Conservatives vs Liberals—we hear a lot about that these days

PAT GIBBS IS A GREAT GUY…I guess I’ve known him for about 10 years…he’s one of those guys who gets involved, makes things happen….and enjoys it. He played an important part in discovering the street funding scam a few years ago, which involved Al Plant and Rev. Wright….funding to a church, kicking back some money, and Wright eventually went to jail. Pat used to manage the former O’Connell’s Print Shop. Pat writes for the Spectator Newspaper and even does some radio bits on the University of Delaware radio station. He was a good substitute talk show host on WDEL a few months ago; maybe too good.
WELL, BEING A RESEARCHER BY TRADE, HE FOUND AN INTERESTING PIECE CREATED BY ARIANA HUFFINGTON. She’s that former Conservative-turned-Liberal. There is nothing like history, provided you go far enough back. DID YOU KNOW THAT:
Conservatives wanted to stay loyal to England.
Conservatives wanted to make President a life-long appointment.
Conservatives fought against bringing in slave-free-states without slave-holding-states.
Conservatives fought for the 5/8 rule that counted slaves.
Conservatives fought for secession from the Union because they wanted to keep slaves.
Conservatives fought against women’s suffrage.
Conservatives fought for prohibition.
Conservatives wanted to keep us out of WW l and WW ll.
Conservatives created Jim Crow laws.
Conservatives lynched blacks routinely.
Conservatives fought against integration.
Conservatives put up “Whites Only” signs.
Conservatives fought against the civil rights act.
Conservatives wanted to stay in View Nam.
Conservatives brought you homeless and huge deficits.
Conservatives tried to eliminate welfare without helping those turned out in the cold.
Conservatives fought against social security.
Conservatives want to teach only Intelligent Design in schools.
Conservatives want to eliminate the education cabinet post.
Conservatives want the Church involved into all aspects of life.
Conservatives advocated the war and occupation in Iraq.
Conservatives advocate going back to the Gold Standard which was responsible for making the Depression worse.
Knowledge never hurts, does it….I kind of like to look up definitions to get the correct slant on things.
Good old Danny Webster knows where it’s at:
“favoring traditional views and values”(even slavery apparently)
“opposing change” “stuck in the mud” is an older definition.
“generous”/ “respectful of ideas and behavior of others”/
“tolerant”/”favors effective social progress”.


7 Responses to “Conservatives vs Liberals—we hear a lot about that these days”

  1. Tyler Nixon Says:

    I don’t know who actually wrote all this drivel, but it renders the definition of “conservative” effectively meaningless. It is riddled with contradictions and revisionist history on such a scale that I am surprised it could have actually come from Arianna Huffington.

    Any moron could make up a bunch of tripe about how “Liberals” :

    – advocated communism for America and around the world
    – defiled our basic culture with incessant and persistent attitude of “if it feels good do it”
    – destroyed the rule of law through over a century of ideologically-driven interpretive judicial decision-making
    – expanded government to such a degree that it is now bankrupting all Americans and our nation itself
    – laid all the necessary and solid groundwork for an omnipotent quasi-fascist surveillance state
    – created a massive unending scheme of “grab it now, let the next generation pay for it” entitlements
    – sold American sovereignty down the river in the name of global “free trade” agreements
    – created a system of social “welfare” so denigrating and dehumanizing that it effectively destroyed the inner cities and created a permanent dependent underclass, wreaking havoc on the poor on a scale unparalleled in the history of wannabe utopias
    – killed do-wop as we know it for good, replacing it with “acid rock”, heavy metal, country, rap, and all other forms of noise so hated by decent God-fearing Americans

    But only a moronic simpleton could be so trite, just as they would be with a patently-absurd laundry list about so-called “Conservatives”.

    As a paleo-conservative of libertarian variety (versus religious national socialists or “neo-conservatives” or Dixiecrats or secessionists or anti-war types or warmongers or racists or misogynists or bigots or murderers or whatever else the ridiculous list above has loaded into the term “Conservative”) my history tells me it is quite plausible and just as arguable that :

    Conservatives wrote, fought for, and enacted, and defend the Constitution.
    Conservatives held the Union together (“conserved” the Union).
    Conservatives have resisted wars, especially those like Korea and Viet Nam.
    Conservatives have resisted the unending desire of human nature to use government to concentrate power and imposed upon individual liberty rather than defend it.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  2. Alex Says:


  3. Pat Gibbs Says:

    A paleo-conservative of libertarian variety? Mr. Nixon you must surely be a party of one!

    Talk about revisionist history!
    “Conservatives wrote, fought for, and enacted, and defend the Constitution.”
    Early American conservatives fought tooth and nail against the Bill Of Rights

    “Conservatives held the Union together (”conserved” the Union).”
    Liberal republicans (no relation to todays anal retentive conservative Reaganites of the 20th century) fought to abolish slavery incuring the wrath of southern conservatives who sought to ‘conserve’ their slave labor and succeeded from the Union.

    “Conservatives have resisted wars, especially those like Korea and Viet Nam.”
    Conservatives are responsible for such unnecessary Wars like the Spanish American War, Viet Nam, and Iraq.

    “Conservatives have resisted the unending desire of human nature to use government to concentrate power and imposed upon individual liberty rather than defend it.”
    Conservatives seek to outlaw abortion and control a woman’s body, conservatives seek to blur the line between church and state and impose their religion on others, conservatives seek where should live, what we earn, who we marry, etc. The above list is but a short list of the totalitarian desires and vision of conservatives.

    As for libertarians– aren’t you the people who think the market should dictate. Corporations should be largely unregulated and supported by government. Hmmmm. Corporations married to government. Sounds like facism to me.

  4. Pat Gibbs Says:

    A group or idividual are defined by their history and/or actions. Due to the damage done to race relations, our economy, our political climate, our military, etc. unfortunately me and the rest of America know far too well what conservatives are, fornunately America is catching on and that ideology is quickly dying out. Join the party and come into the 21st century my friend.

  5. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    There is a huge difference between conservatives and the neo cons of today.

  6. Namecalling. Says:

    After reading the above battle in name calling and labeling,

    Enough is enough, the shit is no longer sticking to the walls.
    What is above is a mess.
    Labels do not work.
    For balance, and a sense of revising the truth.
    Tyler responded in kind to the nonsense posted by Gerry.

    “Arguing with an Infantryman is like wrestling with a pig,
    everybody gets dirty, but the pig loves it.”

    With love to all infantrymen everywhere.

    What is necessary for conservatives and progressives to understand is the difference in what should be preserved, and what should be changed.

    And may God give us the wisdom to know the difference.


  7. Alex Says:

    How wise…how considered…how “Solomonic”…how above the fray?….NAAAHHH!

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