SAYING means nothing.

My credentials in the black community are solid, so I don’t want to hear any garbage about me being prejudice against Obama. He just happens to be the one giving the best example of what I am talking about. He gives great speeches….he’s winning the war of words….the promises to force “change” and “give hope”, without any substantive proof that he has any ability to actually do it. STOP IT! HIS TALK DON’T MEAN SHIT!—-
It’s all talk. There is not a single substantive thing in his past; in his present, or in his future,which lends any creditibliy to thinking that he can accomplish any of the things he is talking about. Stop being swayed by talk.

Are we still electing people because they are good talkers? The hell with talking. The hell with “hope” and “change”. I’ve been hearing it since Dewey vs Truman. Tom Dewey was a famous DA (with more ties to organized crime than the Sopranos—my uncle was a detective in his office). Dewey allowed a mob “rat” to be thrown out a hotel by the detectives who were supposed to be body-guarding him before he mob trial.

Every single presidential campaign I have witnessed since the forties, had the phrases “We need change in Washington”; “I can provide hope” After 60 years of hearing about “hope” and “change” and yet, seeing niether of them….I’ve arrived at the point that it is all pure political bullshit.

We in America suffer a mental disability of believing that these guys really care about hope and change….What they REALLY care about is getting elected by promising idiots like you that they will create hope and fulfill your longings for change. No candidate in my 71 years has ever accomplished either.

The nut-jobs among us (and that means you) are always interested in IMAGE, not, SUBSTANCE. Let me remind you again…I am only jumping on Obama because he is the one that you people are flocking to, based on unsubstantiated, WORDS AND PROMISES. Words don’t feed the bulldog!

I don’t blame any of these guys and (girl) for trying to pull it it off on us; but I blame those of you who are buying this bullshit and using criteria of “LIKABLE” “WHAT A SPEAKER”, etc.

WC Fields was right….didn’t he say, “There’s a sucker born every minute”? Or was it someone else? Whoever said it, was absolutely right! And then came Vance Packard…who wrote
“The Hidden Persuaders”—-where-in he proved how stupid, gullable, and real ass-holes the american public is when it comes to being influenced by advertising words, and promises by commercials, etc. etc.. my favorite examples is the study he did with regard to laundry detergent. He put the same detergent in a drab ugly brown box and in a bright, yellow and blue box…he told them to use the detergent….90% said that the detergent in the bright yellow and blue box was so, so, so much better than the detergent in the ugly brown box…

They were fooled by the pretty image of the box it came in.

The Clinton’s are not likable, for more reasons than the number of “pipe-jobs” Monica gave to her lovers. But, likable or not….if indeed Bill’s 8 years in office produced the best results for this country in the last half decade, as some say…that means that the Clinton’s have tons more substance for running a country than we could ever expect of a young, attractive, hopeful Barack Obama, who has yet to prove anything….except using some bad judgment about a guy who has just been indicted in Chicago. (see further down in blog)

In the debate between Nixon and Kennedy, Nixon was much more substantive than Kennedy, and did many more substanstive things than Kennedy ever did….but Kennedy was much more “likable”, so he won.

Likability is so much easier to measure than substance is…so, Americans, who love to make life easy, ichoose image over substance every time. HOW FREAKIN’ DUMB IS THAT!

Remember about a month ago I warned you all to avoid the Rudy bankwagon…because his real of lack of substance in his New York life would show him to be “a nothing” Well, I told ya so”. His judgment and wrong decision making (like “Bernie Kerik”) proved that. Kerik goes to jail…and Rudy butt kisses McCain now so he will get some kind of 9/11 related national position.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Obama….good words, good looks, great speaker…hell of a dancer….but, where’s the beef? Well, take a look at this beef. Hillary mentioned that he has been directly tied to Tony Rezko, a prince of darkness in Chicago. Hillary was derided for mentioning it druing the debate…yet, 5 days later, the New York Post clues us in “The feds arrested Tony Rezko, political fund-raiser and backer of Barack Obama. His 2 million dollar bail revoked for his fraud, money-laundering and additional indictments. This is a bad, bad guy.
And make no mistake about it…Obama had full knowledge of what this guy was. In fact, he was on the inside of what this guy was doing; by fronting for him in some of the deals that he is now charged with. Barack was helping him do it. Barack actually got a nice deal on a home and land as a pay-back, according to justice department sources. Lawyers know everything about their big clients. Obama either DID know, or SHOULD have known…either way it was an example of a lack of judgment, and wrong decision-making.
NOW THAT’S SOMETHING SUBSTANTIVE WHEN IT COMES TO JUDGING OBAMA. His words about “Hope”and “Change” are diminished by the reality of facts.

