Pensylvania has about twelve million people. They have many, more organizations than we do, many more critics, many more crooks, many more do-gooders, much more of everything,
including gonads! They made some huge changes; literally forced the entire legislature to give back a raise, even after some of them had already spent it. They voted out of office more than 50% of their encumbants who were….well, let’s say “who were their equivalents to our Adams, and McDowell”.
So how come a little state like ours is jammed packed with people who TALK a good game, but who stand around with their collective fingers up their butts, instead of DOING things?

Recently enough people and organzations united, and petitioned the Governor to call a special session of the legislature, DEVOTED EXCLUSIVELY TO RAISE STANDARDS OF PUBLIC INTEGRITY IN PENNSYLVANIA.

The Movement is called Democracy Rising.
Be impressed with this kind of progressive selfless unity. These are the groups and individuals who united for this effort:
Dennis Baylor, Pennsylvania Accountability Project/
Matthew Brouillete, Commonwealth Foundation/
Russ Diamond PA Clean Sweep/
Eric Epste; Rock The Capital/
Andrea Mulrine; League of Women Voters PA/
Barry Kauffman; Common Cause PA/ (apparently Common Cause has no problem in PA getting involved LOCAL ISSUES. John Flaherty was told NOT to do that here in Delaware).
Chris Lilik, Young Conservatives of PA/
Tim Potts, Democracy Rising PA/
Richard Schirato, PA Citizens for Legislative Accountability/
Gene Stilp, Taxpayers and Ratepayers United/
Rev. Sandra Strauss/ PA Council of Churches.
JUST LOOK AT THAT! What’s the best WE can do?
About two dozen people united for an open Government domonstration(?) last week ago. Whooopee two dozen people! We should be ashamed of ourselves. Take a look at that kind of united variety.

Those Pennsylvania groups admitted that they have differences among themselves about some specifics, but they agreed that all points of view deserved a open honest all-inclusive public debate. They also called for a constitutional convention to move on amendments: like a new system of re-districting/
a new way to select judges/ allowing citizens to have the power of initiative, referendum and recall
Apparently, they also know how to express themselves:
“When you compromise the integrity of HOW things get done,
you compromise the integrity of WHAT things get done”,
“Corrupton costs, and integrity saves.” said Tim Potts of Democracy Rising.



8 Responses to “IF PA. DOES IT RIGHT, WHY CAN’T WE?”

  1. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    Gerry: I am very familiar with Democracy Rising…they are literally everywhere. The problem in Delaware is worse than we think. We have two radio stations (where most people go to get news) cuz we cant trust the views of the Stooge Journal.

    When you have literally two radio stations here in New Castle County where we the people can call in, and get our issues out to the masses…the gatekeepers at these stations (mostly bought and paid for talk show hosts) more concerned with keeping their jobs, then letting the people discuss, debate and determine what we can all do together for all the people…that is a major checkmate.

    When we have legislators more interested in their own personal power, and interested in “taking credit for other peoples work”, or other citizens views….co opting them for their own…we have a problem.

    When we have two radio stations intent are getting all that incumbent campaign money, and therefore if a citizen tries to bring out another issue, or an issue that is different from them…we are shut down, shut out and blocked.

    When we have bloggers who are more interested in protecting their “peeps”, then they are at ferreting out the truth…we have a problem.

    When we had a wonderful non partisan group like Common Cause., under a non partisan lobbyist like John Flagherty, who brought us the truth, in an unbiased way….and a few people (I can count them at 10) wanting to take down the organization and everybody in it…you have to ask yourself…why is this happening! The environmental group that once worked as a team, is now almost defunct. Why! Because the same 8 people decided they didnt like one of the most knowledgable people in the State on the topic, and went after him with a vengance. All I can say, is everyone I know for 30 or more years…are being split by a few people with an agenda we cannot figure out…is it about personal power and greed, is it about ripping the reputations of people that don’t support EVERYTHING they do or think? Delaware is the strangest, most conflicted State I have ever lived in. Delaware Way is about “eating alive anyone who doesnt agree with a little petty group whose agenda is about power–their power, and they will attempt to destroy anyone in their path that doesnt agree with them 100% of the time.

