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November 11, 2007

You know Rudy Giuliani’s close friend, Bernie Kerik, don’t you? Well, if you don’t know him, let me introduce you to him: former NYPD commissioner,former NYC chief corrections official, documented adulterer, documented recipient of a $250,000 gift from a New York Mafia Don, employer of illegal alien worker, docmented tax evader, documented federal bank fraud participant, suspected thief of several hundred thousand dollars from corrections department money (for which his chief assistant took the rap, in return for a nice bundle of cash, according to police insiders in New York), and most of all, now he’s the happy recipient of a 16 count federal felony indictment? We do know this much; he could be the cause of the beginning of the end of Rudy Giulani’s Presidential race, hopefully.

Kerik’s numerous documented misdeeds, and subsequent
16 count federal indictment could play the same role in Rudy Giuliani’s campaign for President, as the swift boat issue played in John Kerry’s demise. And it should. I know more than “just a little bit” about the inner workers of the NYPD and the criminal justice system in New York in general. And some friends there recently told me “You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet”.

Rudy’s supporters may be able to spin him out from under the flak about three very strange marriages, including one to a second cousin. By the way, you realize, of course, that marriage to a second cousin is one degree removed from incest, right? His other marriage was ended, and his wife had to find out about it by a formal press conference Rudy held. At the time, his wife was still living in their home with hubby Rudy and their kids. It even gets stranger…according to some, Rudys’ dysfunctional
“Adam’s Family” type homelife included a girlfriend (now wife three) who was hanging around the corridors and bedroom areas at the same time everybody else was still living there. Can you picture what trying to get some morning bathroom time must have been like? Now, his present whacko wife, is another story, which can’t help his run to become President. She has been barred from the campaign trail altogether, because of her strangeness”, shall we call it. You know how the wives always come into play once a candidate in selected after the primary… well wait until you see it this time, if Rudy is the candidate.
You probably remember how Kerry’s wife took all that heat about botox treatments, and a public misstatment here and there; well what are you going to do when you see an entire campaign wherein the candidate’s wife stands next to him handcuffed behind her back and tape over her mouth? In fact, I’m not sure that the “home”, which is treating her, will even give her a patient’s pass for the duration of the campaign stump.

Why do I believe that the Kerik thing will kill off Rudy?
Fact; Giuliani and Kerik were not just colleagues, they were close, close, close friends…and very close business partners.
Fact: Rudy was thoroughly informed about Kerik’s former and present serious problems and misdeeds BEFORE he appointed him NYPD Commissioner, and BEFORE he decided to enter business with Bernie, and BEFORE he recommended him to be the Secretary of Homeland Security, and BEFORE he got him the job of training the Iraq police, at which he failed miserably, and was thrown out of that job. These sixteen indictments are not minor transgressions…they are all felony crimes.

Rudy either DID know, or SHOULD have known what Kerik was all about. The police community is the closest thing to a female neighborhood gossipy coffee klatch. No secrets are safe. Believe me, Rudy knew absolutely everything about Kerik before he gave him all those important positions, and/or before he recommended him for even more important positions mentioned above. Rudy did not demonstrate just a single foregiveable error in judgment. No, he had all the facts about Kerik, and purposely hid them, and made several calculated terribly wrong decisions to hide the true character of his friend; and almost got away with having him placed in extremely important positions, which could have effected the entire country. Add to the picture, the fact that having a Mafia Don give Kerik a $250,000 gift means that he would have had to eventually repay it in whatever way the Don dictates. If you think Haliburton screwed us, just image the thievery and corruption of mob controlled company contracts for Homeland Security projects. That’s how the mob would have benefitted from the $250,000 gift they gave to Kerik, had he gotten the homeland security job.

It has been said that Rudy Giulani is loyal to a fault…that he excuses transgressions, if he is friends with the transgressors. Now wait a damn minute! Isn’t that EXACTLY what was said about our beloved President George Bush? Didn’t he stick us with Rumsfeld and Rove, who screwed up everything, because he wanted to be loyal to them…to our detriment? Another useless ineffective “loyalist-to-friends”, is exactly what we DON’T need as our next president. The worst case scenario is that Guilani get’s elected, and immediately after he takes his oath of office, he grabs the mic and pardons Bernie Kerik. God save us!

