Consider this NEW JERSEY high school pilot program for dealing with drug use among their students…..
First of all, they substantiated what we here in Delaware did; namely, they establish the fact that, from a percentage point of view, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN THE PERCENTAGE OF KIDS USING DRUGS IN INNER CITIES AND SUBURBAN LOCATIONS….and here is how they deal with it. Mandatory randum drug testing of all students in any kind of school activity…from football players to the chess club members.

If an activity student fails the drug test, the parents are called in, family is notified, family counseling provided and the student has to take outpatient drug counseling (and, of course, is withdrawn from the school activity. After treatment the student takes the drug test again…if clean, they can resume their school related activity…from football to chess. They have 3,200 students and 2,000 of them are in activities and have to undergo the randum drug testing projects. Schools do have a right to set the requirements for joining school activities; so being drug free is a legitimate requirement for the school to set.

They have reduced drug use by 60% to 70%, because the students’ interest in the activies serves as a deterent against further use….and get this,
THE POLICE ARE NOT NOTIFIED AT ANY TIME IN THIS WHOLE PROCESS. It’s all about a community pulling together to solve its own problems: School/ Parents/ treatment professionals/
no police record/ lives given a second chance; without a first even a first blot on their record.
What do you say, Hope Commission?



  1. ANNON II Says:

    How about the teachers & administrators????

    Sounds way too invasive for me. When my son (the brain surgeon) had failing grades in high school I favored bumping him off the wrestling team….principle said that’s not a good idea…it is better to let them have a healthy activity than not (may prevent some gun mad kid from killing others.). The sense of ‘belonging’ and ‘accepted’ in high school is more important than life itself…as we’ve been shown more than once.

    Anyway, I believe it’s a little late to ‘attack’ the problem in high school….there must be a better way………earlier, a lot earlier.

  2. Nemesis III Says:

    There goes the Basketball team.
    And half of the Football team.

    The CHESS CLUB – those guys are always HIGH.
    The Soccer team has their moms watching them all the time,
    so they are safe.

    The only ones left will be the Rifle Team, JR ROTC
    and the Bible reading club.

  3. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    NEMESIS 111
    That’s funning…..and I only hope you are wrong….but you might have something there……is not letting law enforcement in on it a silent move toward legalization? Just askin’

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