Too many, if you ask me. Doesn’t the City ever win a case? Hell, doesn’t the City of Wilmington ever even FIGHT an accusation of wrong-doing? Do you realize that each time you read or hear about another settlement granted to a complainant, that means that THE CITY IS GIVING AWAY YOUR MONEY? Are the City lawyers really that bad? Hell, even in my worst gambling days of losing race, after race, after race, at least I won ONCE in while.

I am in the process of seeking the records of just how much of YOUR money has been given away by the James “I love to settle quickly” Baker administration. I have a feeling (with some backup info from a couple of reilable City insiders) that Wilmington settles about 90% of the time that complaints are entered against the administration; City workers, Elected City officials, City policies, etc. etc.

They settle complaints against police regularly.

They settle complaints against personnel decisions also.

They settle against garbage collectors, meter maids.

Hell, it’s like a cascade of give-a-ways. Settle here, settle there, here a settle, there a settle, everywhere a settle-settle.

There are only two conclusions one can draw. EITHER THIS CITY IS ALWAYS WRONG, OR, THIS CITY CAVES IN TO EVERY COMPLAINANT, and maybe more of us should give it a try. Which ever you conclude, you’ve got to stop buying THEIR version of the story. Baker’s got to go at this next election.

Settlement is an easy solution, if you are Baker.

Think about it. If you settle, there is always a “shut-your-mouth” condition attached, which means that we never get to know how guilty the administration is. We never find out how or why they screwed up. No one has to explain things…and silence and secrecy always benefits the incumbent.

Also, a settlement can actually get you votes. After all, aren’t you going to vote for and get your friends to vote for a Mayor who gave you a barrel of cash for stubbing your toe on a blade of City grass? If you are a City employee who screwed up, aren’t you going to be loyal to a Mayor who got you off the hook by paying off a complainant who can now never talk about what you did?

Don’t buy that excuse “It was cheaper to settle than to fight it”.  That is pure bullshit. The City pays attorneys to fight things. It’s their job. It’s what they are supposed to do, if there are no grounds for the complaint.

I admit, Wilmington has a unique legal department situation. After all City Solicitor is John Sheridan is only four feet tall, and I realize that if he goes into court no one can see him as he argues his case, while hidden below the podium (let him bring his own crate to stand on). That is no excuse.

No, I am going with the fact that an incumbent Mayor, and in this case it is James Baker is protecting himself from the exposure of having the reveal how badly his aministration is, if 90% of the wrong-doing remains in files hidden in the City Solicitor’s closet…not subject to public views.

Sometimes the “settlement” takes another form.

I am in possession of a letter right here at my side as I write this. This is a beauty. The Mayor-approved letter says that the Kuumba School doesn’t have to reapay a $200,000 loan. Exact words are:”…..the Wilmington Urban Development Action Grant Corporation voted (how domocratic of them) to forgive the $200,000 loan to Kuumba Academy”.

The Kuumba school is doing much good, and apparently they are doing very well…if this is the kind of favored treatment they receive. LET’S ALL APPLY TO THE CITY TO BE “FOREGIVEN” THE WAGE TAX THEY SAY WE OWE.

Here is a bit of history for you…the letter was written by a Baker appointee named Brian Murphy…”Brain the imbiber” he was called….(a keg a day I’m told). Now, he had only one job…to get Baker elected and re-eected..and he did the job well….he got himself nice office in City hall…given a title; Excutive Director of the Wilmington UDAG Corporation…..with the heavy responsibility of writing letters of forgiveness for those favored ones who owed the City money. AND…GET THIS….HE MADE $80,000 AND USED HIS CITY OFFICE TO RUN HIS PRIVATE CONSULTANT FIRM….

He was asked to leave….when the crap hit the fan…but there were no other reprecussions. In reality he and he Mayor should hae been prosecuted for theft of services.

Going back to the KUUMBA shcool $200,000 debt cancellation.  How many Kuumba parents, and workers and friends of the parents and workers will demonstrate their gratitiude for the Mayor’s largess by voting him a third term?


The $200,000 loan forgiveness was not to leave the office file cabinet….but it did get out in this case….thank you former insider employee.


I am about to test the City’s Ethics committee, much the way I tested the House of Representatives Ethics Committee with the Atkins case. You will recall that City Councilman Mike Brown skipped his talk with God one day, and instead he went to 2 female police officers, I’m told, and made a suggestion to them they might consider entering a sexual trinity excade with him.

As tempting as the offer was, it was rejected. That evening I called him at home, and he said there was nothing to it…..well, it took some time,but federal courts decided that there was somethng to it….about $50,000 dollars worth to it…The verbal agreement was accepted, will be signed shortly, I’m told.

So it’s over, right? OH NO IT AIN’T those involved may not be able to talk about it….BUT I CAN. AND I AM GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT TO THE CITY’S ETHICS COMMITTEE ABOUT IT. Just like the House of Reprsentative Ethics which I approached with my discoveries.
I hope to make them “an offer they can’t refuse”. 

Greg Chambers and another person on the committee swore to me on my radio show (on a station that shall remain nameless…until my lawsuit hits the papers), that their ethics responsibility extends to elected City officials…

SO I AM DAMN WELL GOING TO FILE AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT ABOUT MIKE BROWN…FOR CONDUCT UNBECOMING,  and I DO MEAN UN-BE-COM-ING. I fully expect action. Greg Chambers is a straight guy, and I believe they will investigate.