Let’s try somebody who will actualy do something positive about our real problems, and not a guy who is going to be looking for piles of rubble to stand on and profess that he is the 9/11 savior for the next four years. Boy! is that theme getting old, or what?” Give it a rest, Rudy. In fact, think of it this way, if you lose the primary, you’ll have so much more free time to spend every day in the courtroom during Bernie Kerik’s trial and subsequent guilty verdict. I do hope Kerik IS Giuliani’s swift boat.

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November 9, 2007

The minute you do a blog that praises some one, some people will read into it some special interest or hidden motive. I’ve known City Councilman Charles Potter for a long time before I ever had a blog, and long before he started advertising with this blog. I know about Charles Potter, and he stands way above a very suspect group called City Council. This blog about Potter would not have been written, if Ron Williams didn’t hurl a very misguided and untruthful column at him in the News Journal on Wednesday….Williams actually blamed Potter for doing something that all elected officials SHOULD do, but usually don’t. Potter forced a city agency to do its job and serve the people, can you imagine that? He had officials from Licences & Inspections come to his area, examine situations which needed attention, and followed through to see that those violations were corrected and the rules and laws were enforced. What a unique concept; an elected official actually serving the people who elected him. But it doesn’t stop there, when it comes to Charles Potter; ust take a glimpse at his job description, and then see how well he does in fulfilling it.

1. One of the criticims we have of politicians is that they stick together and support one another at all costs, on all issues; whether they are good of bad. The night of the City Council vote on the eminent domain plan, every City Council member who voted FOR the eminent domain plan, gave as their primary reason; “I support the motion because Councilwoman Shabazz wants it and I always support what my colleagues think is best for their district.” WHAT A CROCK OF FECES!
Did you understand that?….”they always support what their colleagues want them to.” I recentlylooked up the City Council oath of office, and I just couldn’t find a single sentence that said anything about supporting CITY COUNCIL COLLEAGUES.
I did see a lot of sentences about supporting the PEOPLE of Wilmington, but not a single word about ass-kissing fellow city council members.

2. Charles Potter did something very unusual at the last election. He saw the need to get rid of Senator Harris McDowell for more reasons than I have time or space to explain. Potter dared to oppose the system by challenging McDowell in a primary. You know McDowell, he’s that absentee ghost State Senator, who lives in a haunted house in Middletown, but suddenly appears in the flesh at his Baynard Blvd. home, just before election time. Harris comes on the scene waving hundreds of thousands of dollars from street money funds, in a blatant attempt to buy his election. I will never forget sitting at a Little Italy Civic Association meeting just before election time. I watched a presumably sober McDowell approach the mic, turn to the Association President and say; “Luigi, call my office tomorrow. I have $125,000 dollars for you.” Yes, it was that blatant, that corrupt. It was classic McDowell at his best. Luigi Barone stongly refused the attempted bribe, and in effect told him to shove it…a classy move. Of course, Potter’s fellow City Council members , who have had their collective noses stuck up a McDowell body part for years, opposed Potter for daring to challenge their “house whitie”; Harris “how much will it take to buy your support” McDowell. Of course the Wilmington Black Caucus openly endorsed McDowell, and strongly campaigned for him….and it wasn’t because he was white. It was because he was “green”, as in dollars. Potter lost that primary, partly because there were two other anti McDowell candidates,who split the “Harris Must Go” vote. Too bad; Try Again Charles!

