What’s been happening? Obviously nothing. Too many political guys and gals are allowed to go unchallenged as they seek to be re-elected. I can’t beleive that there is no one around to challenge this Mayor…Why? What’s up with these people? Are you trying to tell me that no democrat can beat this Mayor? Are you kidding, or what? One of my homeless peeps from Rodney Square could serve as well as this Mayor. I can’t believe how many people are willing to define success as being able to stay afloat in a pool of medioctiry.

Hopefully some Republicans will rise to new occasions, since Tom Ross takes over as Republican Party leader. Terry “all I can do is raise money” Strine is giving it up. Hopefully, Tom Ross will generate interest, enthusiasm and integrity, which that party needs so badly. Come on, Gutless Wonders, start thinking change, openess….integrity….actual service, and improvment; and not just higher buildings near the riiver…that’s not improvement..that’s just showbiz glitter. Start improving the quality of life, not the quantity of dollars and special favors for, and from developers.

Regarding the State legislature….there IS a way this year to actually make great strides in getting rid of Adams/ McDowell/
Blevins/ Marshall/ Cook/ Venables/ DeLuca/ Henry/….and the rest of some of those developmentally delayed slugs. Here’s how you do it.

Those same people mentioned above are still goiing to win
re-election…but, you can diminish their power by electing an outside the box Governor—Jack Markel. As you all know, the “System” calls for Carney to win. It’s that thing called the “System”….it’s that thing called “IT’S YOUR TURN” so you get to be Governor. That system sucks…and we all know it.
The democratic Legislators love the system so much that all but 5 democratic Legislative politicians have thrown in with John “yes, it’s my turn” Carney.

We the people spend all out time outraged at the “System” but we never do anything to change it…well you can NOW. We are pretty much agreed that the worst legislators in the “System” are those mentioned above….they are going to be in office again; BUT WE CAN REDUCE THEIR POWER TO SCREW US, BY GIVING THEM A GOVERNOR WHO IS NOT “ONE OF THEM”; NOT OWNED BY THEM….JACK MARKEL.

This means that The big ass committee…oopps…I mean The Big Head Committee would not be running the show.
Jack Markel will make sure that the “party faithful” who did not back him, will not get to run things, as they do now. The Adams and McDowell gang literally dominate the governors whom they put in office….BUT SINCE THEY WON’T PUT MARKEL IN OFFICE…HE WON’T OWE THEM SQUAT.

Remember, the vast majority of legislators love the present systeM, which most of us clear-thinkers hate. That’s why all those legislative Carney lovers will keep the system, which they thrive on.

Pete Schwartzkopf and four other legislators stepped out of the system box…and stood up for a changer and a reformer…

Carney is probably a nice guy, but he does not support open government. He is against the Inspector General position, in favor of eminent domain, and against so many other things that would change the “system” from what it is, to what it should be.
JACK MARKEL SEEMS TO BE THE RIGHT GUY TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Let’s make it “OUR TURN”. You can make it “his turn” with your vote….think about it.



  1. Little Birdie... Says:

    Look Widlman step up to your own plate: register to run for mayor on the Indy Party (so you won’t have to ‘pay to play’ ala city Dem party).

    You say ‘No way.’ and I say ‘Yes way.’ If you did nothing more than start telling the truth about the Frawley/Bakerites you would do residents a hugh service….especially telling enough to get voters not to give this joker the seven votes he needs on council.

    You don’t have to win (unless you want to) just ‘fix’ it so there is a chance for ‘opposition’ council members, state electeds (locals reps/sens) have a leader to give them the guts to get in the trench and fight like hell.

    P.S. Notice: Baker has lost those 60s style glasses…may be improving his image (if nothing else) by getting contacts. He’s still an ugly mug.

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