As I predicted, and will continue to predict, the Obama bubble could possibly burst….all it will take is things like this most recent “dirty trick” which is beginning to show through.

They have discovered written proof that Black Super Delegates are getting really dirty pressure to make sure that they switch from their commitment to Clinton and give their vote to Obama, OR ELSE…

The “OR ELSE” comes in the form of being threatened with primaries and/or opposing candidates the very next time they are up for re-election. In other words, the bullying is taking the form that no Black politician will be safe unless he or she caves in to the pressure to vote for Obama before, or at the convention.

Sounds very much like stuff from the “Hood”, doesn’t it? If Obama is the man he proports to be, he had better immediately hold a very well-attended press conference and dramatically demand that that practice stop IMMEDIATELY, and that he will not stand for such behavior…..he had better not just say something weak like, “I do not endorse such behavior”.
NO! he has DEMAND that it stop, and make it very clear that he is NOT a practicioner of that kind of politics….or, is the real Obama coming through….the charmer who is not as pristine pure as he wants us to believe.
WE ARE WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE, MR. OBAMA. Show us what you’re made of.



  1. John D. Flaherty Says:

    Where’s the beef of this blog.

    Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver spoke today on MSNBC and made similar charges. He himself said he was not threatened but he knows others who were threatened, although he didn’t know their names.

    When MSNBC asked Cleaver whether Congressman John Lewis, who said he switched because of a movement to Obama, as did Rep. David Scott, were threatened, Cleaver said no

    Just who is “they” you refer to in your blog. Who is being threatened? Where is the letter.

    Sounds to me like the proof cited for the existence of the Abominable snowman. Always a blur on the horizon and down by the far away treeline.

    Lyndon Johnson, an experienced, grizzled politician used to say’ I don’t care what I accuse them of, as long as they deny it on the front page of the paper”

    Sounds like Lyndon Johnson lives on.

  2. Little Birdie... Says:

    This little Birdie has heard from the ‘Horse’s Mouth’ (or ass, as you prefer) that indeed Delaware Super Delegates are being ‘pressured’ and some have caved in…..MRH comes to mind….originally, like the old regulars, she came out publicly for Clinton but has switched to Obama….doesn’t sound like LBJ to me it sounds more like Richard Daly, Sr. & Frank Rizzo, Sr. rolled into one…..same old nasty Dem politricks.

    In my youth I believed that when women & minorities were in well placed elected office things would change for the better. Damn was I naive or what?

  3. John Flaherty Says:

    Little Bidrdie:

    Wher’s the beef. MRH is not a super delegate.

    A News Jpurnal article dated February 7, states, in part… that the Seven “super delegate” spots go to the following party positions: members of Congress (Sen. Joe Biden and Sen. Tom Carper), governor (Gov. Ruth Ann Minner), national committeeman (Rhett Ruggerio) and national committeewoman (Karen Valentine), state chairman (John Daniello), and a vice chairwoman of the opposite sex (Secretary of State Harriet Smith Windsor).

    The article goes on to say…Super delegates can support any candidate and can change their minds.

    One unpledged add-on delegate will be chosen at the state convention.
    to be held April 5 at the Dover Sheraton.

    Sounds like you did not talk to the the Horses Mouth” but to Donald Segretti, the trickster for the 1972 Committee to re-elect the President (Nixon).

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