3, Charles Potter shines in another area of Public Service. We often hear this phrase around election time. “I am always available to my constitents”:. Yeah, yeah, yeah….Most of them mean “I’ll see you around election time”. Not Potter. Every Wednesday morning for 2 to 4 hours, City Councilman Charles Potter, and State Representative Dennis Williams sit in the diner on Lea blvd. as individual constituents come in a steady flow to see him; not as a group, but in private one-on-one conversations. They make their case, ask questions, get complete answers, and are listened to. They engage in the type conversations that can only remind me of the “fireside chats” with President Roosevelt of the nineteen forties. I’ve been at the diner. I’ve seen and heard the chates. I’ve seen him buy their coffee, pay for their breakfast, at times, (with his OWN money, NOT street money). I have spoken to the constituents at times, and they are satisfied, and espeically grateful for the time and attention Potter and Williams give them. There is no time limit. They get no empty promises. Potter and Williams tell them the truth and sometimes refuse to do what can’t be done; but the people had their concerns taken seriously…and that’s all most of us want. Potter and Williams do their job.

So, there it is…you can believe the Ron Williams view of Charles Potter, or the view of what is true and real. I have been failing to convince Charles Potter to run for Mayor, where he could change this City into what we all want…instead of using it as a cash cow for satisfying the egos of a group of do-very-little political hacks. Any ideas about that possibility?

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November 8, 2007

Pop-quiz…why will the U.S. Attorney’s Office handle this criminal case involving a STATE agency, for crimes allegedly committed by STATE workers, while on STATE property???? Give up? Because several of the people allegedly involved live outside Delaware….and so the “crossing state lines to commit a crime” comes into play; allowing the federal govenment to step in.

Sometimes the Feds are absolutely necessary in “saving” cases; although not in this case at all. Remember how the Capano case cranked up and produced immediate results when the Feds took over from the State AG? There was the “feeling” by the community that the State AG’s office at the time was jerking around for 17 months, with no real results. That is not a knock against Wilmington Detective Donavan who worked his butt off. Some insiders had the opinion that he was being “handcuffed” by what looked like delay tactics by a lethargic State AG’s office, which was filled with friends of Capano. Remember the trial testimony of Assistant AG Keith Brady (no relation to Jane)? He was in charge of the case for the State….unfortunately, he was also in charge of his own body part which, on at least on one occasion, was intended to be used for the pleasure of a Capano “girlfriend” (Debbie Mac). According to his own testimony, as I colorfully said on the radio (and for which I got a 2 week punishment suspension); “The Assistant State AG in charge of the Capano investigation was “dippong the wick with Tom Capano’s girlfriend”; in fact, I continued to say on the radio,, “He couldn’t get the wick stiff enough to dip—due to excessive alcohol intake.” Tom Capano, according to court testimony, was observing through a window, and was no doubt very dissapointed since the failure of Brady to “perform” militated against his monkey-spanking process…..if you know what I mean. Now really, did I deserve a suspension for that?

The bottom line in that case, is that the Feds HAD to save the case, in my opinion, otherwise Tom Capano might still be playing the matress mambo at the Motel 6 in New Castle,with his gaggle of less-than-beauties. But, enough of that little stroll down memory lane, let’s get back to this Dover case.

Letting the Feds handle a case like this is a plus for several reasons. The Federal Prosecutors are top notch, the best we have in the state, and the leverage held by the federal government when it comes to making “deals” at sentencing time is a lot more effective. The word “deals” sounds dirty, but it really isn’t. No one will be given a “break” by any “deal” offered by the Feds. It’s a “give and take”, by both the prosecution and the defense.

When it comes to getting guility pleas as part of the deal, the Feds have a lot of different prison facilities of varying degrees of punishment and/or, comfort. A cooperating defendant can make the case easier for the Federal Government, by means of pleading guility immediately, and maybe even “giving up” other people not yet known to be involved in the crime scheme; and maybe even volunteering to explain the weaknesses in the Finance Department’s system, which made the crime possible.
In return for that type cooperation, the Feds are more likely to guarantee a “nicer” prison facility; maybe located closer to the defendant’s family, for visiting purposes. It’s a win-win situation. The money saved by the federal governmet for not going to trial is a plus. The information and cooperation of the accused person, and the time saved and money saved by not having a protracted investigation, are also a plus for the government, and the tax payer. Obviously, the concessions stated above will result in a plus for the defendant. The sentencing “deal” will also act as an example for other defendants who might be willing to cop a plea and spill their guts in future cases; for a nicer incarceration stay. But, let’s not forget that jail is jail;…no matter how much green grass surrounds the walls.

