WDEL OFFICIALS ARE PROVEN LIARS; See decision of Hearing Referee

For several days after my “TERMINATION” by WDEL manager Mike Reath, you heard Rick Jensen repeat this lie 17 to 20 times.

“Gerry Fulcher made demands of the administration, and when he didn’t get what he wanted, he resigned”. That was a bold faced, unmitigated lie…and all the administrators knew it. Pete Booker, Mike Reath and Rick Jensen knew it was a lie as they repeated it over and over again on the air. They told the lie to as many people as they could on the air, and off the air.

But, the system does work. After conducting a hearing and taking testimony under oath and studying the facts, the Department of Labor ruled that what the WDEL people said was not true, and the Hearing Referee ruled in my favor.

Now let’s see if the Bloggers and the readers of blogs can admit that they were “had” by a totally bullshit story created by the WDEL officials. Don’t ever mistake patience and silence for weakness. I held back until now, because I knew truth would prevail. I did NOT make any demands at that meeting with station manager Mike Reath; but I did ask these questions:

1. I reminded Mike Reath that I had predicted more than a year ago, that we would lose to WILM in the ratings, if they took the Rick and Ger show out of the mornings and moved it to the afternoons and that’s what happened.

By the way, the talk show ratings sucked for the last several rating periods…as I had predicted. When we were on in the morning, Rick and Ger never lost to Watson of WILM for several years, since I started at WDEL, …but Al Mascitti lost to Watson in the last Spring ratings book.

I knew that most of Rick and Ger listeners could only listen in the mornings…but could not listen in the afternoons. So, given that I predicted correctly, I asked Mr. Reath if he would consider putting us back on in the mornings. He said “no.”

2. I also asked another legitimate question. I asked Reath to explain the logic behind the fact that Al Mascitti made so much more money than I received, because, frankly, I don’t believe that he is better than me. I made $38,000, and I understand that Mascitti makes somewere between $45,000 and $55,000.

His ratings were no better than mine, nor was his listener appreciation, as far as I could determine. In fact, if the truth be known, Mascitti himself made these statements several times: “Gerry is the real star of this station.” “Everywhere I go it’s Gerry that people are talking about all the time.” “Gerry prepares more for his show than Jensen and I combined.” “Even after more than 20 years with the News Journal I don’t have as many ‘contacts’ as Gerry has.” Al Mascitti’s words, not mine…but to be perfectly honest, I certainly agree with him.

In stead of dealing with the questions I asked him, Mike Reath said; “I consider this memo to be a letter of resignation.” Sorry Reath, but I showed that memo to three attorneys, three businessmen, two officials from other radio stations and a former Department of Labor official. NONE of them thought that it was a letter of resignation. AND CERTAINLY THE HEARING REFEREE FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR DIDN’T THINK SO EITHER.

At this point, I have a question for the Bloggers….are you going to give as much time, attention and “push” to get answers from WDEL’s lying officials, as you gave to eating up and enjoying their lying statements, which caused my demise back in September? Are the Bloggers going to demand answers from WDEL ON THE AIR?

WDEL made it an on-air issue…so I would like to think that you Bloggers would call on the air to ask them to explain themselves…and I would hope that you would urge your readers to call and ask for an explanation….ON THE AIR.

I know their behind-closed-doors system. They had their meeting, and it was decided that they would spend one day to use the Rick Jensen show as the vehicle to disseminate their fictional version of the story.

ISN’T IT APPROPRIATE FOR PEOPLE TO DEMAND THE TRUTH BY CALLING IN LIVE ON THE RICK JENSEN SHOW TO PURSUE THIS MATTER? And don’t forget the fictional website blog that Jensen wrote to compound the big lie. Ask him about that too.


Apparently Mick Reath, station manager, believes in honest and open government, but NOT in honest and open radio.

WDEL parades itself as the paragon of truth and credible talk show communication. BUT THEY LIVE A LIE ABOUT THEIR OWN INTERNAL DECISIONS, AND SPREAD LIES ABOUT ANY ONE WHO CHALLENGES THEIR JUDGEMENT. That is what incited them the most; namely that I, a mere talk show host, had the audacity to challenge their decision-making prowess…I actually predicted the ratings to fall, and I dared to ask about being adequately and equally compensated for my work; what a bold concept.

