Before I get to the little known TRUE story about why Kennedy should have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, with regard to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne that fateful early morning at Chappaquicddick, let me digress to a presidential campaign issue which doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

The presidential candidates from all parties constantly use the words, “change”, “reform”, “new directions” “out with the old ways; in with the new” etc etc. etc……yet, look at the pile of old age farts they trot out of the garbage pile to endorse them? If you truly believe that change and reform and new directions are needed, what the hell are you doing buddying-up with Ted Kennedy, Joe LIberman, John Kerry, etc. etc. etc.? Those guys represent the very garbage you want to leave on the sidewalk for early morning pick up to the dump. Ted Kennedy is a classic case.

Is there any indication at all that Ted Kennedy even knows how to spell reform, change, out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new, let alone be part of a reform movement? Ted Kennedy and the parade of parasites that are coming out of the woodwork to “help” these new age wannabe contenders is a freakin’ joke.
Ted Kenndey, et al, represents the worst in politics. They are the ones who screwed things up so badly that we now have to have a reform….am I wrong?

Instead of Obama relishing the Kennedy clan endorsements , he should be pointing to the debauchery, the self-servicing pork-addicted scewups like the Kennedy cabal and say something like this , “See that Kennedy group, those are exactly the types of people we have do get rid of. If elected, I will do my best to prevent the Ted Kennedy types from ever having the power which they have abused for half a century”.
But, no! Obama and the other candidates are demostrating that they will do anything to get elected. Obama, Hillary, McCain, Rommney say they are nothing like the Kennedys…but they don’t mind “using”them—-that makes all of them just another set of wolves in reform sheeps clothing. Enough said….

As I stated in my last blog; Nexon sent Jack Caulfield and Tony Ulaseicz to Martha’s Vineyard as soon as the story broke. They were ex-detectives from my old NYPD squad, (Jack and I used to sneak off the race track together during work hours). We were in the Bureau of Special Services and Investigations (BOSSI).

Jack and Tony got friendly with Nixon during body guarding assignements when Nixon was campaigning in NY. When Dick was elected president, he invited Jack and Tony to retire from the NYPD and take positions in his administration.
Jack was apointed head of DEA. Tony worked under him.
G. Gordon Liddy was their legal advisor, and they all got caught up in Watergate. That’s another story I tell you about some day….

Back to Chappaquiddick…..Kennedy was going to run against Nixon for president. Nixon assigned Jack and Tony to get the real dirt from Martha’s Vineyard when the story broke. Jack and Tony faked being newspaper reporters with phony credentials, etc. Here is the true story of how it all happened:
Ted had designs on Mary Jo at the party and was determined to “get a little”. When supposedly driving her to the last boat back to the mainland, he started to drive down to the secluded spot which he probably often used to “do the dirty deed” with unsuspecting women in the past. Before he turned in that direction, he noticed the local police car about a quarter of a mile behind them. He stopped the car, got out and told Mary Jo to drive down that road, and wait for him there, while he distracted the local police. Before Ted had to confront the cop, the cop turned down another road, so the cop was no longer a problem.

Ted then stared walking down the road where he figured Mary Jo would be waiting for him. When he reached the fateful bridge, he noticed the car in the water…the water was not deep. He could see the car. Apparently he did try to get her out, but his drunken condition and panic prevented it, so he could not effect the rescue. He gave up too soon. He went back to the party to tell his cousin what had happened. They never went back tothe car. Tdid his disappearance act, and the cover-up started.

She was alive in the car for a long time. In fact, she struggled to breath right up until the last minute. They found scratch markes on the back rear area where she was trying to breath with the last remaining pocket of air, until that ran out. She drowned. She definitely could have been rescued, if they kept trying.

This true version explains those suspicious questions that lots of people had back then…and which are locked away in the closed file; never to be opened in Ted Kennedy’s lifetime…talk about the power of the Kennedy’s over local judges, cops, media.

That version I just described answers the the quesations which were un-answered at the time;
1. How could Ted not know that that bridge had a slight twisting turn which he knew well?
The Answer…he WOULD have known it, and he would NOT have gone into the water…but, he wasn’t in the car…SHE was driving, and she knew nothing about the tricky bridge.

2. People als asked, “If Ted found a way to get out of the car after it went in the water, why couldn’t she get out?”
The Answer…he was never in the car when it went into the water….when he tried to help get her out from the outside, he didn’t succeed; probably because he was too drunk and the doors were locked. Obsiously, he should have searched for a large rock to break the windshield etc. etc….he didn’t do that.

That is what Jack Caulfield and Tony U. discovered on behalf of Nixon investigation, when they went to the scene and go the real scoop. Nixon never did anything with the information, because Ted withdrew from his bid to run for the Presidency.
If Ted HAD run…you can bet that Nixon and Caulfield, and Ulaseicz would have been front and center with the REAL story…..and Ted Kennedy knew it. That is why Ted Kennedy decided not to run against Nixon. Would YOU want an endorsement from a Ted Kennedy.


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