One thing is for certain; no such positive “deal” making is possilble in our STATE system. In a backward, archaic system like ours, a person who is $200 behind in support payments is sentenced to months in our maximum security prison, with a cellmate who murdered his family (true case). No one benefits in our Delaware State system. YOU will pay between $54 and $84 a day for men or women who committed crimes often worthy of probation in any other state.

U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly will do his well documented effective job, and will make this State case go through the federal system with the best results…you can count on that.

In fact, this brings up another issue….the Wagner-to-Connolly combination in corruption cases, has always achieved the best, quickest,and least costly, positive results.
What is NOT generally known is WHY Auditors like to go that root, without first stopping at the local State AG’s office.
Tom will not, and should not, admit this…and he may even deny it; and that’t OK. I understand the politics and the reality of the “Delaware Way”, and our criminal justice system, well enough be sure of these next statements. One reason for bypassing the State AG is to avoid the possibility of, or the percepetion of, political pressure with regard to criminal cases of corruption. If a State AG’s office gets a case from the Auditor, (I use the word “Office”, because the names have changed over the years, but the office function hasn’t) there can be political problems on the State level. Many cases that the Auditor sends to the State AG, often do not get the attention and the results that the Auditor believes they should, given the evidence which the Auditor provides. The Auditors seem to get better and quicker results when they ask for direct participation by the U.S. Attorney. And this goes for Auditors and U.S. Attorneys in general, both here, and around the country. After 30 years in this State, I cannot remember a case going from the State Auditor directly to the U.S. Attorney which did not receive the appropriate actions….usually with convictions or guilty pleas. Yet, I can remember many cases going from Auditors to State Attorney Generals and NOT getting any action. This 30 year general rule has included about 5 State Attorney Generals and several Auditors. Be that as it may, this one is going to work out, congratulations to Tom Wager’s office, and of course, to U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly.
Whadda Ya Think?


November 7, 2007

The recent “alleged”, “supposed”, “suspected” embezzlement of perhaps one million dollars or more from the Finance Department, should evoke this question: COULD IT HAVE HAPPENED IF WE HAD AN ACTIVE, ORGANIZED, PROBING OFFICIAL CALLED THE INSPECTOR GENERAL? IGs prevent crime as well as catch it.
If carried out properly the Inspector General function would have prevented such crimes, for several reasons:
The very existence of such a position will scare off the majority of people comtemplating criminal acts. Let’s face it, the word has been out for decades in Delaware, that there is no one officially assigned to watch state agencies; especially those connected with big bucks, like the Department of Finance. So the fear factor is non-existent throughout our entire system. Those people who may have stolen the money in Dover, know that. We ALL know that no one is actively watching anything.

It is NOT the Auditor’s job to actively seek out practices which could possibly lead to such crimes. The Auditor’s job is to answer the hot line phone, or written letters, and then decide whether or not an accusation should even be investigated. It is also the Auditor’s job to do some audits occastionally, on and off, when and if they have the time and personnel. And of course such audits are pre-announced, and predictable. That kind or predictability gives the bad guys time to cover-up in advance of the audit. And, or course, by the time an Auditor discovers something illegal, (and I like Tom Wagner),

Over the last two years I have spoken to 8 or 10 of the men and women who hold Inspector General positions in New York, Wisconsin, Louisiana, New Jersey, Washington State, Ohio, California. They have educated me on exactly how crimes, like
the one allegedly committed here in Dover, can be prevented,
This is how it should work…..
1. Position created by Legislature, or by Executive Order:
The Governor,the IG, and the Attorney General hold a joint press conference indicating all the areas to be covered by the IG authority. They announce that the job is to, expose investigate, and present solid cases for prosecution. The Attorney General will prosecute all solid cases presented to him/her. Waste, fraud, embezzlemnts, thefts, and any illegal activities or behavior (even the John Atkins type things) by any State worker, or Lobbyiest, or individuals who do any business with the State, are all under the watchful eyes of the Office of Inspector General. And that includes our court system, corrections department, mental health division, State Police.
In addition, any State employee who knows of any illegalities, and does not report them to the office of Inspector General, can be treated, either as a co-conspirator, and/or accused of obstructing justice.

