I can’t believe that there are actually some people who think that Hillary “deserves” the VP call, just because she came so close to winning, and/or, because we could have two competent people in office together, and/or, because that it would be like having two presidents, so to speak, and/or, because it would be the perfect way for her to position herself to run for president after Obama, etc. etc.. Bull shit!

Any one who thinks that way, knows absolutely nothing about the qualifications required for the VP job. A VP has to be a virtual nobody; has to lack any kind of expertise, can never be competent enough to look too good, and certainly never ever looks like he or she actually might have more ability than the president. We have been comparing Obama and Clinton for two years now…well, if she were the VP, the comparing process would go on, and on, and on, throughtout the entire presidency.

Take a look at the past…Roosevelt taking Truman—a bankrupt haberdasher/ Nixon taking Agnew, a Greek mobster/ Kennedy taking Johnson, a rich hick, surrounded by a good-old-boy network of thugs (who may have killed him, in order to take over/ Clinton taking Gore….a loser, who couldn’t even carry his own state of Tennessee, when he ran for president. By very definition, VP candidates have to be nobodies. Don’t you get it?….competency is the last thing a president wants in a VP. The only thing a vice president can do for a president is to be geographically useful, that is, able to win some territorial votes in the general election. After they fulfill that useful task, you polish them up, dress them nicely, and send them around the world to glad-hand world leaders. The plan is to make sure that the VP won’t get too involved in what is happening back in the president’s country. The Bush administration is an interesting example of what happens when you have a VP who is actually smarter and more talented than the president. Chaney was a hired VP as a Nanny for the “kid”; to see that he didn’t screw up too badly, while the “wise guys”, who put the VP in place, could accomplish their collective personal agendas, without the “kid” getting in the way.

No! I don’t want to hear any “Hillary-for-VP” talk. If she wants to position herself for a presidential run, she should either become Governor of New York, or, quitely be the most productive State Senator she can be, while kissing all the appropriate supportive asses for her next run for president’. Then she should hope and pray that there are no more, young, attractive, clean looking rock stars hiding in the political bushes waiting to appose her next time.

Just think about her as a VP. She would hate it; she’s smarter than he, more politically savy than he, more experienced than he, more respected around the world than he, probably more corrupt than he, etc. etc. etc. It would drive her nuts to have to sit at his feet,and act like he deserves to be the boss.

How can I explain this better?…….oh yeah, here’s a great example. Let’s say you are a radio talk show host, and your counter-point host is also your boss (like your program director, for instance)—he’s not as smart as you, has no experience that compares to yours, is not as humorous, not as insightful, certainly not as entertaining as you; just simply not as good as you at the job. Can you imagine the excruiating daily pain and suffering you would endure having to work under those conditions of a boss, who, if talent mattered, should be working for you; not you working for him? GET THE POINT?



  1. Pat Gibbs Says:

    Hillary for VP are you freakin’ nuts? She’s not even qualified for that job, she really has shown she lacks the credibility, character, judgement, political skill, and honor to even be in the senate.

    It’s like comparing Coca-Cola to Brand X. Coca-Cola had the name recognition, the biggest advertising budget, everybody knew the flavor, it had been around for years, and all the local distributors backed Coca-Cola. Then along comes Brand X, it’s got a new flavor, a better marketing plan, manages its advertising budget better, brings its own local distributors who move Brand X better.
    What does Coca-Cola do? First it tries to pretend it’s Pepsi, then Royal Crown, no it’s New Coke, then it’s Brand X with a lemon twist, finally it declares it’s 7Up, now most people don’t know what the hell Coca-Cola is and it really no longer matters cause most of us are drinking Brand X.
    UUUURRRRP!!! Give me another can of that Brand X.

  2. anon Says:

    If Hilary would accept VP, which of course she won’t…Obama better hire a food taster?

    Finally we have a chance to rid the democrat party of its Clinton machine politics. They are the neo cons in the democratic party…like Tom Carper, Joe Biden. Notice how much influence they have on state politics, which most often works against the people and for corporate amerikkka.

  3. Gerry Fulcher Says:

    ANON: your carried my theme a litter further than I did, or course….and I see your point….But maybe you can answer this question for me:
    WHY ARE YOU SO STRONGLY AGAINST THEM…..THEY HAVE BAGGAGE, WE ALL KNOW THAT, BUT AM I MISSING SOMETHING WHEN I SAY THAT THEIR 8 YEARS WERE PRETTY GOOD? Enlighten me about from whence comes the vitriolic mentality? I’m serious; help me to understand it.

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