I made significantly less than other WDEL talk show hosts of the same or lesser talent. You see, at WDEL the radio business is “ass-kissing central”. That is why Jensen fits in so well…and Al is also good at ass-kissing when the occasion arises.

I, on the other, am really, really, really bad at ass-kissing. It just wasn’t cool in my neighborhood. WDEL stopped being an open honest media vehicle, the day I left. WDEL proports to want all segments of the community to be above board; but apparently it does not pertain to them….other people aren’t allowed to lie…but apparently THEY are. The question is, are YOU going to let them get away with it?

This issue could be a test to see what the Bloggers are made of. Are they true to their self-appointed role as gatekeepers of public integrity? Are the Bloggers, who frequently espouse fighting for the little guy, the working stiff like me, going to “cave in”, and kiss-up to WDEL?

I know the lack of quality-of-character of the WDEL honchos, but the jury is still out on the quality-of-character of Bloggers. This could be the deciding factor. This will be a real test for the Bloggers. Local Blogggers have kissed some major ass of WDEL personnel, because the station has played a major part in promoting Bloggers heavily and gave them a lot of on-air publicity.

So….let’s see who steps up to the plate on this legitimate scandal of corruption…lying to a government agency to promulgate a character assasination through misrepresenting the facts. Wow, sounds interesting…who wants a piece of that action?




This was the original statement provided by Mike Reath as he gave his fictional version to the Department Of Labor:

“The employer indicated that the claimant voluntarily quit. The claimant gave the employer an ultimatum to give him more money and a different shift, or he would pursue other employment options”… By the way, Reath never showed up for the hearing, and I’ll explain why he didn’t come, even though he was subpoenaed to do so.

Here are the exact words from the decision made by the Hearing Referee, as opposed to the lies Reath told. After examining all the evidence and taking testimony under oath the decision was:


NOW GET THIS…when I was granted a hearing, I subpoenaed Mike Reath to the hearing. He refused to show up, and had his attorney write a letter saying he would not appear. He also refused to submit the infamous “memo of resignation”. Care to guess why?

Well, first of all, there was not a single mention of resigning or quiting in that memo. If Reath came and showed the memo, he would have had to perjure himself as the only means to support his bullshit story, or to admit that it WAS a bullshit story…..hence, he hid in the bushes on this one.

I got curious, so I did a little detective work and researched Title 11 sections 1221 through 1233 of the Delaware Criminal Code. Guess what I found? It is a class A misdemeonor to provide false information to a government body when they are investigating an issue.

Mr. Reath seems to have provided false information, when he said that I gave ultimatums, and said I would pursue other employment, etc. etc.). Yes, I will be having a meeting at the AG’s office about being a victim of a planned perjury by Michael Reath of WDEL. Things could get interesting. Let me remind you again…THEY decided to make this matter public, and I am more than happy to oblige…let’s REALLY make it public.

WDEL decided to use Rick’s show to go public. After all, it’s right up his alley. Who better to promote a lie than; Rick”I’m not a pathological liar,I just play one on the radio” Jensen.

That move on their part makes the pending lawsuit look a lot better. I asked them to retract the lies by reading the Department of Labor Hearing Referee’s decision on the air, just as many times as they gave out the fantasy version on the air.

The WDEL attorney refused to make any retractions. Thank you again WDEL. You just confirmed my “bad faith” accusation.


Why do I push so hard to reveal my “termination”, rather than go with the phony “resignation”? Here is the “inside radio” reality. It is no big deal to be fired in the radio field. It happens all the time. Rush Limbaugh was fired 16 times. Ask Jensen about being fired. From what I’ve heard, in spite of his incredible acquired talent for ass-kissing bosses, Jensen knows all about being fired. Jill Quale was fired from WSTW, and got another job within days. So, being fired is not a hindrance to getting future work in radio.


In my opinion, Reath knows that I would be dead in the water if I quit. So, Reath chose to use the “Fulcher-quit-scam”. It was his way of making sure that I do not get back into radio, especially in this locally….because if I did work locally…I would kill WDEL in the ratings if I ever went head-to-head with the present talk show personnel at WDEL. I beleive it,and, whats more important, a number of people in radio told me that they believe it too.

