Yes, I’ll admit it, this will sound like self praise; but if the shoe fits, why shouldn’t I wear it? It came to me over the last week from 7 different legislators;
( 2 democrats/ 4 republicans/ 1 independent). They all put it different ways, but one of them in particular said it best;
“Gerry, If you were still on the Radio, Nancy Wagner would be well on her way to being dumped out of office. At least you would have forced the house ethics committee to convene for only the second time in the last 30 years.”

Where are you Blogggers and radio people with the followup? Sure, you wrote about it once of twice, and maybe you did a show on it…but that should only be the beginning. The next is to get off you collective asses and do the hard-nosed leg work.

Contact every ethics committee member personally. Ask what they are going to do about it. Demand that they take the Nancy Wagner incident as seriously as they were forced to do in the Atkins case (that took some pushing, a bit of threatening, intimidation, and a pinch of blackmail). But it worked, didn’t it?

You have Wagner dead to rights: personally benefitting from her official legislative actions. You have her actually suggesting that a contract with a company should be voided and the bid should be put out again, because “My husband didn’t understand exactly how the bidding process works, so he should be given another opportunity to bid on the job”.
Now the JFC didn’t do it for her…but her asking to have it done and their failure to report it in 2006 it is a serious item, which deserves exposure. You have her playing a significant part in the budget deliberations of her own very public employer that she works for (DSU). She actually verbally supported and bragged about voting for the DSU increased budget demands. DSU is her employer, from which she stood to gain. You have a lie or two thrown into the mix. Does none of this inspire your interest…you gate-keepers of official integrity?

WHAT SHE DID WAS MORE OFFICIALLY UNETHICAL AND PERHAPS MORE ILLEGAL THAN WHAT ATKINS DID. Let’s face it, the low life personal behavior of Atkins did not effect your tax money, and did not cause the legislature anything other than an embarassment —in Wagner’s case, she actually violated rules of the system….man; an Inspector General would be presenting a sold case for an indictment by now.

You guys got to get moving—call every ethics committee member, force them to express an opinion. Threaten that you will not let it slide. Let them know that you will do everything you can to embarassment them every chance you get.

The News Journal did a hell of a job on her; now do YOUR job and take it to the next level….an open ugly scandal. Otherwise, she wins and so do all those JFC committee people who allowed it to happen. They played a part which calls for the pressure of exposure. Don’t let this issue end as merely an interesting newspaper article.

Believe me, they are all counting on the public forgetting about this; and by doing nothing you are helping the public to forget about it. She will be re-elected, JFC will continue to ignore whatever rules and laws that they want to.
BLOGGERS OF DELAWARE UNITE—RADIO MOUTHS OF DELAWARE….do some real work….merely writing and talking accomplishes nothing.



  1. Alan Coffey Says:

    OK, I wrote to the members of the Ethics Committee. What’s up with Biff? No email address listed for him? Does he not have a computer? Does he not know how to “operate” one?

    Next we need some citizen oversight. What organizations usually take on this kind of thing?

    Keep the ball rolling!

  2. Shirley Vandever Says:

    I’m writing my letter to the Ethics Committee today with a cc to my local rep.

    It will be interesting to see what, if any, reply I receive.

    Gerry, I have to say you kind of shamed me with this post. You are right. It’s time to stop b***ching, get up off your duffs, and do something. I’m ready for civil disobedience when the time comes.

  3. Little Birdie... Says:

    How are your negotiations w/Mr. Alan going? Did he bite?

    Instead of acting on each legislator by itself (it intended) I would support a group effort for this fall’s election….maybe we can get rid of a few of them……..

    In answer to this question: What organizations usually take on this kind of thing?
    Common Cause, before it was murdered in Delaware, had a giant impact on issues such as this……..

  4. LIZ ALLEN Says:

    and we still havent found out who murdered Common Cause! Who murdered the environmental movement! who tried to murder the independent party, who is still trying to murder single payer health care, who is trying to murder wind power… corporate Delaware supported by Corporate supporting democrats and republicans, instead of supporting the citizens and our economy!

    Still trying to find one legislator who has the guts to support Campaign Finance Reform, so we the people can truly elect legislators who work for us, not the ones “that paid for their dance card”.

  5. jab Says:

    I am drawing a blank. Who is the independant legislator?

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