Winning BECAUSE You’re Black: Not Winning IN SPITE OF of being Black

She probably could have written them better than I did.

This presidential election with the incursion of an “articulate clean” Black person, as Joe Biden called him, has knocked the racist types right on their collective asses. And I love to see them get pissed off. Far from being a hindrance to being elected, being black is precisely why Obama will most likely be our next president. That’s right, being black is a huge asset. Remember the dumb-ass remarks we used to hear; “I’d never vote for a black”; “You won’t see a black president in my lifetime”. Well, if you still think that, think again.

What if Biden had described a white candidate as being articulate and clean?. Or what if Imus made a bad joke by describing a white womens dominating basketball team as looking like a bunch tough hoes? Or what if Clinton had called a white candidate’s run for office “the biggest fairy tale ever”? Do you know what would have happened? NOTHING/ ZILCH/ NADA/ZERO.
But all of those remarks used against black people in this day and age don’t pass muster. Did you hear the latest one? A beautiful, white, professional TV golf commentator was interviewing a golfer. They were praising the hell out of the talent of Tiger Wood. The male golfer said, the only way to beat him is for alll of us golfers get together and gang up on him…..the female commentator played along with admiration of Tiger’s superstar talent and added; “either that, or lynch him in an alley somewhere”. Ooooops sorry, two week suspencion.

At this time in history the black candidate, Barak Obama, is going to get the same “unfair” advantage that whites have had for centuries. I’ve been called “nigger-lover” enough times in my life time to not be taken the wrong way in this matter. Most black people will understand me, and some whites will, and for those who don’t, get lost.

I am saying that being black is a huge advantage for Obama, in ADDITION to being smart, personable, insightful, and dedicated to all the right principles, apparently. Being black is going to help lift him over the top. Because he will be criticised less than democrat in the history of presidential campaigns…wait and see.

He will have the delightful advantage of NOT being subject to the normal criticism of campaign opponents. That’s right, if Obama wins his party’s nomination—the negative, vicious attacks, which Republican candidates are known for, are going to be missing. It will be too difficult to attack a black opponent without sounding racist. Man, I love it…now the Republicans will LOOK like racists, whether they are or not. If the ads contain any words at all which can be turned to look racist, such words will have to taken out.

Try this example, “THEIR KIND” don’t have the right mentality to run this country.” Now if that phrase was used against a white democrat opponent….no big deal. “Their kind” would be taken as “those democrats”:—but use those words against Obama and the neaning becomes “those blacks” It is what it is. Use that phrase against a black candidate, and you got a big problem, brother.

It’s not fair; you say? That’s right it’s not; but payback is a bitch! The treatment of blacks has been unfair for centuries. Obama sounds like one of the good guys; but I’m sure he has weaknesses like all of us, yet because he’s a black man, the opposition will be fighting him with one hand tied behind its back…..Can you picture the pre-advertising conversations? “We can’t say this” “We can’t say that” “This could be interpreted as racial.” “Don’t mention fried chicken”; and never use the word watermelon”. “Never use “those people”, “their kind”, “What can you expect of people like them”. Those white cats are going to get tongue-tied trying to avoid any word or phrase that has the slightest hint of race.

Go ahead, Republican Candidate; go ahead and try to insult a black candidate by using a rough attack campaign…see how that works for you.

Two additional points….please, please, please, don’t get sucked in by appearances. NOW STOP! I bet the name of Obama came to mind when I just said that, didn’t it? See how sensative we all are? I really was referring to any of the candidates you are considering. Smiles, speaking ability, good looks, and likeability mean nothing. YOU MUST LOOK AT THE GOALS THEY PROMOTE, METHODS THEY INTEND TO USE TO ACHIEVE, THEIR ABILITY SUCCESSFULLY DEMONSTRATED. Looks and likeabiliy mean squat. Remember, in 2000 Bush was likeable….how did that work for you. Try to get an understaning of whom they will surround themselves with….Bush looked ok, until the Chaney, Rove, Rumsfeld entered the picture….don’t let that happen.


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