If any of you Bloggers, and/or, callers do have the gonads to confront WDEL on the air, be prepared for a contrived spin job. But, just remember what Judges in court cases are obliged to tell jurers after it is proven that a witness has lied to them.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury; since this person lied under oath about one thing, you have the right to assume that he is capable of lying about everything”. WDEL officials have already been proven to be liars…so you can assume that they will continue to lie, in order to back-up their first lie.

LET ME LEAVE IT HERE FOR NOW…THERE IS A LOT MORE INSIDE THE “WDEL BELTWAY” stuff to tell you. WDEL has some of the best people I have ever met: in news, in advertising, in promotion, in production; but the empty headed big mouths doing the talk shows…..minimal talent, zero character…in my humble opinion, of course. One of my future blogs will reveal how Pete Booker believes; “We know Jensen just doesn’t have it, but he wants to do it, so we let him”…told to me in his office.

Stick around….Man, it really feels good to just lay out the truth, and the consequences be damned!
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18 Responses to “WDEL OFFICIALS ARE PROVEN LIARS; See decision of Hearing Referee”

  1. Down with Absolutes! » Blog Archive » DOL finds in favor of Gerry Fulcher in WDEL termination Says:

    […] Check out Gerry Fulcher’s narrative here. […]

  2. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    Gerry: Many of us knew the lie Jenson told about your “leaving” was just that, a lie. I recall him stating that Gerry is going to write a book…etc, etc. I have told him on the radio that he is a pathological liar, that he is a neo con who actually “lies” on issues of life and death. It is puzzling why the no talent Jenson is permitted to be on the air at all…certainly enough people have complained, and some even contacted the FCC about him.

    I am not surprised at Pete Booker either. You know that I have written him several emails about the station, and Jensen the continuous barage of lies and distortions whether on the war, and on other issues.

    Jenson and his right wing neo con Milton Friedman “disaster capitalism” attitudes are so far out in right wing field, you have to wonder “where his support comes from that keeps him on air”.

    The hiring of Zoolander was another red flag. Zoolander obviously terrified because of what happened to you, coupled with the fact that his young wife is pregnant, and he needs the job….absolutely refuses to challenge Rick on his continued lies and distortions on just about every issue.

    We have known for sometime that Rick has no idea what goes on in the community, never attends meetings, would be terrified to go into the “hood” day or night. You did attend meetings, you did have the contacts he couldn’t buy! I recall trying to get my black friends to call that station….they all refused. When you came on air, some did start calling but notice…rarely are they calling in now! Why should they, that station is not interested in the black community, or their opinions.

    WDEL, and Rick Jenson in particular have managed to keep issues off the air, that their Del. Chamber friends do not support. One issue was universal single payer health care. They prevented this subject from being debated, discussed and Jenson trying to destroy the issue, referred to it as “socialized medicine”.

    I too hope the bloggers do their job and ask the right questions. I hope that Jensen is removed from day time talk and sent back to the programming cubicle where he truly belongs. Think it will happen, I doubt it….Jensen does exactly what Corporate locally owned WDEL wants, caters to the right wing, doesnt care about life and death issues, if those issues are opposite the views of their rich friends.

    Good for you Gerry for staying on this and getting the truth out….thank goodness everyone agreed…they lied….and lied and lied.

  3. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    Liz, none of this is new to you….you’ve known about their deception, denials, and deceit for many years. You complained about them when I was WILM, and even before that. It was YOU who forced them to hire me. (and that gave them another reason to hate you). You used to tell me off too, when you felt I wasn’t doing the job…although you and I faught—the basic support was always there.
    Jensen and his bosses used to get really pissed off when I would remind them (and say it on the air) each time things came up that you had spoken about years before they becamse public. ..no armor for troops/ talk of impeachment/ torture etc. etc, and so much more.
    I think they only hired me to shut you up and to get you off their backs about fair and balanced.
    You are completely right about the fact that they want only comfortable things on the air…no waves, not stepping on establishment toes. One lawyer friend of mine predicted that the front office would find a way to demp me because too many of the big establishment honchos would complain about my “approach”…and use that as an excuse.
    They don’t want quality effective radio…they want comfortable controlled radio. People in the know say that UNLESS you are getting regular complaints, you are not doing your job as a radio talk show host.
    The consultant Valerie Geller, justifiably agreed that contraversial and entertaining and meaningful and effective is what the station needed and she said I provided all those things, she said.

