As a former season ticket holder for 32 years from back in the day, that is the chant that 60,0000 of us would bellow at kick0ff time at the start of every game. Once again, the New Yawkers rise to the top, from nowhere; and the Giants are going to the Super Bowl….I don’t think WDEL will be holding a superbowl rally at Stanley’s this year.

My first football game was Sunday December 7, 1941…..sound familiar? Pearl Harbor Day. We never knew what was happening….some time in the first half of the game the Polo Grounds announcer called out: “Attention please, all service personnel; report to your bases immediately”. Of course, back then, no one had transister radios or anything. We all had to wait until we got home at about 5pm, to find out that WW 11 started.

Back to the Giants…..about 80 percent of the time during every pre-game TV football experts’ show was taken up with all kinds of BS about how the Giants could never beat Tampa Bay…ooops…they beat them/ then the same thing…”The Giants could never beat Dallas”…ooops…they beat them….then last Sunday, “Green Bay will run the Giants right off the field” oooops the Giants win and are in the Super Bowl…and all the bullshitters are watching it on TV…..including all those Eagles Fans who know as much about football as Therman Adams knows about open government…..NOW GET THIS! THE GIANTS WILL BEAT NEW ENGLAND IN TWO WEEKS……That is not blind loyalty…..have you noticed…..the Patriots have been getting just a little worse every week for the last month of the season….winning by less and less, almost getting beat…the Giants were only a minute away from beating them in the last game of the regular season.
Meanwhile, as the Patriots are getting worse each week, the Giants have been getting better each week. Watch how the Vegas odds go down every few days before the Super Bowl is played in two weeks…..the Vegas odds now say that the Giants will lose by 14 points….that will change….


3 Responses to “G O O O O O G I AAAA N T S”

  1. Duffy Says:

    You’re a Giants fan? OK, all is forgiven. You are in my good graces once again. 😉

  2. Alex Says:

    I am forced to cheer on the Patriots for no other reasons than their glorious name and your Giant endorsement….Remember Gerry,you’re like “Mush”. Everything you back….well you know

  3. Alex Says:

    Great game!Well,what do you know “Mush”,even losers like you get to celebrate sometimes…poor Brady,I wonder if Giselle’s enough of a consolation prize “poultice” for his battered body…

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