The most recent call was about 8pm last night. Tuesday….giving me the reports that the two largest counties in Ohio were going to Obama and how the bad weather in Hillary Ohio Land would mean an Ohio win for Obama. Funny, but John isn’t answering the phone this morning…BECAUSE RAINY SNOWY TUESDAY WAS A HUGE, HUGE WIN FOR HILLARY.

The victory was not so much in actual numbers…but it stalled the steam-rolling bandwagon of Obama. Remember what my position has always been: OBAMA IS PROBABLY A GREAT GUY, HAS A GREAT FUTURE, AND WILL DO A LOT OF GOOD IN THIS WORLD….BUT NOT NOW, NOT AS PRESIDENT NOW, NOT UNTIL HE PROVES HIMSELF WITH THEY CHARACTERISTICS NEEDED FOR A PRESIDENT.

Give me an EXPERIENCED, TALENTED crab, who is arrogant, not all that good looking, with a stupid laugh, who seems cold and distant, BUT IS SMART AS HELL, AND KNOWN AND LIKED AROUND THE WORLD WHILE BEING ON THE ARM OF ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PRESIDENTS THAT THIS COUNTRY AS HAD IN THE LAST 50 YEARS.

Hillary is no great shakes…I admit. but compared to Obama, she stands out as much more qualified than her opponent.
Secretly I am still waiting for Colin Powell to announce, and select Alan Levin as his VP running mate. Of course I’m dreaming; that’s what old men do…..

Hillary’s wins in Texas, Ohio, etc…..will turn it all around. Remember, we still have Pennsylvania..where she should win; they are probably going to allow Florida and Michigan to re-vote and she should win there also. WHE WILL COME TO THE CONVENTION WITH THE LARGEST, MOST IMPORTANT STATES IN THE COUNTRY…and she sill smack-down the shaky, senior citizen, war hawk, John McCain.

I PREDICT….HILLARY WINS THIS THING AND DOES A VERY CREDIBLE JOB……..SOMETIMES IN SPITE OF BILL, SOMETIMES BECAUSE OF BILL. Don’t lose sight of how popular Bill Clinton is with the leaders of the nations around the world which we need to like use. That will rub off. I think you will find that McCain’s views are hated around the world….and not all that popular here in US either.

THAT’S IT—MY PREDICTION…..HILLARY AND BILL BACK IN POWER; and I hope she is just mean-spirited enough to “get back” at all people who deserted their pledge to her and switched to Obama when he looked like a shoe-in….oh, year, pay-back is a bitch; and Hillary is just the bitch to deliver the revenge……
Oh, I have to go; the phone is ringing and I’m expecting a call from the crow-eating Flaherty.



  1. Little Birdie... Says:

    ….as my daughter predicted weeks & weeks ago: Hillary wins!… cause ‘they’ have the ‘party machine’ (looks like it’s working)….I’m still licking my wounds that John Edwards will not be the Dem candidate. ttfn.

  2. John Flaherty Says:

    Like hell you won’t hear from me.

    Still no beef.

    You are the one swooning for Clinton.

    Where are her joint tax returns; her records for chairing her husbands health care committee in 1993; her scheduling records while she was first lady; her telephone logs while bill was the president and her compensation whil a board member of walmart.

    All I hear from you are excuses about why she can’t name what she did during her her 35 years of experience married to Bill Clinton.

    Open the records and let all of us see what is there.

  3. lucy mcmanis Says:

    John, the records we need to lookin at…are George War Bush! I care less about what her “health care records were”, although I am sure they were figuring out who they were going to take on corporate for profit health care America. Yeah, with all those insurance lobbyists hangin round, you bet…she had to be careful what is in her records!

    Why do you think she wants universal health care, but only doing it incrementally, keeping the for profits stealing our money, while mandating a health care plan no one can afford! She mentioned the word “single payer in one debate”, and then moved on “for profit”. She takes lobbyists money from these greedies! But Obama’s plan is worse! He had no mandate, no federal plan for all americans…his wife sits on boards of big hospitals that threw out thousands of black americans.

    Obama is definately untested! His record in the State senate aint that great! When he could have voted which would have given the poor a break….he was “present”.

    Obama has charisma. But what is his plan to restore our civil liberties, habes corpus, where does he stand on telecom immunity, net neutrality. Yeah he is for ending the war in Iraq, sometime….but increasing the war in Afganistan. My God, we have already killed 6 million Afganis, according the european news papers.

    Zbig Brezenski as foreign policy advisor….humm he has big problems with Russia! What will he do to create jobs here! He ain’t that green, so dont expect any big changes environmentally!

    So change, what change…We are going to have another election where we choose the lesser of two evils., one of them or …McSane is McInsane.

    I will not be hurt if they do a united ticket, Both will be needed to stop right wing mass media machine they have comin up. Poltricks ad naseusm. They are even planning on reviving Joe McCarthy. Obama and Clinton on commies, only McInsane is not.

    If she brings out all her documents before becoming the nominee….I see major problems. If she does become the nominee the right will try to destroy her with her own record..

    keeping our eye on the ball…where the hell are the records of the most secretic, fascistic government ever…that of George War Bush. He is the issue.

  4. John Flaherty Says:

    The people have a right to know.

    Comparing her conduct to George Bush is outrageous but your point is well taken.

    If Bush hides his record, why should clinton show hers.