  2. 1208 Maple Says:

    Are you referring to Gerry?

    –>Delaware Way is about “eating alive anyone who doesnt agree with a little petty group whose agenda is about power–their power, and they will attempt to destroy anyone in their path that doesnt agree with them 100% of the time.<–

    Why do you think anyone with a comment has gone anonymous….

    ====== How about a parallel to …
    “First they came…” is a poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.

    First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I was a Protestant.

    Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left
    to speak up for me.

    His poem is well-known, frequently quoted, and is a popular model for describing the dangers of political apathy, as it often begins with specific and targeted fear and hatred which soon escalates out of control.

  3. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    1208 Maple! That was my former address….Havent lived there in one year and half!

    Don’t understand what is meant by your comment, can you comment further.

    The poem you quote is very well known and is particularly true of what is happening across America today.

    As far as posting anon! I understand why people would do that, for fear of incrimination, or taking insults like I do on a regular basis for putting my name with my words. I am not fearful, I believe what I believe I back it up in research, and believe in the freedom of speech afforded me by our brilliant founding fathers.

  4. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    1208 Maple! I read your post a few times…I think I get what you are trying to communicate.

    I am talking about a little group (known to many) who call themselves “progressives”, while having literature stating they will “take a swat team approach” to anyone who disagrees with them. I am sure you know this group, right.

  5. 1208 Maple Says:

    I thought 1208 would get your attention – As a friend.

    Too many times in Delaware – people get destroyed,
    personally, professionally and politically.
    Many times by opponents, and too often by those
    who later look to form coalitions.

    My employment can be adversely harmed by letting out my opinions,
    or even just when I look to get into discussions.

    Delaware Views Journal chastises anonymous posters.
    But GF also just about randomly finds the worst in people,
    and then makes his accusations public, even when all he
    quotes are anonymous sources.
    Funny how GF just recently looked for those who could understand his problems with WDEL. The Blogosphere that he criticized in his opening
    remarks here.

    The Poem stands as a reminder, not to make enemies
    of people you will need later to convert to supporters.

    Label me a scum, the devil or a ball-less wonder.
    Or a pussy.
    In 1776, there was a reason why the Swamp Fox remained anonymous.
    Nothing has changed.

  6. ANNON II Says:

    ‘Why can’t we’? cause 51% don’t give a sh*t………….

  7. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    Please give me one or more examples of false accusations that I have made about people…..stick to the wording…”accusations” and “fales” . I would be happy to communicate about any alleged accusations. Remember, they have to be ACCUSATIONS, and they have to be FAPSE.

    And wherein am I ACCUSING bloggers of wrong-doing for merely asking a question of them?….I asked the bloggers what their opinon was of radio station officials who lie to illegally fire a person, as was found to be the case by the department of labor hearing officer. Very simple question which was answered for me, by their inaction to deal with that issue. I never said that they HAD to deal with it…I mere wondered if they WOULD deal with it. I said they wouldn’t and they didn’t case closed. I wasn’t asking for their support. I am self supportive
    I also reserve the right to have an opinion that people who stand up and have something to say WITHOUT identifying themselves are despicable.
    It is not an accusation… it’s merely my opinion of them, which will never change.

    By the way….it is just like the radion station issue. All I did, as found by the labor department, was to be fired for asking ASKING 2 QUESTIONS:
    “Given I was right about failing ratings for the Rick and Ger show, would you consider putting us back in the morning…where we NEVER lost to WILM, (where now, we are losing to WILM in the 9 to noon slot), and could you give me the logic as to why one talk show host makes considerably more money than do. For asking those two questions I was fired….that’s all.

  8. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    That’s probably the reason…but do the large turnouts across the country have any chance of catching on here?…..or are we doomed to this lethagy forever? It seems that more people are getting involved, or is that just wishful thinking?

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