I never ends, does it? Human nature never ceases to amaze me.
Tasers were introduced into the law enforcement effort as a more humane way of subduing people, when a shooting would not legally be warranted. It is also an added protection for police personnel; but it is going too far. On paper it made good sense. But in reality, tasers are winding up being the deadly weapon of choice by some police types….too many police types across the country. There have been a couple hundred of such deaths. Now if there were an increase of hundreds of cops killed, there would be a major effort to stop it…but if hundreds of civilians die by cops making mistakes,or being too vicious, it’s merely considered as the cost of doing business. I don’t think we’ve had any taser abuse here in Wilmington; have we? If not, let’s keep it that way.

These incidents around the country of Police KILLINGS BY TASER are getting all too common: tasing a 6 year old kid/ tasing a 56 year old grandmother while in a wheelchair/ tasing an 75 year old who was too old and feeble to hurt any one/ tasing a man having an epileptic fit/ tasing a person having a diabetic incident/tasing a deaf man who didn’t hear the police verbal commands/ taising a man too drunk to even stand up, let alone be a danger to any one/ tasing a man having a mental break down and flailing/ tasing a 16 year old holloween trick-or-treater/ tasing a man when he jumped from an ambulance because he didn’t want to go the hospital;
police caught him and tased him and he died/ and too many other such incidents….No crimes were committed in half the cases for which they received a death sentence by taser. No crimes, except the murders committed by the cops.

This capital punishment by police tasing deserves major attention: A Georgia county police officer tased a man 5 times in 43 seconds after the man had been led into jail…the man was verbally abusive…now there’s a crime worthy of a death sentence, right?

By the way, they have even established a formula; when a tased person had a precondition of heart trouble, and/or a person is under the influence of drugs, if the tased person dies, they say that his or her death was only 25% due to the tasing. Incredible!

Too many police personnel have been using tasers to substitute for verbal commends, or to enforce verbal commands; “You won’t shut up after I told you to; then maybe this 50,000 volt will shut you up”…that happened to a handcuffed 14 year old girl, sitting in the back seat of a police car. Some cops have stopped saying; “Put your hands behind your back”..instead they tase them, and then handcuff them. Some cops have been using the taser to settle all types confrontational incidents, traffic tickets, domestic arguments, etc..

Manufacturers of tasers have made it clear that they should never be used on kids or on the elderly (I don’t think the cops abusing that directive bother to read the instructions)……I’m sure that will be of great comfort to the families of those people killed by cops in the above mentioned examples. I’m telling you….I do NOT believe that there is a national conspiracy to train cops to become killers and toturers; but too damn many of them are taking on that role all by themselves. Some of these demented freaks with a badge have to be stopped during the psychological testing; BEFORE getting the job. AND THEY HAVE GOT TO START PUTTING ROGUE COPS IN PRISON WHEN PROVEN TO HAVE COMMITTED CRIMES WITH TASERS, OR ANY OTHER CRIMES.



  1. Cinblonde Says:

    What makes a bad cop a bad cop? Do they become that way or are they selected through the personality tests? I have my own theory: insufficient size. Hey, you gotta make up for it somehow if you don’t know how to use it!

    Gerry, the 3 time tasing of Derek Hale in Wilmington and subsequent shooting resulting in his untimely demise (murder) is one example of a bad tasing. The cop should have known some people cannot comply with instructions after tasing. Of course, the cop who shot the death round was the same cop whose internal investigation found another cop innocent of shooting a mentally ill civilian (as they like to call the rest of us now). I sometimes wonder if the reason why the police don’t want to ‘get their hands dirty’ and simply rely on tasing frequently for simple minded reasons is that they feel that they are somehow ‘above’ the public, whom they are supposed to serve. This reminds me of a recent conversation I had with an army recruitment officer calling for my son. Yes, I gave the man an education! I asked him if he would uphold his oath to uphold the Constitution that he took when he joined the military, IF it was ever needed. He said he took an oath to uphold whomever was in power. YEOW!!! What is going ON with this country???

    Anyway, I found an interesting article regarding the next generation of tasers. You can probably expect more deaths – and multiple deaths when used for crowd control…

    Did you hear about that person in a crowd who was tased in the eyeball? Yeah, lost sight in that eye. Too bad, eh? Don’t we have Rudy Guiliani’s right hand man, Bernard Kerik, to thank for Taser International? Imagine Guiliani’s campaign slogan – A Taser on every cop!

    Just remember, no matter what – the People Have the Power!!!

    Don’t tase me, bro!

  2. Dead Body Says:

    Can yo tell the story about the NYC cop who moved a dead body to an intersection that needed a light, but the intersection did not have the fatalities necessary to meet guidelines.
    So the cop transported the body from an accident scene that he himself determined was a complete accident, and the driver was not charged.
    And delivered the body to the intersection that needed a victim.
    I believe I first heard the story on WDEL.

  3. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    DEAD BODY…..why is it that all you people who say so much on subjects you know so little about, are gutless slugs who don’t have the self-esteem and/or the balls to identify yourselves; with a real name. That astounds me…chicken asses like yourself; hiding behind anonymity—are you that ashamed of yourself? Wait! don’t answer that….I’ve read your stuff, yes. you should be ashamed of yourself.
    Two factual aspects of that police incident you referred to……the guy who was killed had 22 drug selling convictions…he ran out in front of the car; totally his faults…running across the street to make a drug sale (according to 12 witness). The guy who hit him, hard working family man hit him by accident. He would have been sent home after some paperwork at the precinct any way. He didn’t escape any crime. The pushers’ life finally had some meaning…his body produced a red light which saved countless the future….Not another person was killed at that intersection for the next five years that I worked in that precinct. I get the feeling that you are the type person who would say; “all those freakin’ pushers should be killed”….but because it was somethig which I did with the completely useless piece crap’s body, you are against it…or you have some secret fantasy about drug-pushers’ bodies? At any rate, GET OVER IT, SCREWBALL

  4. Tyler Nixon Says:

    If a weapon has the possibility of causing death it is a DEADLY WEAPON. IT IS A DEADLY WEAPON, UNLESS YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE IT WILL NOT CAUSE DEATH. We know this is not the case with Tazers. People are dying from these weapons!

