The GOOD NEWS…Rick Jensen got seriously demoted and lost his job as program director…..The BAD NEW…they allowed him to keep his talk show.  The losers?….the listeners.

Now I know some of you will call this “sour grapes” because “they fired me without just cause”—(direct quote from the hearing officer of the Department of Labor).  But….

I can prove that this disclosure, and joy I feel about their decision to demote Jensen is not based on “sour grapes”—how can I prove it?BECAUSE I REMINDED HIM VIRTUALLY EVERY DAY THAT HE COULDN’T HANDLE BOTH JOBS OF PROGRAM DIRECTOR AND TALK SHOW HOST ADEQUATELY.  It was not news….I made that judgment from first hand experience while I was working there….it took the bosses longer to arrive at a conslusion that I had reached 2 years earlier.

In fact, if the the truth be known, he really couldn’t handle EITHER job adequately…..and I reminded him of that also, as regularly as was necessary.  But don’t believe me….here are some interesting facts to prove my contention: 

1. In a conversation with the station big shot, Pete Booker, I made the following statement:  “Pete do you have any idea of the listeners’ negative reactions to Jensen as talk show host”….Booker’s response: to me,  “We know Rick isn’t good at what he does, but he likes to do it, so we let him do it”.   How’s that for a reason to give a inept person a talk show? …because he likes to do it”.  Isn’t that like saying, “Who gives a crap about what’s best for the listeners…”Jensen likes to do it”

2. The fact that they demoted him and took the Program Director’s job away from him recently, certainly support my contention of his lack of ability.  It just took the bosses longer to discover that I concluded two years earlier.

3.  \Since I left in September, the radio ratings of the Rick Jensen Show ve been at their lowest in the history of  the show….and oh, yes….need I remind you, or  have you aready guessed….”the that show had the highest ratings in the history of the show, when it was the Rick and Ger show….fact!

Draw your own conclusions…………




  1. lucy mcmanis Says:

    Have they totally lost their minds! Do they not understand “the phones are not ringing” He is a goof off, his mind set is old hat…so last 8years. The public have moved away from the “right wing” they just turn him off. He ranted and raved and helped “confuse the citizens of Del” about Iraq….and now he is setting us up for Iran. His guest today, from Israel, (the Jewish press were given orders to hit every newspaper and radio station, because Israel and their policies are under scrutiny worldwide”. ) Rick would never have a Palestinan to get that perspective..and not a caller for his guest…I had to laugh.

    His bias, his self centered, know it all attitude, so above the fray is arrogant at best, and filling the airways with “mindless clutter”. Management should have left him as PD, and got a real talk show host for the afternoon, that all regular radio listeners would tune in too.

    Hey, Gerry, wonder why he isnt covering the Gene Reed for Insurance Commissioner fiasco! Campaign funds from outside the state…..making sure the sicko health care system continues…..even the News Journal won’t touch that “Delaware Way” story! If you had been on air, you would have been all over it….too bad!

  2. Nadine Says:

    Hey Gerry, what’s up? Where you been talking since you left WDEL ???

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