Can we talk?  Look…several things have developed over the last few months which are very telling when it comes to who has the best chance to beat McCain in the general election.

FACT:  Obama has lost more than 20% of his former popularity with white women, and middle-class blue collar males.  Why?  Who knows, and that’s what makes it scary….if they knew they could  correct it…but because we don’t know, those statistics will probably get worse during the general election  campaign. 

49% of white female voters now say Obama has too many negatives. That has changed drastically from just a few months ago.  Here is a possible explanation.  Obama is was like a new borfriend to many women.  He looked great the night you met him….said all the right things, behavior was perfect…….but women never really knew him then. 

But that has changed because of things which popped up; (Obama’s connection to the dual minister-clown has definitely hurt him).  By the way, was there anything more embarrassing and disgusting than that idiot white Catholic priest trying to do an imitation of a dramatic stage routine black minister?  Those two guys are religious freaks, and they are perfect examples of why Religion should stay the hell of politics. 

I don’t want churches in my bedroom, nor in my voting booth….do YOU?  Getting back to the boyfriend analogy…as women discover more and more about a guy which they were first attracted to, they begin to see the weak spots, and now the guy who looked like a potential “Mr. Right” has become a “Not-So-Sure-Any-More-Just-Another-Nothing-Typical Guy”.  Ask any woman….they’ll tell you how that works. 

THE LESS WE KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE, THE MORE WE LIKE THEM BECAUSE, WE DON’T KNOW THE FULL STORY….ASK ANY DIVORCED PERSON.  We all knew the Hillary baggage…and we looked it over, and there were now surprises.  YOU EITHER ACCEPTED IT OR NOT.

Obama’s dents in the frame were surprises….we don’t like surprises from people we thought were someone special.  The bloom is off the rose folks….the people that Obama lost in the ratings, and will continue to lose, are never coming back. Proof……

FACT:  there are 19 swing states..state’s that could go either way.  Hilary won 16 of the 19 swing states….Obama only won 3.  Most of those swing states comprise majorities of those same white females and same blue collar men who have been deserting Obama.  Some of those swing states have large Hispanic populations….Hilary wins that hands down:  She carried every Hispanic-oriented state in which she and Obama competed.

FACT:  Democrats bitched and cried over winning the popular vote and then losing the election (Bush over Gore)….and yet now democrats want to do to themselves exactly what they hated when the Republicans did it to them.  That’s a little too phony for my taste.  By the way, the only time in history that we ignored the popular vote to select to give the less popular candidate the nomination, was the 1968 McGovern vs Hubert Humphrey race….how did that work out for Democrats? 

I got to know Humphrey pretty well from several  body guarding assignments in New York when he was a candidate…what a terrific guy. He sent me a very gracious “thank you” note for protecting, which I lost over the years. Damn it!



FINAL TEST…..Be perfectly honest….no matter what color you are.  ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION….IF OBAMA BEAT HILLARY IN THE POPULAR VOTE….BUT NOT IN THE DELEGATE VOTE, WOULD YOU NOT BE SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER, IF THEY TOOK THE ELECTION AWAY FROM  YOU?—IF YOU HAD WON THE POPULAR VOTE, YOU WOULD BE SAYING: “They stole the election from the more popular candidate just because he’s black”…well, then why can’t Hillary say now; “You are stealing the nomination from me, who won the popular vote, and  giving it to the other candidate, just because I’m a woman”.  





  1. Dominique Says:

    I heart you. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to hear a voice of sanity in the DE blogosphere. Thank you for your wonderful post.

  2. Duffy Says:

    By the way, the only time in history that we ignored the popular vote to select to give the less popular candidate the nomination, was the 1968 McGovern vs Hubert Humphrey race….how did that work out for Democrats?

    Not exactly. Humphrey was unpopular w/ anti-war Democrats in 68. McGovern and McCarthy split the Kennedy vote which gave Humphrey the nod. A more apt example is 1972 when the party leaders bowed to popular sentiment and let McGovern take the nomination only to lose in a landslide. It was that election disaster which led the Democrats to create the Superdelagates. They were designed as a break on populist passions. Their job is to pick the most electable candidate irrespective of popularity.

    BTW, is your support for Hillary based mainly on her ability to win or her platform?

  3. Pat Gibbs Says:

    Hillary only won the popular vote if you give her all the votes in Michigan and Florida violating the rule to which she agreed to abide by, and if you don’t count the cauceses Obama won. As for whose negatives out weigh the other Hillary’s dishonesty negatives are off the hook. As for those blue collar whites and white women a percentage of them would not have voted for Obama anyway, and would have probably voted for McCain in the general, even if Hillary was the nominee.

    As I’ve wrestled with the question ‘is America ready for an African American President?’ I am reminded why I have such disdain for the mainstream press, it’s analysts, and pundits. For the past month I have watched the press turn on the candidacy of Barack Obama with such vehemence that it’s sickening. The pass that the press gives Hillary even after her blatant lies, the phony bittergate controversy, and the big one, the Rev. Wright controversy. So much has been made about the importance of the white blue collar vote as if these are the only votes that matter. It occurs to me these are the idiots that often vote against their own economic interest and are responsible for putting politicians in office that give tax breaks to companies that move jobs overseas that leave these same white blue collar workers chronically unemployed. I recall watching one of these racist fools after Bush was reelected being interviewed in an exit poll. He was asked how could he justify his vote considering how bad things were in his town? His response: We don’t mind if it hurt us a little as long as it don’t help them! What an idiot. These are the fools that the mainstream press has decided matter most in elections.

    Here’s the problem with Minister Pfleger. What he said is the absolute truth. Hillary Clinton considered herself the presumptive nominee since the summer of 2007, that’s why she had no strategic back up plan for beyond February of this year, because Hillary planned for a Super Tuesday coronation. Then along comes this upstart Barack Obama who raises more money, wins more votes, wins more states (Obama won 33 states, Hillary won 19) and runs a ruthlessly efficient campaign and destroys the Hillary Clinton myth of inevitability. In desperation, Hillary has thrown everything at Obama imaginable, played the dirtiest tricks that could be stolen from the Rove playbook. Hillary has cried, lied, and damn near died. Hillary played the race card, the gender card, the Muslim outfit card, the bitter card, the guilt by association card, the Christian as far as I know card, the change the rules that I previously agreed to play by card, the victim card, the anything could happen (like Obama could be assassinated) card, the he can’t win white votes card, all with the assistance of the racist white male dominated press and she still can’t stop Obama.

    If the democrats are stupid enough to give Hillary the nomination they are sure to lose the general election. First of all they will be turning their backs on their most loyal constiuency – African Americans, not to mention the millions of new voters Obama has attracted, futhermore the republicans will have a field day with Hillary’s baggage, she is deeply hated.

    Hillary has lost the nomination by the rules she agreed to play by, now she wants to change the rules. She reminds me of the kid you had to beat up for cheating at marbles. Not only does she not deserve to be the winner and is unfit to sit in the Oval Office, but after the slimy campaign she’s run, especially the anything could happen (maybe Obama might get assisinated) card, she should lose her senate seat. The woman is the epitomy of shameless slime.

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