    Try this statement; given to me by a colleague at another station who looked up the kind of records that WDEL hid from me…..
    WDEL’s NUMBER IN 2004 was 1.8. Then I came on early 2005 full time…and the next rating we got was 4.1. That’s called progress.
    They know it and I have proof of it.
    They had no intent on doing any real racial issues, for instance. I have gotten hundreds of calls from credible members of the Black community (literally more than 200), who said they never listened to that station until I got there…and they assured me that they will not listen now.
    Rev. Livingston, stopped me in the street one day, and said, “Well, WDEL lost me and my congregation with the move to get rid of you, Gerry.
    Hang in LIZ, it is what it is….and all their lies can’t change that.

  4. Pat Gibbs Says:

    Shit always comes out in the wash doesn’t it? Like 99% of WDEL listeners from the Black community the reason I listened was Gerry, who always handled issues that affected the Black community with integrity and respect. When Gerry left WDEL so did the Black listners. I tried to listen to Rick and Zoolander just a few days ago, reminded me of Hannity and Colmes. Zoolandaner doesn’t challenge Rick at all, the show has taken a decided swing to the right and is weak and boring.

    What the hell could have motivated WDEL to remove such a significant voice from its airwave in such a dishonest and underhanded manner? Could it be Gerry Fulcher spoke truth to power? Could it be those who wanted to dispense misinformation to the public couldn’t get away with it with Gerry on the air? Could it be WDEL intends to join the ranks of those right wing corporate whores who mislead the public with loud vociferous hackery? Mmmmmmm. Seems that is exactly what they’ve done.

  5. Duffy Says:

    I have one question:

    Did Jensen know you were fired or was he merely repeating what he was told? If told two conflicting stories and didn’t know which to believe he may have erred on the side of caution (and continued employment) and said what management told him to say. I leave it to others to decide if that’s the right thing or not.

  6. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    duffy: Rick Jenson is the Program Director do you really believe he wasn’t in on the lie? Rick was the one who prevented Gerry from getting an interview for at least one year. Jenson had Gerry believing “he” was the decision maker…thats his ego, not his job.

    It was after I informed Gerry that Pete Booker was the man to speak with, and after emailing Pete myself about Gerry, (and Booker told me that he was never told by Jenson that Gerry had requested an interview). Jenson is terrified of anyone who would oppose him with fact…as Rick’s “opinons” actually came from the republican talking points…and right wing think tanks…some of the same that Rush and Hannity, Oreilly and those pathological liars receive.

    Literally all Ricks so called “facts” are culled directly from the right wing think tanks. It was Rick Jensen’s lies in 2000 on the air, that drove me to start calling on talk shows. I had never called in ever before…Jenson and his lies drove me to start. He immediately began to demonize me, character assasinate me, state that my sources could not be believed, tallk over me, and then shut me off so the public couldnt hear my remarks, and finally shut me off completely. He is such a coward, and with the power of the microphone, the lowly coward would continue his rant against me and anyone else who brought fact (most of mine I read right off the computer) so I would be exact and correct.

    Jenson couldnt and still cant take fact In fact, I recall a meeting where many of us activists met to discuss “Fairness in Media”, and it was WDEL we had in mind, that was in no way fair. I recall those who would call and say “we have to protest, WDEL, we need to let these right wingers know that these are the public airways, they are licensed to WDEL, and if they don’t put “fair and balanced” reporting on the air, than we have two options…fight them at the FCC, or protest and boycott them and their advertisers.

    Just a few weeks ago, Jenson was on the air with his right wing rant, that universal health care was “socialized medicine”…he was told again and again that was a lie. England has socialized medicine, the doctors, nurses and health care providers are paid by the government, like our VA is!

    The attempt to educate Jenson was behond the pale! Finally a call was made to the FCC, and the case presented. What we were told was that “talk shows are considered ENTERTAINMENT”, not news! In fact, the talk show host and outright lie, deceive distort and make up stuff from whole cloth. FCC considers that callers have the option to call in and correct them. When they were told that WDEL censors by only permitting two calls per week….WILM does not do that. WGMD does not do that in fact WGMD you can call in multiple times on the same show.

    But Jenson and the management at WDEL decided to keep those voices off the air…limiting the callers would stop us from challenging the everyday lie a thon.

    WE now have the name of the owners of WDEL and their address, and we will be making a case to them, as to what their management here in Delaware is doing, has done and will continue to do, unless the owners themselves curb these right wing voices, permitting a fair and balanced debate and discussion, and is that fails we can always go back to: l) protest in person 2) boycotting their advertisers and their shows.

