Actually, I kind of like State Auditor Tom Wagner…but he is dead wrong on this issue.  He does NOT want an Inspector General. He is trying to “back-door his opposition; in a typical Delaware secretive way. He has had a bill introduced (HB 351) which would change his title to “AUDITOR GENERAL”. He has been attending legislative hearings, and meeting in private with some of his legislative friends, almost begging them to stop considering any legislation to create the position of Inspedtor General.  Why?  BECAUSE HE WILL LOSE THE RIGHT TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH CASES HE WANTS TO INVESTIGATE. He would also lose his right to NOT get to the bottom of things.  He would lose his right to NOT really investigate waste fraud and corruption.  He will also lose the right to go unsupervised. He could continue to do just whatever he wants to, and not do whatever he doesn’t to do. 

You’ve got to remember, he is scared about whether or not he can get re-elected.  Remember, he had an opponent last time whose name no one ones, and I still don’t know it…but that unknown opponent got about 40% of the vote, and didn’t even campaign, and had no real credentials.  It’s obvious that any one with any credentials at all, and with a name that we could remember, could probably beat Wager in what is expected to be another Democratic landslide victory this November.

Wagner would have to answer to an Inspector General. He would have to do whatever the Inspector General asked him to.  He would have to submit air-tight cases, and, in short, he would really, have to participate in stopping waste, fraud and corruption on a regular basis.

As most of you know, the position of Inspector General exists in 30 states. Inspector Generals actively seek out crime, waste, and corruption.  IGs have full powers to pursue cases from start to finish.  They present such complete open honest independent investigations that Attorney Generals wind up prosecuting such cases 97% of the time in the states which have Inspector Generals.

Wagner figures that if the legislature adds the word “General” on to his title of “Auditor”, we will all think that he automatically will do his job differently.  It’t another insult to our intelligence.

By the way the Attorney General, Beau Biden by name, is also against the idea of having an Inspector General.  He maintains that it would be a duplication of the Attorney General’s office and the State Auditor’s function.  IT WOULD NOT BE A DUPLICATION, AS IT IS NOT A DUPLICATION IN THE THIRTY STATES THAT HAVE SUCH A POSiTION.  The Attorney General and the State Auditor are political positions in Delaware, which means there is a huge danger that politics come into play almost all the time with the present system. 

The State Auditor, Tom Wagner, and Attorney General Beau Biden, have no logical argument against the position of Inspector General and will not contact the other States with Inspector Generals, as I have; to discover that the position is exteremly effective in dealing with waste, fraud and corruptiont. 

IF YOU CARE ABOUT DIRECTLY DEALING WITH WASTE, FRAUD AND CORRUPTING IN AN INDEPENDENT NON-POLITICAL WAY, THEN CONTACT YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS AND TELL THEM NOT TO PASS HB 351.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a person and adequate  staff to do nothing but really investigate waste, fraud and corruption objectively?

YOU can make it happen….DO IT….TELL YOUR LEGISLATORS TO VOTE “YES” FOR INSPECTOR GENERAL, AND VOTE “NO” ON SOME STUPID TITLE OF “AUDITOR GENERAL”.  Sorry, Mr. Wagner…you are just simply wrong on this issue.  You promised me a year ago that you would contact other states and let us know what other state auditors think of the issue…you never checked, or, if you did and you never revealed the results.   Watch out, Tom, this coming election could be eye-opener….or, in your case, perhaps a door closing as far as you are concerned.




  1. Little Birdie... Says:



    The A.G. will be at the Claymore Senior Center, 504 S. Claymont St., Wilm @ 7PM. More info: city council @ 576-2140

  2. lucy mcmanis Says:

    Gerry: The whole state of Delaware would be running scared if we truly had an INspector General…not the one you want the one the citizens want. Someone with actual subpoena power, someone who could investigate every state agency!

    We all know that an Inspector General is a different “animal” than the AG or the Auditor…but it tells all of us…if they are fearful of the shoddy Inspector General bill as proposed by Oberle…they would really be frightenend of the bill proposed by the citizens.

    It just goes to show that these incumbents are all about keeping the status quo…keeping the theft, fraud and abuse of our citizens just like it us.

    Tom Wagner has been in that job for decades…he only investigates what the legislature tells him too….all our rainy day funds are gone, did he investigate where they went? State agences who sanction abuse and neglect of our most vulnerable citizens would continue on…if Beau Biden and Ann Wolfolk (his ag) that protects the state from the parents and family members of the abused and neglected

    The State is responsible for and actually sanctions abuse. The AG’s office NEVER finds the culprits and proscectues them. Thats why I say they are sanctioning the abuse of our foster children, juveniles, and all those in group homes or in facilities who are the most vulnerable in the State. The PUblic Guardian is missing in action, and rarely shows his/her head…Who is the Public Guardian….I have been around these state agences for decades, and I cannot tell you who that person is.

    Delaware is a disgrace and the lowest level of political culture in the entire nation.

  3. Laser Haas Says:

    Unfortunately we can document that the Journal is biased toward Repub’s (0.00 / 0)
    Upon discovering proof of 34 acts of perjury n $300 million fraud in the DE Bankruptcy case of eToys (01-706) we informed the Press.
    Intially the Wilmington Journal reporter jumped at the chance, stating he had been waiting for a long time to find proof of the “good ole boys” network inside DE Courts.

    Then he was yanked off the story.

    The WSJ did part of the story after the DE Dept of Justice came to the rescue of the MNAT and TBF law firms.

    Even though the Dept of Justice is mandated to prosecute perjury and fraud, and the law firms of MNAT and TBF confessed to filing 34 false affidavits and deceiving the court. The DE Dept of Justice circled the wagons to protect the case by disgorging the TBF law firm, (that is now dissolved)and failing even to Mention the MNAT law firms name.

    When we discovered that the US Attorney in DE, Colm F Connolly was a partner with the MNAT law firm in 2001, we reported it to the US ATtorney in CA, and he responded by disbanding the Public Corruption Unit and threatening career prosecutors (please see L A Times story by Scott Glover “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors March 2008)

    When we reported it to Rep Mike Castle, who touts the desire to keep DE Clean from corruption, his staff spoke to us, accussed me (a Republican) of party politics and then Rep Castle immediately began a push, with the assistance of the Wilmington Journal to force the Nomination of Colm Connolly for Delaware Dist Court Judge.

    The Journal even went so far as to accuse Senator Biden of playing politics in Biden’s refusal to send in the “slip” to the Senate stating that Biden O K’s the Nomination of Colm Connolly.

    After the dismantling of the Public Corruption Unit the FBI reached out to us to hear of our proofs and then the Region 3 US Trustee, Stapleton Resigned over DE.

    Then a week later the FBI raided the Special Counsel’s office of the Dept of Justice in Washington DC
    Destruction of Whistle blower files against Government personnel.

    The Journals reporter Maureen Milford fained that she would report the story and defended the WJ did not ever yank a reporter off the story.

    I still have his emails…
    The facts are online, stated “under penalty of perjury” alleging fraud and corruption by the DE Dept of Justice.

    As you can see I consider the issues serious and do not take them lightly

    It is the hope that you take the issues serious as well

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