    Open Clinton and Bush’s records so the people can decide for themselves.

  5. Pat Gibbs Says:

    Hillary more qualified than Obama? Which Hillary? The caring tearful with the big heart Hillary? The screeching harpy Hillary? The cold calculating scheming Hillary? The team playing proud of her opponent Hillary? The lying warmongering Hillary? Which Hillary? This hussy is a bi-polar schizoid power hungry nut! HRC will do anything to get in the Whitehouse, including tearing the entire Democratic party asunder! She should have dropped out of the race after losing 11 contest in a row. Had the situation been reversed the clamor for Obama to get out of the race would have been damn near unbearable. So why is Hillary still in the race? She can’t win enough delegates to even catch up, nor will she win enough popular votes to justify swaying the super delegates. Hillary would have to win the rest of the primaries by over 60% just to catch up, not going to happen. The argument that Hillary should get the backing of the super delegates because she won most of the big states, thus would have a better chance against McCain is bull. The big states Hillary won are traditionally solid blue states and it is highly unlikely McCain would win those states in the general election. Should the super delegates fall for this big state, more likely to beat McCain con (even though the polls indicate just the opposite) and steal the nomination from Obama and give to the very undeserving Hillary, the 2008 convention will be a catastrophe at best or make the 1968 convention look like a revival meeting at worst. Besides which Hillary should not even show up at the convention after endorsing John McCain. Hillary said only she and McCain have “crossed the Commander and Cheif threshold and Obama gave a speech.” Hillary stopped just short of saying unless she is the nominee the democrats deserve to lose. Hillary cares nothing about the party or the country, only herself.

    And what the hell is this experience to handle a crisis Hillary keeps touting? Oh I know. Hillary must be talking about the time she had to run down to the police station with bail money and an extra pair of pants to get Bill out, because she can’t be talking about all those times she sat on the other side of the bed while President Bill Clinton took the call. By that standard stepford wife Laura Bush is just as qualified.

    The silliness about Barack Obama being a charismatic inspirational speaker makes him suspect or an empty vessel is just that. Silliness. Some of America’s most successful leaders were so because of their eloquence. Was not Ronald Reagan(2nd worse president) known as ‘The Great Communicator? The Kennedy brothers inspired millions of young people who had never done so, to get involved(hmmm sound familiar). FDR (greatest president ever) reinstilled Americans confidence and led the nation through the depression and WWII. Lincoln (a one term congressman) set his foot on the path to the White House on the strength of one speech and a series of debates. The Gettysburg address is considered one of the most important speeches in American history. We cannot discount the power of words.

    Who would you rather have present America’s case on the world stage? The charismatic inspirational young President Obama, the old crabby scornful President McCain, or a schiziod, bipolar President Hillary Clinton? For me the choice is clear.

  6. debbE Says:

    Please…. give me a break…What records??..Oh thats right..We the people, who make a difference in this no nonsense government of ours will make a few decisions based soley on the candidates records assuming they are upfront and honest…Are these records clearly understandable to the high school graduates, lower middle class, poor. or for that matter any American? Where can we find such records? I know, we can just watch the Debates. Democrat or Republican. How interesting ….HOWEVER, there is nothing like the power of Words..Charisma. and Inspiration…. DAM!! They have my vote… Oh For crying out loud ..Get with it!!! WE NEED CHANGE..It may take years but we need to start now…Educate the millions of Americans that think their vote does not count. Show us that we are not war mongers..Prove to us that our taxes are taking care of those who deserve it…PUNISH EVERYONE involved with war crimes . Every person fighting for us should be given free medical..home..job..college whatever they need.. I know I would have a hard time giving up my safe little existence with all its comforts to fight in any war. BRAVO for those who did and still do. How dare anyone inflict hardships and death on innocent people in this day and age.Are we so blind we actually see this day after day for how many years? and do nothing but complain about it .The candidates are out dining using millions to make 200,000 a year? Where does the money come from? I for one am not ready for 16 yrs of two families running my country. A war God…or a candidate whom I saw first on the Oprah show.
    Well… the only persons I can flip from the top of my head for CHANGE is the Nader team… Would you take the time to read about these two men? Most just laugh, I hear, you are dreaming, but I tell you their ideas beat any others. You want accomplishments? Explanations? They are all there.This man does have records.. for all to see..Explore every avenue..team@votenader.org. if we utilize any of their ideas we will be better than before.

    Our system is not working and wont until there are changes. Even if we start small.
    God help our children and theirs to follow
    Will they have water to drink..will they be able to pay for medicine.Food safe? Well, your corporate big wigs do not care,much to busy fattening the pockets of our government who by the way have more to do with our future through these three candidates. Sooo I do believe in miracles..

  7. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    DEBBIE—–very articulate, insightful views…..I don’t know the answer. All the things you want for people are valid and necessary……but no presidential administration in the history of this country has ever made enough effort to do what you suggest.
    Want a little bit of interesting trivia?

    It’s an historical fact that we started the revolutionary war about excessive taxation, right? Well, get this: farmers in this country were taxed four times more by our own George Washington Administration than the Englise ever taxed them.

    Apparently no one ever figured out how to provide the all the things that advocate—-all of which are good.

    I am just sick and tired of hearing candidates say “WE NEED CHANGE”
    Every single candidate campaigns on “CHANGE”—-and yet,
    Thanks for your thoughtful contribution.

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