for his area of Wilmington. MY guess is that he will never call mental health patients, “inmates” like Hazel did; he promises not to say the there are no problems in our mental health facilities, like Hazel did; and promises never to call the mental health care investigation unnecessry, like Hazel did. HE ALSO PROMISES TO GET REAL PEOPLE TO SIGN THEIR REAL NAMES ON ELECTION APPLICATIONS. He’s the real deal and when the IPOD holds its convention, believe me, he will meet with their approval…and do them proud. Pay attention to
Bob Brown….and then vote for him….



  1. ANNON II Says:

    Are you ‘managing’ his campaign? I hope someone is. You know the old saying about the doctor having a fool for a patient….I believe the candidate who manages his campaign has a fool for a candidate.

    Good Luck Robert!!!!!

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