A couple of years ago a police contact of mine told me about an interesting conversation between City Councilman Mike Brown and one or two female Wilmington police officers. Mike who often professes to speak with God before making his decisions, might have skipped his briefing with God, (and had a talk with John Atkins) before HE SUGGESTED A “THREESOME” WITH THE TWO OFFICERS.

I think big Mike might have misconstrued the meaning of Trinity, if you get my drift.

I called Councilman Brown at home that very evening, and asked about the suggested tripod. He said, “No,that’s just some misunderstanding and it’s nothing like that. You’ll see, there’s nothing to it”. Well, it took some time, but there definitely IS something to it…and it looks like about $50,000 of your money is about to be paid for IT in the form of a settlement to the victims of Brown’s testosterone-driven suggestion. The last time Brown said that God talked to him, he said he was told to vote for eminent domain.  I wonder if he speaks to the same God we do.

At least one of the officers took some serious time off from work because of the emotional truama. The people involved have every right to get whatever is proper as compensation. I would hope that more women report and take action when disgusting behavior like that it hurled at them. Just as important, let’s see if the people who vote for people like Brown are going to take it as seriously as the women did. It’s time you started to look at the “quality of character” (to quote one of Brown’s mentors) of elected officials, more than listening to their BS campaign talk. Can I get an amen for Brown’s recall?

This kind of harassment has been going on as far back as 350BC when crazy Aristotle said, “The man is superior to the female. The one rules, the other is to be ruled. The real glory of man is shown by commanding, and the glory of women is in obeying”. I guess Mike Brown is a big fan of Aristotle. St. Paul didn’t help any when wrote “Man was not created for the woman, but woman was created for the man”. I think Paulie missed something during his conversion process. And, of course, let’s not leave out the other nut-job Nietzsche; “Men shall be trained for the war, and women shall be trained for the recreation of the men”.

What’s that you say, that’s old time thinking? Well, have you stood around the water cooler at work lately? It goes on every day. It’s the modern version of Aristotle, Paul, and Nietzsche. In a study conducted during the Anita Hill vs Supreme Court Justice Thomas hearings, more than 50% of men admitted that they perform acts and speak words that could definitely be considered sexual harassment. Sitll don’t believe me? Try this:

Modern Day Workplace Behavior:

Agressive and forceful:
MAN: he’s a real go-getter/ WOMAN: she’s pushy.

Looking depressed or down:
MAN:workload is getting to him/ WOMAN: she’s moody as hell

Does favor for the boss:
MAN: knows how to work angles/ WOMAN she’s just “kissing up”

Irritable & rude:
MAN: having an off-day/ WOMAN: must be having her period

Gets a raise & promotion:
MAN: finally got recognition/ WOMAN: she’s sleeping with boss

Files a complaint;
MAN:sticking up for his rights/ WOMAN: whiny crybaby

Tells sexual joke:
MAN: he’s a man’s man/ WOMAN: she’s “easy”

Having an affair with co-worker:
MAN: lucky guy is “scoring/ WOMAN: what a slut.

Let’s fact it…that’s the reality more often than not.




11 Responses to “THIS ONE IS HOT—HOT AS IN HELL”

  1. Pat Gibbs Says:

    More money paid out of taxpayers coffers for the morally, spritually bankrupt. These “Godly” hypocrits slay me. God told Mike Brown it was all right to covet his neighbor’s property. Did God tell him it was all right to commit adultery? God didn’t tell Mike Brown’s sinful ass a damn thing. Mike is talking and hearing from the devil and trying to fool people into believing he actually believes he’s hearing from God. “God told me to…” A case study for the DPC.

    One question for Coucilman Brown. God. Creator of the Universe. Omnipotent Master of all we see, last contact you how?

  2. Marie Byrnes Says:

    You are absolutely on the money…all the things you cite are true – believe me, I know, as do most women who have worked. The thing is..during my early working career there was no place to go..women were too concerned about the fact that they could lose their job if they blew the whistle on co-workers – especially the bosses. It is now very costly for these low lifes, if they are actually found to be guilty of sexual harassment (Isaah Thomas and Madison Sq. Garden – $!5M). Where were these laws when I was working – I could be a wealthy woman now! You are my hero!

  3. ANNON II Says:

    I will post another message after I talk to God 🙂

  4. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    I just don’t understand people who can’t stand up; be proud, and declare what they are and who they are…….and want to be known…..
    I checked with a psychiatrist friend of mine, and there is a whole profile involved with people who prefer to stay unknown, which you don’t want to hear. They are usually filled with shame, know they can’t be respected or appreciated for having accomplished anything in their lives. Their self-esteem is zero; filled with self loathing….Then I compared that definition to most of your comments…and it matched. The psychiatrist’s explanation makes a lot of sense. As I alluded to yesterday with you…they are usually people who have never done anything with their lives which ever amounted to anything…so they would rather stay hidden and talk or write; but not be known…because they have nothing real to offer. Remember now, it’s my psychiatrist friend who said all this..but I sure do agree with him. I notice that your comments never add anything to the issue…you just prefer to oppose the blogger or oppose the comments by others…..simple rule IF THE SHOW FITS.

  5. Nemesis III Says:

    My Psychiatrist says for me to keep coming back.

  6. Observer Says:

    Funny Nemesis…LOL

  7. Nemesis III Says:

    This plaque on my psychiatrists wall says:

    “”Why is it that nobody understands me, yet everybody likes me.””

    On the back side it says:

    “Why is it that nobody understands me, yet everybody hates me.”

    I tell him I am confused by the plaque
    and that’s when he tells me to come back. Again.

    He reads my posts here, and your answers.
    He wants to meet your psychiatrist friend.

  8. Duffy Says:


    People have very good reasons to guard their privacy online. People have been fired from their jobs for their blogs or had job offers revoked. There are some crazy people out there who, if you insult them, may just come looking for you and not to say “Thank you.”.

    I think there’s a big difference between pseudonymous bloggers (i.e. Nemesis) and people who just blog as “Anonymous”. With the former, you at least know he’s the same guy each time. You have to judge his comments on their merits (or lack thereof) and not on any personal animus. I think you (and you psychiatrist friend) are really really reaching with grand sweeping generalizations about someone who posts anonymously on the internet. In fact, you have made your psychiatrist friend anonymous. Is there any reason you won’t give us his name? Why won’t he put his name behind his opinion?

  9. ANNON II Says:

    Okay! I’ve had my little chat w/God and the outcome is for me to gather the peoples together and ask for his resignation. Anyone w/me on this?

  10. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    This is Wilmingtons verson of a John Atkins! How much will the City pay out (without going to court) which is what they are doing right now. They are settling cases out of court…(much like the Sills adminstration) to avoid the publicity! Mike Brown should be forced out of office, and if there are any damages due to his reckless behavior….he must pay out of his own pocket…not the taxpayers pockets. Guess Mike will have to cut back on those “orange” and other outlandish clothes he wears to cover the cost of the judgement!

  11. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    Hey Gerry, I’m hearing there are plenty of cases being settled out of court…using tax payers dollars!

    Whose watching these City Council, and Jim Bakers loyalists to keep out of the press the cases settled so they won’t go public.

    And why are we paying for a Public Safety person, who does what again for that big whoppin salary? And why are some of “Wilmingtons finest leaving the force and headed to work in Middletown…and are they still working without a contract”. We need a new Mayor a new City Council and then clean the whole house of all those “workers” brought in by these characters to make sure they keep supporting them?

    Whoever the new Mayor is…my advice: hire a consulting firm and look at every job in the city…if its not needed, or the person doing the job doesnt have the credentials or education…pink slips please.

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