Brings name recognition/ no particular bad baggage/ good record as House Speaker/ got labor ties/ got behind some pretty good legislation/ spearheaded the the demise of Atkins/ has respect of his colleagues/ most of all, HE’S A DOWHOP GUY!



  1. ANNON II Says:

    He let all Delawareans down when he pulled out of the gov. race several years ago….if he had stayed in we wouldn’t have had to suffer being battered by the RAM…..not him over Markell for me. Sorry.

  2. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    ANNON II….I didn’t know he ever announced before and pulled out…..I really wasn’t all that serious….I was just messing with the Doo Wop thing.
    I like Terry personally….he really did help with the Atkins case result.
    By the way, if I had still been at the radio station, Terry and I were going to co-host the November doowop concert at the Opera House… that would have been fun.
    Is Markell your guy? He looks pretty solid, I must admit. Although, you knew Levin was my guy…..I thought he had the tripod of experienc….FORMER ASSISTANT AG/ FORMER ROTH RIGHTHAND MAN/ FORMER SUCCESSFUL BUINESSMAN.
    Aren’t we always saying that government should be run like a business?
    Have you noticed that every governor we have had since I’ve been here anyway, has never actually RUN anything. None of them ever ran a large entity….that is, actually being in charge of thousands of people. Levin had done so.
    The state if the largest employer in the state…and we keep hiring (electing) people who don’t know shit about actually administrating large groups of people?
    Levin said that if he was elected, he would have approach it as if he had just taken over a large corporation….and looked for duplication, waste, etc., etc.. Of course, the thing I liked best was his promise to create an Inspector General by Executive Order the day he took office….now, we’ll never know.
    By the way, Markell said recently that he too wants an Inspector General. That’s something at least.

  3. ANNON II Says:

    Aren’t we always saying that government should be run like a business?

    NO, NO, NO (ad infinitum).

    I don’t think governors, etc. do ‘run anything’….as the excutive their job is to see to it that ‘things run properly’…..otherwise, they should stick to PR.

  4. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    I think we have a little semantics problem….but we are probably saying pretty much the same thing.
    For example….let’ say Levin became Governor. He knows Delaware well enough to have heard that there are problems with the prison. I would have expected him to get over there, call the necessary people together, and spend a week or so examing what has gone wrong, how to fix it, evaluate the people who are running it, get rid of the dead wood, put new people in there–have them draft a plan of reform, and make sure it gets implement/
    Next; same thing with the psychiatric center.
    Next: school system—he is in favor of 5 school districts (not 19):
    VoTech/ 2 districts in new castle county/ one in Kent/ on is Sussex//
    Then check out the State Police: using the same process as the prison and the psychiatric center. For instance, I would assum that he would eighty six the incestuous practice of ONLY appointing from within when choosing the Superintendant…any police agency in the country goes OUTSIDE for the top position…when they really want to change in prove things.

    In other words, evaluating this entity he inherited called the State of Delaware, and thoroughly go ever every single facet of it.

    Next: Waste/ Fraud/ Corruption:he often said that if he were elected
    governor—he would have created the position of Inspector General by Exectuive Order the day after he took office. That’s what I meant by “running” the State….and, as you said…..the actual people he would appoint would eventually run things….but only AFTER he drew up the plans, and made the appropriate changes…with the help of people he would evaluate.

    For instance… I was at a talk he gave wherein he said,
    “I would appoint Karen Peterson to run the Department of Labor” He also said, my Inspector General would be Ferris Wharton, or some one like him”. In short…..he would reform things. He said he would have had outside business consultants come in and examine duplication of services, employee effectiveness, waste, etc. etc.

    What other governor ever did anything like that?
    From what I have seen…every governor we elected would take office, accept what was going on…and the sit on his ass (or HER ass) and just HOPE that nothing bad would happen…..I believe he would have been proactive in changing and improving things right from the start…not just leave things alone until the shit hit the fan. If he had purchased some new large corporation–he would have thoroughly examined it and made changes..
    We have never had a governor who ever “run” anything before in their careers. Here are our choices not:
    Carney, Markell and Protack (the present candidates) have never actually supervised anything:Carney—ran meetings in the Senate/ Markell–in charge of one office/ Protack…supervised a flight crew…..GIVE ME A BREAK….THE STATE OF DELAWARE IS THE LARGEST EMPLOYER IN THE STATE….SO THE GOVERNOR IS THE EMPLOYER OF THE LARGEST NUMBER DEPARTMENTS AND THE LARGEST NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES…..

  5. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    I have to agree that Markell is the best of the lot, so far. However as Jack kmows his healthcare plan is full of corporate giveaways, mandating everyone buy in…his plan has never been reviewed by any outside group. Tonight on WILM Brittingham Chronicles I asked Jack who was a guest, if he would have a real debate, put all their plans side by side, and lets pick the Plan that will keep our manufacturing jobs in Delaware.

    Read the Snooze Journal on Saturday re: business leaving Delaware! Ride through Delaware’s Industrial Parks and see the number of business gone…and going! It all about health care and workmans compensation.

