For months and months I blasted the over-exaggerated image of Presidential Candidate rock-star Obama…..well, the Republicans topped me on this one….VP SARAH PALIN….they are praising this “hockey mom” as if she actually had a modicum of talent for the VP job, and who, God forbid, …a potential  President, since she will be second chair to a 72 year old, who has had four battles with cancer….Please God, if McCain wins, PLEASE! let him stay alive.

VP Sarah Palin…here are some of the conservative  reactions: “people are energized”, “Republican conservatives are excited and enthusiastic more than ever” , “Evangelicals are so grateful for this manna, which has fallen from heaven”…those words and other”BS” phrases have been pouring out all over the place.  Give me a freakin’ break!

Right now she is secluded in a back room somewhere with a team of trainers who are force-feeding her with half-assed replys to the media questions she will have to face.  The are grilling her as if she was about to appear on the championship round of jeopardy.  They are preparing her not to look like a reject from the Gong Show.

Watch for the right wing radio and TV air-heards to accuse the media of attacking her when they ask unfair questions, like:“could you tell us where Iraq is on the map”, or “just what do you know about our foreign policy regarding Afganastan”  “could explain our relationship to the middle east” “what is the name of the present leader of the Soviet Union”; “Mrs. Palin, isn’t it somewhat hypocritical for you to demand the school to be preaching teenage abstinance from pre-marital sex while your own daughter seemed to have skipped those classes?”; and other trick questions of that nature….This woman knows nothing about anything related to a prestigious prosition like a Vice President. 

And by the way, am I the only one who is getting sick and tired of the “I’m just a hockey mom” bull shit?  I played hockey all my life, and my face has enough ugly scars to prove it. (starting with playing on the PeeWee Rangers at age 10, and playaing in Madison Square Garden between periods of the professional games).  Real hockey players hated “hockey moms”—they were an embarrassment; cheering like school girls, “pass the puck to MY son! pass the puck to MY son!”  

Come to think of it, the Palin family might have been better off today if Sarah Baby had spent less time at hockey games, and more time teaching her daughter the moral value of keeping her legs together as a young, young unmarried teenager.  What a farse that is…here the conservative, over-the-edge-religious types scream about the evils of pre-marital promiscuous sex, until one of THEIR kind do it, and then they switch the argument to “Isn’t it wonderful that she is going to keep the baby”. That’s kind of like seeking mercy for a kid who kills his parents, because now he’s an ophan.

ADVICE FOR JOE BIDEN….DON’T follow the advice you may be getting from some weaklings in your own party….don’t worry about being too hard on her, in order not to look like you are beating up on a woman.  Remember, she’s a “hockey mom”, she knows what a bodycheck is…..KNOCK HER RIGHT ON A HOCKEY MOM BUTT EVERY TIME YOU GET A CHANCE.   She is being praised by her party as being “rough and tough”, “she gets down and dirty” “she’s a fighter” etc. etc. etc…..knock her out, Joe;  the same way you would do, if she were man…..(in fact, not to start a rumor or anything, but, has any one actually checked to see if she really IS a female?)—just asking!  And Joe, don’t forget to throw the famous put-down line on to her,  which they used against Kerry, “I was against the war before I was for the war”. Remind her that she was “for the 200 million dollar bridge to nowhere before she was against it”—she campaigned for it to get elected as governor…then when her legislature threw it out, she made beleive she was against it.  And don’t forget to remind her that she proports to be against ear-marking federal money, while in reality she hired a special lobbyist to go to Washington and fight like hell for more than many hundreds of millions of ear-marked money for Alaska…UNDER GOVERNOR PALIN, ALASKA HAS RECEIVED MORE EAR-MARKEd FEDERAL PORk PER CAPITA, THAN ANY STATE IN THE COUNTRY….Isn’t it clear now as to why her handlers are not letting her be questioned by the media?  KEEP IN MIND THAT McCAIN DID NOT WANT SARAH PALIN FOR HIS VP….HE WANTED JOE LIEBERMAN, AND AT LEAST TWO OTHERS AS HIS CHOICES…IT WAS HIS ELECTION CAMPAIGN ADVISORS WHO FORCED HIM TO PICK PALIN, AS THEIR ONLY CHANCE TO WIN THE ELECTION, AND SCREW THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AFTER THE ELECTION.  DO THE JOB, VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN. 


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