That means that the victims of Mike’s suggested debauchery can’t go public, but certainly can be forced to meet in private with the committee….LET’S SEE IF THE ETHICS COMMITTEE WORKS, IF THE CITY COUNCIL ETHICS (yes, I realize it’s contradicion in terms) WORKS…remember “conduct unbecoming” can be serious….after all Atkins was thrown out for conduct; no actual crime involved. In fact, this Brown case involved a paid with city money person, at least verbally abusing two other paid with city money persons. And the settlement money will be city paid….


By the way Mike, make ME an offer for sex…of course I’ll reject it…but I sure could use the $50,000 settlement the Mayor will give me.

Stay tuned kids, there is more coming down the pike.


6 Responses to ““CITY SETTLES….” “CITY SETTLES….””

  1. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    refresh my memory! When the “dirty deed” occured was Mike Brown an at large city councilman? Are you saying they already “paid off” the police women? Who paid? If he wasn’t a city councilman, how can the city be forced to pay for something he did as a private citizen>?

    Any word on why the City policeman still don’t have a contract? and how many have left for Middletown police?

    Your right Gerry, not only should Brown be gone…gone gone! but, so should the Mayor in the next election…here is a Mayor who makes citizens “victims”, who writes off whole neighborhoods, who thinks he doesnt have to answer to the citizens…thinkin we may want to change his attitudes by sending him back to “working the non profits”.

  2. Pat Gibbs Says:

    Why is the city paying for hypocrit Brown’s misdeeds? Conduct unbecoming is too weak to describe this. Oh and you’re right a $200,000 forgivable loan does buy alot of votes. Damn. I so sick of this bunch of crooks in office. The whole bunch needs to be run outta town.

  3. Tyler Nixon Says:

    Many times I have stated that this city administration just invites litigation. In most cases I meant this by the piss poor way it does business and runs roughshod over people.

    But we find yet another way just in its proclivity to keep its dirty laundry quiet, by secretively settling any lawsuits that might become another of their now many public outrages.

    When potential plaintiffs (and plaintiff’s lawyers) know a deep-pocket defendant is prone to settle quickly, they are more likely to file a suit that may not actually have any real merit to it if litigated, but would still be embarrassing for the city.

    You alluded to it. It’s : hell, file a suit and see what happens. Your claim may be total garbage but you may just get a quick, juicy settlement out of it.

    By settling so many claims without a fight, the city invites more of them.

    But then again, the city govt is so poorly run I wouldn’t doubt that most of these claims are pretty well-founded.

    Either way, the citizens get screwed out of tax money to cover the Baker administration’s wholesale incompetence.

  4. ANNON II Says:

    It is my understanding that brown was working at wcccc ‘hicks’ center when he propositioned the policewomen…still a city employee.

    I find this all very intersting….the Snooze and an afternoon talk radio head ragged and ragged on Sills giving away the city’s money…where are they now????????

    Re: Sheridan….he stayed in the city solicitor’s office soooooooo long he got appointed by default. He rarely litigates (and not because he is too short….too short of what it takes maybe). He sends his crack(ed) assistant…Rose Tassone. If you’ve had a ‘red light’ ticket you met Carol (‘There is no way for you to win.’)..I forget her last name. She has someone sitting at the table in the courtroom collecting checks!!! Very professional.

    The Baker Administration is the most hauty bunch of theives in a long time. They disrespect the citizenry. They make a mockery out of City Council (remember when it’s time to vote that Griffith, Ignudo, Prado, Bolden, Shabazz, Brown are on the ‘Faker Team’). This entire crew MUST GO in ’08.

  5. FWD: City of Wilmington Says:

    Mike Brown, cost the city $50,000 for HIS indiscretion.
    I wonder what God told him?
    Today we do not buy politicians,
    we get their loyalty by protecting them and keeping secrets.
    They might be defiant enough to do what is right, for the common good.
    We get the government, we deserve.

    —- Copied and posted from City of Wilmington News and Information —
    News and Information from the City of Wilmington

    City Settles Two Lawsuits

    The City of Wilmington and Wilmington Police Corporal Fray Lynch have settled a federal lawsuit filed by Corporal Lynch in May of 2006.

    Corporal Lynch alleged she was sexually harassed and retaliated against beginning in May of 2004 by Michael A. Brown, Sr., the former Director of the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center in West Center City.

    The settlement amount is $50,000 and includes Captain Lynch’s attorney fees. Because of the uncertainty of the outcome of these types of cases once they move to trial and to therefore limit additional costs and legal fees that could be borne by City taxpayers, the City felt it was prudent to settle this matter. In settling the case, the City denied any liability related to the allegations made by the Police Officer.

    The alleged incidents involving Michael A. Brown, Sr. occurred prior to him being sworn-in as a City Council Member At-Large in January of 2005.


    John Rago

    Director of Communications and Policy Development for Mayor James M. Baker

    302.420.7928 (cell)

    Rich Neumann

    Communications Specialist for Mayor James M. Baker

    302.757.3898 (cell)

  6. Question Says:

    Does this make Mike Brown a Sexual Predator?

    If NOT legally, morally and for the police and Neighbors,
    someone to keep a perpetual eye on?

    Anyone else would be required to register.

    Nice that the city paid to ‘GET HIM OFF’.

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