2. Detailed written policies are directed to every single state
employee about the scope and seriousness of the function of the IG.

3. The appoined IG will make it clear that there will be no predictable routines for conducting his/her supervisory functions…any place, any unannounced time, any day or night, the IG, and/or his staff, can conduct on-site visits and look into any aspect of every fucntion in State government.

4. Of course the anonymous HOT LINE will be in use, and can be used by any State employee and by any citizen of the state.

5. The IGs, which I’ve spoken to, place a lot of emphasis on literally alerting (even scaring) state employees into a mindset that the IG’s office is an active, non-political law enforcement tool, which must be taken very seriously.

So, it appears that common sense would dictate that any person seeking elected office in Delaware, must be in favor to the IG position, because there just isn’t any down side to the position.
YOU, THE VOTING PUPLIC, MUST FORCE ALL CANDIDATES SEEKING OFFICE, TO COMMIT TO SUPPORTING THE OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL. ESPECIALLY IN THE COMING GOVERNOR’S RACE. Of course, it must apply to both new candidates and INCUMBENTS. Funny thing….as I was doing a quick spell check, for “incumbent”, I noticed the FULL definition of the word. Of courSe, “elected official” was there, but get this;
it also means “lying or resting on something”…and “imposed as an obligation”. So, by extension incumbents are “those people who tell us it is our obligation to have them lying and resting”.
I know some of them who fit that definition to a T.

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November 4, 2007

“IF YOU’RE WHITE YOU’RE RACIST”….. IDIOT MEDIA TYPES CAUSED IMAGE TO WINOUT OVER SUBSTANCE…..Local radio talk shows, the News Journal, and some bloggers, dealt with only the image, and neglected the substance, regarding the need for a racism discourse at U. of D.
I have never seen an issue about which so many people who knew so little, talked so much. The University of Delaware should have held the mandatory orientation session for its students on the subject of racism. I’m disappointed that the U.of D. caved in by canceling the event; just because some know-nothing talk show hosts, some twisted thinking liberal callers, and some real racists called to vent. All of the formentioned people, perhaps unintentionally in some cases, mocked the reality that racism is one of the most important areas of concern…especially when it comes to college students; who are still forming their attitudes and behavioral patterns. Talk show host to caller, “Are your white, caller? Because if you are, you must be a racist”. I had more than 25 calls from members of the Black community who were insulted by the tone of how the entire topic was being discussed. The title of the orientation should have been an occasion to honestly discuss the racism issue in detail. At long as you only deal with the wording of the orientation, you don’t have to deal with the real issue….what to do about the serious racism problem we have in this country, in this state, and apparently at U. D.

There were two days of talk shows, and a clueless News Journal editorial, all demonstrating that “not getting it” permiates all levels of society. The phrase; “if you are white, you are racist” was merely an attention-grabbing sound-bite; hyperbole, if yu will. It substituted for more lengthy boring statements: “If you are white, you probably don’t have a clue about what racism is, and you are probably praticing racist actions regularly, maybe unintentionally. Racism doen’t really offend you. You probably dont care that racism exists, as long it doesn’t effect you, and frankly, you probably don’t give a rat’s ass about what happens to “THOSE PEOPLE,” as long as it doesn’t cost you any money..

The U.D. has an obligation to impart knowledge. U.D. has an obligation to contribute to the safety and security of the campus. Such an orientation could have contributed to both those goals. U.D. has a right to mandate attendance to certain orientation meetings. U.D. obviously chose to cave-in to air-head-loud-mouths, rather than meet its obligation to students.