And how about this well known phrase….”show me who your friends are, and I’ll show you what YOU are”. Ted Kennedy;
freakin’ Ted “I-could-swim-and-she-couldn’t” Kennedy is endorsing him. Now there is a friend whom you need on your side. An unabashed, untreated drunk, who literally allowed a woman to die a horrible death….and….tomorrow I will give you the REAL, unknown story of what really happend between Ted and Mary-Joe that night. I’ll give just a taste now, …but be sure to back tomorrow for the main meal…
Jack Caufield and Tony Ulazowitz, were two detectives I worked with in the Bureau Of Special Services. They were big shots at the time,and I was a “little shit”. Tony and Jack always got the Nixon body guarding assignment when he visited NY. After Nixon got elected, he offered Jack and Tony jobs in DC. Jack became head of DEA (G. Gordon Liddy was his legal advisor)….and Tony worked under Jack. As soon as the Kennedy and Mary-Jo event happened, Nixon sent Jack and Tony to Martha’s Vineyard to get the story. Kennedy was getting ready to challenge Nixon’s re-election. Jack and Tony posed as newspaper reporters with phony press credentials, etc. That’s enough for now. Come back tomorrow for what really “went down” that night. Not as many things “went down” as you think. In a real sense Ted “killed” Mary-Jo


6 Responses to “ATTENTION! ALL IDIOTS!”

  1. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    Gerry: I am probably the only person in Delaware who has actually looked at Obama votes…this guy is not what he claims to be! His vote in the Senate in Illinois is abysmal. Everytime he had the chance to VOTE for something that helped the poor and disenfranchised..he voted present or no vote! He is for nuclear power! Great environmentalist! His votes in the Senate were in opposition to the party vote…which might be fine if they were “for the people”. He claims he was opposed to the war, but voted for EVERY funding bill put in front of him.

    He said, “As president he will send troops to Pakistan and pre eminently strike” without approval of the Pakistani government. He said in the debates that he would have the troops “out by the END of his first term”, he refused to say that he would get the military base out and bring out all the equipment, which the Iraqi people say they want. Take your forces, and all your equipment out when you go!

    A great speech maker, his cadence is that of a southern preacher, his voics rises and lowers inflecting the style of Martin Luther King..this man is no MLK. There is a reason why Harry ‘Bellefonte and Martin Luther King III are standing with Edwards.

    Now that Edwards is out of the race…I am politicaly homeless! Edwards campaign emailed today. Edwards doesnt want to pick either of the two left because they are both corportists. His advisors are telling him to hold his delegates until the Convention, to make sure some of Edwards stands….getting rid of Gitmo, bringing back Habeus Corpus, and doing some real about the horrible poverty in America, making sure that men and women have a right to join and form unions….so who knows what Edwards will do…If obama picks him as VP or AG that is the only way I can vote for him….I cannot support Hillary…so this is a big dilema.

  2. Alex Says:

    I believe the sucker line was coined by Barnum but it’s been the left that made it truly their own…..and nobody on the left gets any absolution for recognizing “Uncle Ted’s” bloated,debauched,felonious humanity because they’ve been empowering him to destroy America in ways that only a US senator could do for more than 40 years….and why do you think that Americans have become so lacking in judgment when called upon to analyze and critique candidates and their positions?….can you say left wing constructed idiot factory known as the government school system?….and the left doesn’t and wouldn’t have it any other way…how else could they maintain control and course toward their/your socialistic utopia without dumbing down the masses over the decades?Like I told you in a previous post Gerry,”the house” always wins and you love “the house”…even though America loses….but then again sometimes when you whip up an omelet you gotta break a few eggs…right comrade?

  3. Alex Says:

    ….Every once in a while a Manasseh(2 Chronicles 33:10-18) or Saul of Tarsus occurs,but it’s not the design of the system(government schooling,societal conditioning) only an anomaly…so as normalcy you get a bunch of Pinocchio’s running around “speechifying”,trying to sound heroic…Liz is correctly aware that Obama is a clown; but then, anyone less than a genuine,bona fide,”jack-booted left wing thug ain’t gonna make her swoon…no, I’ll be surprised if we get anything other than queen “Athaliah” or the decrepit,”Claudius” looking emperor; and either of these 2 is not good for America…and this appears to be corroborative with a crumbling nation scenario,which would be fitting as a coda to the Lord Jesus Christ’s magnum opus that is this created,temporal reality we know as human history…

  4. Pat Gibbs Says:

    Gerry you cynic. You off your meds on this on and a little full of shit. The lack of substance charge against my man Barack is tired and weak. One doesn’t come up through the ranks in rough and tumble Chicago politics with no substance. Obama was a community organizer, civil rights attorney and shine in the Illonois legislature for eight years earning kudos from democrats and republicans alike. Plenty of substance.
    Bringing up the Rezko thing is as weak as bringing up the Whitewater charge on the Clintons. As for judgement. I love Obama’s answer on Clinton’s ready on day one stance. How about being right on day one. Hillary lack of judgement led her to vote for the Iraq war, her lack of judgement put her in a position to naively trust Bush. Oh I didn’t know he was going to go to war. Bullshit. What was the resolution named?

