HE COULDN’T PLAY ONE DAMN SPORT WITH US, BUT HE DID JOIN IN THE DOO-WOP SESSIONS AND HE SURE AS HELL MADE US LAUGH A LOT…A LOT! Carlin was born 9 days before me (him May 12, 1937—me May 21, 1937). He got to our neighborhood (Washington Heights, near the George Washington Bridge) through my best friend, Donny Donohue, who went to Cardinal Hayes High School (in the bronx just a few blocks south of the Yankee Stadium)…George Carlin was in his class at Hayes.   One day Donny told us that there was this cool guy in his class, Georgie Carlin.  He said he had the class laughing all day long, and all the teachers hated him and especially a priest name “Jabo”…nick name Father Jablonski.  Jabo used to smack him around, made him attend “jug” almost every day….”jug” was having to stay after school, and sit silently or you got your ass kicked  by Jabo….Carlin got his ass kicked a lot….he often told the stories about him and Jabo and jug in his comedy act years later.  He also made an album called Class Clown, and that was a completely factual exhibition of his days as the class clown in Cardinal Hayes. He literally could not control himself…he had an uncanny way of creating jokes about every thing in creation, especially the steriotypical religious tirades of catholic priest teachers in catholic high schools. Georgie didn’t keep too many commandments, because he didn’t beleive that somebody in the sky was watching us from behind clouds and keeping score of our sins….he never beleived in sin….because he didn’t like the definitions of sin which he was being fed in catholic high school classrooms  He didn’t realize it, I’m sure, but he was kind of an adolescent anti-christ…which not even dean of discipline “Jabo” could convert.

Donny brought him around our neighborhood once or twice until it got to be a habit.  He stayed in our crowd from the Fall of 1951 to the Spring of 1952. He didn’t really fit with us…he was too small, a non-athlete, wasn’t tough, and didn’t have to keep proving himself to himself as we did with our sports and our fist fights.  He was actually way too mature for us…but we didn’t know what mature meant, so we did mind.He used to laugh at our tough street-kid irish athlete bullshit. He mocked us, made fun of our tough guy adolescent routines…but he was so freakin’ funning while doing it, that we  couldn’t get mad at him, and although he mocked us constantly (ranked us out) none of us ever considered kicking his ass, which any one of us could have done..the little freakin’ runt.  He had our imature act down so well, that we were too busy laughing our asses off….we just couldn’t get pissed off at him. I’m told that is how non-tough funny guys, who really didn’t fit it, survived back in those days.

I’m convinced now that Jabo, the polish priest, may have had to answer to God for being so mean to George Carlin; so mean that he caused his religious loss.  As an adult  I heard Carlin do his anti-catholic, and anti-religion in general routine so many  times. It sounded like the adult version of what the adolescent Carlin was thinking and saying back in 1951–1952, when I hung with Georgie.
I’M GONNA MISS GEORGIE….BUT I’LL MISS THE 15 YEAR OLD GEORGIE.  I spoke to him briefly in 2007, when he came to the DuPont Play House. He remember me a little…but I remembered him lot.  
See in Jug Georgie…but I’m sure whether it will be the upstairs jug, of the down in hell jug…..if you get a chance Georgie, can you let me know what it’s like out there?



  1. Pat Gibbs Says:

    George Carlin was one of the funniest men of all time. Carlin is considered a member of the holy trinity of comedy. A very small club that includes Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and George Carlin.

  2. Mad Wet Hen Says:

    These posts are almost as old as you my friend….how about some recent political stuff????

  3. loopzy Says:


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