    Neither Markell, Denn, or Carneys plan will fix the problem but make them worse.As Ben Vernacke said in the Senate hearing in November- universal health care should have begun 10 years ago! Now thats hardly a left wing think tank thought! The Federal Chair is telling America “we can no longer afford to keep for profit insurance companies and HMO’s taking profits out of health care. Its insanity plus.

    So, I we supporters of sane health care…single payer health care, will force these leaders who want to keep “for profit health care” and mandate that every Delawarean must BUY it is fooling themselves. Only a multi millionare so far from the reality of 98% of the public, could make such a sorry lame ass statement.

    You can bet that just as people like Alan Mueller tried to tell the legislature about DP&L, and was ignored….we watched as our legislators supported
    DP&L who then raised our electric rates 59%. The same scenario is at work regarding health care.

    Jack maybe a great CEO, Carney is a Minner spin off, and Mike who is grass roots, and I do not support a lot of his positions, but I have to say that Protacks health care plan is much closer than the others, but won’t work either. WE MUST UNDERSTAND, THAT HEALTH CARE CAN NOT REMAIN AS A PROFIT MAKING BUSINESS!

    If we had Campaign finance reform in this state, none of our leaders would have to go with their palms up to these greedy corporate masters to get elected. Candidates would have the money they need to run, and we the people would see “more thought out issue oriented polices that are for we the people, instead of working against the people.

    We will hold Jack to his promise…a debate, a discussion plans side by side. Lets see which one is actually more economical, keeps business in Delaware, brings more business into Delaware, and provides quality care for every man, woman and child.

  6. ANNON II Says:

    “I would appoint Karen Peterson to run the Department of Labor” He also said, my Inspector General would be Ferris Wharton, or some one like him”. I have problems w/this approach……

    I’m opposed to office holders ‘double dipping’ anywhere in the state (or county or city) and Mr. Wharton showed he is ‘one of them’ when he danced away from that hit-and-run….he got preferential treatment…..

    However, I will say that you should look at running for Mayor…..especially if you have the same ‘fire in the belly’ for yourself as you have for Mr. Levin. Think about it.

  7. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    ANNON…..are you nuts? Me run for anything!…..read a book called
    “The True Believer”….the true believer is right, he’s first, he has to step on the unforgiving toes of the powerful establishment types, he has to kick ass, while pressuring and forcing change…..his goals are right and much needed, and they DO eventually become reality, BUT ONLY AFTER HIS DEMISE (either physically, or after he is pused out the picture):
    1. The lawyer who started Widner Law School was a true believer and the Delaware establishment got so pissed off at this efforts that they would only accredit the law school, if he personally resigned as the president.
    2. When I was criminal justice department chairman at Wilmington College I watched the financial backers make the following decision….Don Ross, the founder and college president, was ordered to resign before they would give the necessary money for the college to survive….because he personally faught the rest of the jealous college administrators at Delaware’s other colleges…they hated him for offering competition to them.
    3. In Reading PA when I was the Director of the Crime and Justice Council, I tried to force all those tiny little police departments to unite in a cohesive county department….all the local little chiefs forced me out….after I left….they eventually had to adopt everything I predicted.
    4. I antagonized the hell out of the legislators and other politicians here while fighting against the proposed gambling laws in the late seventies early ’80s—through my Delaware Council On Gambling Problems….my legislative supporters came to me with the following ultimatum….”If you quit your own agency, the legislature will fund the Gambling Council”—so, like a good little true believer I resigned and the Council is still well funded to this day, now in its 24th year….
    So, see what I mean…..true believers can never benefit personally from their own work…they have to die and/or disappear….either literally or theoritically……it’s been proven all over the world since the beginning of mankind….Ghandi…and how about the most famous of True Believers….remember a guy named Jesus Christ…had to die to make it all happen, didn’t He?

  8. ANNON II Says:

    Too burned out by local/state political pigs and that’s just the start. I’m flattered (I think) that you suggested such a thing.

  9. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    and you could win! Wilmington needs someone who can make order out of chaos, strengthen and support its citizens, stop filling the pockets of the corporates, end cronyism, stop calling citizens names, because you have no plan to rectify anything!

    No one in that administration is capable of creating new ideas, bringing jobs to the city, transforming the transportation system, ending jump out squads, give our police officers a contract. Stop spending citizens money like drunken sailors! Open the city TV Chan. 22 to the Community as it was supposed to be…..aaaahhhh the thought of what must be done in this city, and who is best able to do it….thats you!

  10. ANNON II Says:

    Liz…thanks for the vote of confidence. Presently I see my role as an ‘advisor’ to candidates who have the ‘fire in the belly.’ I only have excess lard in mine : )

  11. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    “APPOINTING KAREN PETERSON”, HAHA NOW THERE IS A REAL JOKE. Guess he doesn’t know Peterson doesnt want business CORPORATIONS to pay a dime into health care….how corporate can you get!

    There are working people in Wilmington who went before the Labor Dept regarding their unemployment…and she voted against them….and for the corporation trying to abuse the workers….somebody has their head up their arse!

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