IT’ ALL ABOUT BODY SIZE. That’s the evidence. All they have to do when a pitching icon like Clemons denies the use of steroids, is to call in the appropriate expert doctors and let them loose. With today’s technology and medical progress, I am certain that doctors can provide medical proof that those self created double size bodies could NOT have materialized any other way than with the intense assistance of steroid enhancements.

Several years ago, while watching a game with Clemons pitching, Brian says to me; “He on roids, Dad. He threw in the mid to high eighties when he was 25; now at forty, he’s throwing in the mid nineties. Give me a break, he’s articially pumped.” It is really that simple. Bodies cannot double in wieght and size naturally…as doctors will verify. Let those who want to fight the accusation of using steroids submit to close examination by doctors who know all about that stuff…guilt or innocence will be varified.

My son Brian, who is about to start his second season of winter ball in the country’s best independent professional league; The Independent Golden League in California, says that the steroid problem has hit the college leagues, minor leagues, even high school leagues. The thinking is “If I have a shot to make the big leagues, I have to match the body size and strengh of the of those who are in the “bigs”. It’s a real temptation for these kids to join the trend.

Luckily Brian has a sure cure to handle the temptation; it’s called “his father’s fist”–just kidding; well, kind of kidding. The high level Independent professional leagues are interesting. For example his league achieved 56 major league contracts for it’s players last year. But you would not believe the tension and competition involved. There is no team spirit and all that stuff.
Each player views his teammates as the “enemy”. They are all in competition with one another to show their stuff and make the next step; a major league contract. They do NOT want to see their teammates do well…they want to see themselves do well.

For instance, if you are a relief pitcher and/or closer, like Brian is, you sit in the bullpen and hope like hell that the starters suck…that way, you get called in to show what you have to offer. It’s all about ME at that level. It is what it is. Brian will take his chances WITHOUT steroids, trust me.


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