I will anticipate your immediate reaction of “Who the hell are you to presume superiority on this topic, Fulcher?” I’ll answer, if for no other reason, than to have you stew about it.
1. Born on 124th street and lived on 128th street right in the heart of Harlem. 2. Worked as a police officer in several totally African American neighborhoods. 3.Taught and coached more high school black students than many of you have probably ever met. 4. As Director of Campus Security at the State University of NY (Farmingdale campus), I taught a course, just like the one which the U.D. planned, to my 50 person campus security force. Some professors were impressed enough to have me teach it to students in their social study classes.
5. I taught the course at Alvernia College in Reading PA; which was the headquarters for KKK in mid atlantic area. 6. I taught the course at Wilmington College to Criminal Justice Students….mostly cops (unfortunately the police college students didn’t do half as well in the course as the non-police students did; which is interesting). 7. Of course, the Malcolm X phone tapping experience was my important source of information on the subject. So, if all those documented experiences aren’t enough for you….go pound sand!

The real problem here is that Whites and Blacks have two different definitions of racism which do not dovetail. The Whites’ definition is based on perception and supposition; while
the Balcks’ definition is based on daily reality. Too many Whites believe that you are racist ONLY if you use the word nigger/ agree with the Jemma Louisiana prosecution/ believe that Blacks are by nature inferior people/ believe that cops should be allowed to shoot fleeing unarmed Blacks/and generally believe that slavery wasn’t all that bad, with rare exceptions. Racism goes what beyond that. You can perform many racist acts regularly without subscribing to only those above mentioned extreme examples. Blacks know what racism is in real life.

I have spoken to hundreds of Black people about racism as they deal with it every day, in many aspects of their lives.
1. Seeing how the New Orleans flood crisis was so mishandled by a lackluster effort by the federal government, as opposed to the excellent, quick federal response to the California fire victims.
2. Jump-out sqaud arrests in Hill Top neighborhood, while a Delaware study proved beyond a doubt that there is as much illegal drug use by school kids in Hockessin, Centerville, Greenville, Brandywine hundred, and many othout outlying neighborhoods; but there is very little, if any, police reactions to deal with the drug issue in those areas.
3. Watching Judge Peggy Abelman give 5 years in a maximum security prison to a Black youth who killed a dog with a baseball bat, and give only 6 months in a halfway house to a non-Black who purposely drove at outrageiously high rates of speed and killed a person in the process; (true case, check it out).
4. Blacks are fully aware of the documented reality that a Black is five times more likely to go to prison, than a White person who gets probation for the same crime (same prior record, etc.).
5. Blacks see the documented school district differences between Black and White education efforts; with regard to school building conditions, supplies, teachers (in some cases). Why do Black kids have to be bussed. I was always against busing because I saw it for what it was. Why not let Black kids stay near home for schooling; with the same quality of education efforts as white schools? A City our size without a senior high school of it’s own; why?
6. Blacks have watched for years, that 8 times as many Blacks convicted murder get a death sentence, while Whites convicted of murder get a life sentence…. for the same type killings.
7. How about the 48 Hours TV show demonstration? They took two Ivy League top graduates; one White, one Black. They both dressed and behaved like Ivy League graduates would do, They placed them is several situations:
a) Applying for a job: the Black person had a better record than the White person. In all the attempts, the White man was hired.
b) Renting an appartment….keep in mind now that they both looked and acted the part of what they were, well educated and extremely proper: The Black man was told that the appartment had just been rented. The White man entered the next day, asked about the appartment and was told; “Yes it’s available, and you had better grab is quickly, because there was a Black guy in here yesterday; and he might be back.”
c) Then they sent them to a new car dealership…Black man first…he waited 20 minutes before a salesman came out to him and the salesman tried to talk him into a used car, questioned has ability to meet the loan payments (might have to pay higher rates if credit was questionable), and acted like he was not a serious buyer.
Next day; the White guy shows up: salesman on him in less than 30 seconds; tried to talk him into something more expensive, never mentioned funding alternatives, and was very interested in making the sale.
d) Finally, they placed the Ivy Leaguers half a block apart from each other in the street tryng to catch a cab. The Black man up front and the White man a half a block away. so the cab drivers could actually see both people with their hands up signaling for the cab. It was in a swanky lower park avenue neighborhood in the mid morning. They tried the experiment nine times. Each and every time cabbies drove past the Black Ivy Leaguer with his expensive attachee case, and rushed to pick up “Whitie”. I drove a cab in New York City…believe me, you take the first hand that raised. The only people I wouldn’t pick up were those with blood all over their ripped T shirt, with only one shoe on, and holding an axe.