    Yet, some of these bad cops use these things like their radar guns or car keys or citation forms. The incidents are numerous and growing.

    Treating people like cattle to be shocked and subdued with potential electrocution is TORTURE.

    Tasers should be banned in the United States of America. Until then cops who gratuitously use them on any suspect either not resisting or resisting with only simple physical force should be terminated from their positions and JAILED.

    (Who am I kidding? They get away with murder in many cases, who is going to hold them accountable for unlawful electroshocking?)

  5. Tyler Nixon Says:

    Look at this aggressive a-hole cop taze a woman in less than 90 seconds for going 70 in a 65 :

    Look at this a-hole cop taze a guy for trying to explain something and moving slowly away from the cop – all the while his terrified wife is in the car :

    These two justify the term “pig” being used about nasty cops.

  6. Dead Body Says:

    “it was somethig which I did with the completely useless piece crap’s body”

    Imagine this Cop with a Tazer today.
    Street justice! Cop, jury and executioner.

  7. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    A low life dangerous drug-dealing scumbag, luckly killed himself by running into traffic, in order to make a drug deal on the other side of the street. That’s an unexpected break for Fort Appachee 41st precinct.
    I DIDN’T KILL HIM….but we used his useless torso to save other lives by getting that life saving traffic light that benefitted the neighborhood.
    and you compare that with a grandmother in a wheelchair killed my a tasing cop, a handcuffed nine year old black girl, a 6 year old harmless little boy killed by a tasing cop and all the other examples I gave….
    MAN! YOU ARE ONE SCREWED UP PUPPY! If you won’t give your real name, will you at least provide your IQ…I think medical science would have a lot to gain by examining your thinking process.

  8. ANNON II Says:

    I’m with TPN on this….and the problem locally is nothing short of criminal.

  9. ANNON II Says:

    More on local ‘law enforcement’….i read in the Snooze the city is paying a family for some abusive cop behavior. We are not allowed to know the amount of the settlement because there is another similar case coming up!!! (By the way, the city stated the officer ‘admits to no wrong doing.’)The article in today’s Snooze about the prison guards (2) got probation for breaking an inmates jaw……

    To the city council I say enact an ordinance that states: If the citizens must make a settlement for abuse of power cases the officer in question is automatically fired. The officer would not have to ‘admit to wrong doing’ but would be fired never the less. Let’s see how that improves behaviors.
    WPD motto has become: Kill at Will…a dead person can not testify.

  10. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    ANNON…..YOU COULD NOT BE MORE CORRECT. The law enforcement commuinity cound’t be more wrong. We have an absolute right to know everything connected with the spending of our money. The present system we have allows a lot of bad cops to stay on the force. Every time that we see a cop actually convicted of brutality or killing some one unlawfully, they dig out the records and see that they have been accused of brutality for years…and nothing had been done to them–the let them slide.
    What happens today is pure protectionism of shielding their own from exposure.
    Unfortunately, a lot of it has to due with that stinkin’ POLICE BILL OF RIGHTS”….Law enforcement types pressured the pussy legislature into allowing cops to do whatever the hell they want, cover it up, then be excused from responsibility with some BS story….the cops dominate (they do a lot of favors for politicians) and then get the “pay back” by never being challeged in wroing-doing cases.

  11. Nemesis III Says:

    I will allow you to USE your “Expertise”.
    1) Is it true that a police officer, when questioned about anything concerning his job, in particular about any crime that the officer is involved with, or is investigating, == That the officer MUST answer all questions?
    2) In particular the officer, when circumstances become fuzzy,
    can not hide behind the 5th amendment and refuse to answer questions.
    3) An officer, just by virtue of their presence and in their official capacity
    automatically become a part of the investigation record. Their testimony must be ‘expected’, without holding anything back.
    4) Under that scenario, an officer is mandated to be candid and forthright.
    5) Basically, a police officer. in the performance of his duties, must answer any and all questions, truthfully, fully and candidly. And without hesitation. That is the Nature of police work. Always part of the crime as arresting officer and witness to many crimes.
    6) That is why perjury is an offense that is ‘death’ to a policeman’s
    career, Because once they lose their credibility, their ability to testify in a court of law is forever questionable.
    Synopsis: The policeman is expected to testify and to report to their superiors, without reservations. The protections of the fifth amendment do not protect police officers in the normal performance of their duties.
    The policeman’s bill of rights are meant to make sure that an officer does not incriminate themselves voluntarily, during questioning when that questioning is in the pursuit of determining if the officer has committed a crime. That questioning, when the officer himself is the suspect, must be communicated, and the officer must be notified that he has become the subject of the incident.
    At which point, the Officers bill of rights, is the extraordinary protection that is afforded to all police officers, as a point of balance to protect officers from incriminating themselves, as a replacement to the usual civilian protection of the 5th amendment.

    Anything less would make the exercise of police duties extremely cumbersome, Because during every incident of supplying testimony, ALL police officers would, every time, couch their remarks to protect themselves first.
    It is NOW your turn to supply an expert response.
    PS: there may be other Police Officers that will critique your remarks.

    I hope TPN is listening.

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