    I am not saying that Al Mascitti in any way fits the description or the character of the pathoogical liar Jensen. In fact Al goes out of his way to permit people to have their say, and gives them the time to make their points. I know that when Al came on air, he was adamantly opposed to the 2 call per week mandate, but succumbed when management stepped in.

    With the 2008 Election coming up, it is most important that WDEL and its right wing views do not color the election of the President of the US, and any candidate running for office regardless of party. WDEL should not pick or choose our candidate, should not deliver lies and distortions of candidates records but allow an open, honest debate and discussion on issues and all the candidates.

  7. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    Liz,. I know this is hard to believe, but Rick is like their little pet. They pat him on the head and give a little job to do here and there’ every once in a while.. but he is absolutely a “nobody” there. Hed is not respected by any one…not the underlings and not the “overlings”…..

    They wouldn’t even let him in on a decision like that….but after they fired me, they would give him the job of bullshiting about it…they would let him handle the dirty work of spinning it on the air.
    They “use” Jensen.
    The fact that he did HIDE me for all those months like you mentioned proves the point. He HAD to hide me, because if he came and said
    “I listened to this guy Fulcher, and he’s no good”, they would not have trusted his judgement his judgement…..they would have to see for themselves…that’s why it was Pete who listen to the tape and made the decision.
    Jensen is little physical and intellectual twit…no power; never consulted.

    He is just TOLD what to do….and he does it.
    I can tell when people lie….I grilled him after it happened, and I could tell he was as surprised as I was.

  8. ANNON II Says:


  9. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    Gerry et al. Did you hear the Zoolander/Jenson lead in today: re the needle exchange program. NYC had the needle exchange program for 20 years…..because of aids prevention…leave it to the two neo cons to laugh and make jokes, while Delaware remains #2 in aids in the nation. Remember what a rough time they gave the Honorable Margaret Rose Henry when her legislation came up. the neo cons could care less about aids prevention…but their zoolander/jensen nitwits and neocons…I guess thought it was funny to make fun of that good health legislation. I had hoped zoolander would have at least known “why” the legislation was good for Delaware…oops…thats right he just got her…guess he was working with Torturin Tom at the time…

  10. Alex Says:

    As usual,my prediction came true and Gerry the no talent left wing loser was fired from his position at WDEL…good riddance

  11. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    ALEX….I see that your gutless quality did not permit you to read my return email, after your comments, so I thought I would repeat it.

    Where have you been? I missed you. I did some checking and discovered that the maximum secruity mental institution you must have been in had extended your stay; pending a full recovery. I certainly concur with their decision.

    First of all, you were actually half right, which is a step up from your usually 100% wrong MO. I was fired….even though they couldn’t justify it according to the finding of a full hearing by the Department of Labor. WDEL said I quit; which was found to be a lie by the Department of Labor.
    But, your rationale that it was because I had “no talent” was totally wrong.

    I am happy to report that the Jensen show has gone in the crapper in the ratings period after I left. They went from a 2.4 to a 1.7, and even to a 0.7 in the targeted market of 25 to 54 years old. You may not understand radio jargon, so I’ll explain…..it is as if 10 people used to like Alex; but now 2,000 people hate Alex. Get the point? As for my talent, or lack of same….let me pit your opinion against that of a highly respected international radio consultant from New York…..the consultant rated me the best on-air talk show host at WDEL, the only one who had a future to go further in the talk show field. She also put the following quote in writing when she recommended me for an interview at ABC talk radio in NYC:
    “Gerry Fulcher is an original…with a full life experience and humor….Gerry will attract audiences”.
    I think that quote kind of shoots your “no talent” theory in the ass, doesn’t it Alex? She was hired to evaluate the quality of the talk shows at WDEL.

    That same consultant mentioned you, by the way. She did not use your name, but I know she meant you, when she said during one of the training sessions: “Dont forget, many of the people who call talk shows regularly are seriously distrubed.” That pretty much sums up your participation doesn’t it, Alex, my man?