The above facts are only tiny, tiny examples of the daily examples of rasism.

How about the studies that show some bank managers will OK a loan to a White client, while refusing a loan to Black person with a better credit rating?…That has happened locally many times.
How about all the studies done, which proved that if a job applicant gives a name of African origin, the applications were totally ignored. How about the study which proved that if two equally qualified Black persons applied for the same job…the most light skin person was chosen 5 times more often than the darker skin Black person.
How about you professed non-racists, who would never let your daughter or son date, or God forbid, actually marry a Black person? Where do stand on that issue?

It’s so easy to deny being a racist, if you stick to just the extreme examples of racism….But, beleive me, the Black community is well aware of the hidden signs of racism. Given all the examples, which they experience day after day, hour after hour. Don’t they have a right to come very close to being able to justify the expression….”If you’re white, you’re racist”?

Hubert Humphrey, presidential candidate, was a great person whom I had the hornor to bodyguard when he campaigned in New York City back in the sixties. He got in a lot of trouble, when he told the truth about the White-on-Black vicious physical attacks during civil rights demonstrations. He said, “If I were the victim of these kinds of racial attacks, I would be throwing fire-bombs myself”. Which of us wouldn’t?
That’s it folks….the U. D. should have had the orientation meeting about the racial issue…and the hell with “Whities” political correctness freak-out about the title.
IF YOU’RE WHITE, ABOUT 90% OF YOU DON’T “GET IT” WHEN THE TOPIC IS RACISM. Say it loud and proud; “I’m not a racist, I just act like on”.

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November 1, 2007

Most of us know that the freeing of slaves in the 1800’s by
Abraham Lincoln, was based on economics, as was the Civil War itself. At one time I believed that the Civil War was the good guys vs the bad guys to end slavery. After all, that’s what my early school books told me, back in my day. The resulting horrible destruction of human life was truly a case of thousands and thousands of people dying for nothing, for absolutely nothing…in the long run. If a genuine humanitarian motive was the root cause of the Civil War, it would have been different. A humanitarian motive would have resulted in a genuine effort toward equality, once the war ended. If that were the case, there might have been a successful all-out effort to equalize the races. That never happend then, and has still never happened. In my opinion, all the Civil Rights movement did was to force the system to at least pay some minimal attention to the issue of racism, but not all that much. Racism just went undercover, so to speak, and most people still believe and follow the real thinking of Abe Lincoln, as he revealed through several documented quotes. Given these quotes, he deserves a lot less credit than most people are giving him, in my opinion.

Unfortunately, his motives were not pure by any means. As a result, the legacy of Lincoln should never be that of a caring President trying to make things right between the races. Even more unfortunately, our national mindset has at least partially adopted the racial policies espoused by Abe Lincoln as he described them to his insiders. Many people back then, and some people today, are not all that happy with black slaves having been freed, and certainly don’t want them to exceed what Lincoln had in mind according to this, and many other quotes.

What do you think, anybody willing to admit that the following
Abe Lincoln quote is right on target? Do you agree with good old-boy Abe? One thing we do know; some people are still practicing these quoted attitudes in thought, word, and deed. Are you one of them?

Quote by Abraham Lincoln:
“I will say that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social or political equality of the white and black races-that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races, which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And, in as much as they cannot so live while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.”
Ok; in that last sentence it looks like generous old Abe at least wanted to the negro a little “som’em’ som’em”.

The next blog will give some proposed extreme racial solutions, which have popped up over years: “If the niggers don’t like it here, let them go back to Africa” vs “Given what black people have done for this country by their work produced as slaves, and what they achieved in wars, which they fought on behalf to this country, we should be give parts of America to them and let them form our own country; and we should give them at least the same amounts of money as we give to, let’s say, Isreal, which has never done for america as much as we have done” TUNE IN TOMORROW…..