Behind the scenes plans are in the making.  Watch for this plan to be worked out if Daddy Joe, gets to be a heartbeat away from top dog.  Minner will appoint Carl Schnee to replace Big Joe as an interim replacement….he will get to hang out in DC for a while, and the Little Baby Beau will run, and win it of course.  He will stay there long enough to see Daddy pass one, as we all must, and then Beau will run for the Prez position.  I will live long enough to see the first part of this script, but I will have returned to the dust from whence I came before I have to endure a President Beau term…..Delaware is about to get on the map for about 30 years or so……if I’m wrong about all this, I’m sure you’ll tell me. 



  1. anon Says:

    Well I guess Obama could have done worse in his pick for VP. There is one thing we know about Biden, he has turned his Senate position into a “personal money making position”. Yesterday it was announced that Biden financially is $300,000 in the negative. My concern about Joe is his stand on Georgia and Russia. It was Georgia that invaded South Osetia with a wink and a nod from Bush/Chen/Leiberman/McCain war mongers.

    Again it’s all about control of the oil in the Caspian Sea. Joe promising one billion dollars to Georgia, (which he will have to borrow from China) is a frightening scenario. This is nothing more but a New Cold War. Its a Bush failed policy…putting those missiles in Poland. If Obama wants to cool down the heated rhetoritic of McInsane, seems to me Obama and Biden would be calling for cool heads, diplomacy and review the ICBM treaty signed by Poland and CondaLezzi Rice.

    Joe was wrong on Iraq, wrong on sending Bhutto to Pakistan, and wrong on Georgia. Joe is a declared Zionist, so am not sure how that helps Obama if he truly wants to be a peacemaker in the Israel/Palestine debate.

    But Joe is it, and we will have to live with it. There is an invitation from the Obama campaign to celebrate next Thrusday night at 7:00 at Joes Crab House on the Riverfront. Free food folks….so lets all head down there and celebrate Obama Biden…..100 times better than senile Mccain and his choice for VP.

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