  12. Alex Says:

    Ah Gerry, Why does your pathetic attempt at slanderous lies and inane mockery not surprise me?Is this a like sampling of what your alleged “highly respected international radio consultant from New York”(I wonder how much that clown was paid or maybe it was a return of favor for services rendered while in the slammer together?)heard in a demo?But as a Clint Eastwood character once said in a movie “A man’s got to know his limitations”.Gerry listen to me.You’re untalented in the medium venue that you breached at WDEL and something that your bastardous,murderous,unamerican philosophy would call “natural selection” occurred.Believe me Gerry,I would’nt steer you wrong on this just because you’re inimical to God and the foundation of American political genesis.One of my chief strengths happens to be in recognizing talent,be it athletic or otherwise.This is not to crush you although you deserve it for what you’ve attempted to accomplish as a left wing,fascistic,socialistic shock trooper.I can perhaps help you in showing you a more excellent way though…

  13. Alex Says:

    …You Gerry are to the medium of radio what Hitler was to the medium of painting and architecture….no gifted artist.At best merely competent with a knowledge of the technicalities, but bereft of any special spark that is inherent in greatness when one has discovered one’s “voice”…your fellow gargoyles love you because they have the same venomous fountain in their hearts but they too lack discernment or any type of objectivity when it comes to talent…yet you must be told before you go the way of all flesh that you are presently in ruination…shall I tell you more?…

  14. Alex Says:

    …Your thick,nasal,New York accent, caustic demeanor,and acid tongue ingratiate you to no one but perhaps Fidel Castro,Hugo Chavez and other countries/principalities of your like philosophical thought projection…that’s probably why the she-hack from New York vomited your name out of her mouth…it’s like saying “they love me in Havana!”or “Chavez says I’m smokin’ hot!”…or maybe it’s like when you see in a movie review”A real crowd pleaser!” etc.you know it’s bile…you know this is refreshing?…you can’t step on my mike and cut me off or shout me down like you cretin like clowns do to me when I’m on the air…

  15. Alex Says:

    Hey Gerry, Maybe you can coax the great kook slip and fall attorney John Edwards to “channel” the spirit of fellow America hating Bobby Fisher to give you some new political tactics for this election cycle that’ll fool some people and make’m think you’ve got an ounce of talent ….(cue the “Dark Shadows” music)

  16. Alex Says:

    By the way, as I think about it now looking back,you did accomplish the left wing goal at wdel…you “forced”unmerited(talent wise) air time and harmed an excellent Jensen show which welcomed even fanatics as yourself and Liz and the “homo” Bill and others to call in and argue your dog pile propaganda(eg.he had guests from all over the country- both conservatives and crazy left wingers).But when he/they gave an untalented amateur hack komintern such as yourself power of the mic, it was like swallowing lethal poison.It was/is always either/or with your tyrannical crowd… either we will enter and control the discussion or we will destroy you… it’s kind of a microcosm of what you clowns want to do if the dominatrix(Clinton) or the “Ferengi looking”(Obama) candidate get in….force unmerited time for untalented bums like yourself to spout propaganda and then when advertisement dollars for some “infernal” reason dry up, you quite understandably would be fired….but wait, it’s not “fair” the Limbaugh’s et al. get “unbalanced” airtime(because he’s an effective genius at what he does)and eventually it’s a fait accompli…you clowns “win” either way.Either you get an in incredibly increased amount of guaranteed fixed propaganda time in addition to your almost monolithic advantage in the print media,television media,educational arena or conservative radio is silenced by attrition….

  17. Fred Says:

    Unfortunately, Alex is probably typical of WDEL’s target audience.

    I am reminded of the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show where management fires everybody – but Ted. Anyone in broadcasting knows this was NOT sitcom license on the part of the show’s writers. It is all too typical and we’ve seen it once again at WDEL.

    Not only does WDEL hire Mascetti (at a premium rate of pay), somebody Watson can beat, but they hire Allan “Fatso” Loudell, whom they had roundly trounced in audience ratings at his old station. Either management is incompetent beyond belief or they have some kind of death wish.

    Jerry, Fatso pushed you out at WILM because you were too good. He could feel superior to Watson but not you. In radio, the cream sinks to the bottom.

    Small time wing-nuts like Booker and Jensen run radio. They have political blinders on and make decisions based on what agrees with their fascistic views. Beyond that, WDEL is owned by a family that owns a right-wing newspaper and coal mines and were active in the bund back in the day. In a way, it’s amazing you got through the door at that klan meeting passing itself off as a radio station.

  18. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

    My friend on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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