    Likability. I would much rather take a chance on the much more likable Obama to get the republicrooks outta office than the thouroughly hated Hillary. I remember hearing about the Kennedy-Nixon debates where if you watched it TV you though Kennedy won, if you heard it on the radio you thought Nixon won. Nixon sounded much more substantive, Kennedy looked better, was more likable. Nixon talked a good game and sounded great until you saw his crooked ass. This is where I think you are full of shit. I am willing to violate both our no gambling rule and cold hard cash you voted for Kennedy. (I might give you a pass on this one because of the time factor and your cynicism maybe a fairly recent occurance).

    Admittedly the Clinton years were a hell of alot better than the Bush disater that America has endured, but I have no desire to turn back the clock and replace the little shit Shrub with the two headed hydra Billary.
    Maybe I’m a little prejudice having never been a fan of the Clintons, but for my money this carpet bagging, race baiting, warmongering, pandering, chickenhawk bitch can the hell back to Arkansas.

    I received the following info in an email.
    If Hillary Clinton wins in 2008
    Bill Clinton is ‘appointed’ to fill her Senate Seat
    Either live to retire ‘they’ (together or alone)
    Would get…
    Two US Presidential retirement checks,
    Two US Senate retirement Checks,
    A retirement check from the State of Arkansas.
    About the only thing they MIGHT NOT get is.
    A Social Security Check….
    But I wouldn’t bet on it….
    I understand ole Bill has earned $40,000,000 in the past six years.
    What a guy!
    Hilarious Rotten Clinton, As a New York State Senator, Now comes under the ‘Congressional Retirement and Staffing Plan,’
    Which means that even if she never gets re-elected,
    She STILL receives her Congressional salary until she dies. (Would it not be nice if all Americans Were pension eligible after only 4 years?)
    If Bill outlives her, He then inherits HER salary until HE dies.
    He is already getting his Presidential salary until he dies. If Hillary outlives Bill, She also gets HIS salary until she dies. Guess who pays for that?
    It’s common knowledge that in order for her To establish NY residency, They purchased a million dollar-plus house In upscale Chappaqua, New York Makes sense!
    They are entitled to Secret Service protection for life. Still makes sense.
    Here is where it becomes interesting.
    Their mortgage payments hover at around $10,000 per month. BUT, an extra residence ‘had’ to be built Within the acreage to house The Secret Service agents. The Clinton’s charge The Federal government $10,000 monthly rent For the use of that extra residence, Which is about equal to their mortgage payment. This means that we, The taxpayers, Are paying the Clinton’s Salary, Mortgage, Transportation, Safety and security, As well as the salaries For their 12 man staff– and,
    This is all perfectly legal!

    Mob stuff. Gerry you know I’m Mob historian.
    It was the murderous Abe ‘Kid Twist’ Reles that Mob owned NY Governor Dewey allowed Frank Costello’s men to throw out the window. Costello did so under orders from Lucky Luciano who stated: The canary could sing but he couldn’t fly.”
    For years the Mob tried to put someone they owned in the White House. That’s one of the reasons NY Governor Dewey released the very Mob boss he successfully jailed ten years earlier, Luciano, from prison. The Mob almost had a president as early as 1928 when the backed Al Smith in run for the White House. They thought they had the White House when Kennedy was elected, but the son didn’t pay the father debt. Old man Joseph Kennedy as is well known was one of Prohibition’s most successful bootleggers. They finally got their man when Nixon enter the White House. Nixon pardoned both Jimmy Hoffa and Angelo ‘The Gyp’ DeCarlo. Nixon had been Mob owned since 1948 when he sought backing from the Mob in his first run for the Senate.

  5. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    pat when they start swift boating this guy, and you know they will. I do not support Hillary because she is a true corporatist…no difference between her and the repubicans. We got NAFTA and CAFTA while Clinton was Prez with a republican senate!

    Am trying to figure out who can beat the republicans! I do think if Obama picked Edwards as vp, he would get all that white male vote and the ,progressives. Edwards was the “poverty” guy, the man who was going to “lift” us all up. I loved his plan to create jobs….his stimulus package

    a green economy…start wind, solar and other renewables now…and give people jobs…they will make the economy strong.

    Still undecided!

  6. Pat Gibbs Says:

    Liz you are right on point. The repulicrooks will swift boat Obama and play the race card. I agree with you about Hillary.

    If Obama gets the nomination and picks Edwards as VP I think they would be unbeatable. There has been talk of Edwards as Attorney General which would really be great. Imagine Edwards as AG, Unions would love it, corporations would loathe him.

    Had Obama not been there Edwards would have been my choice.

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