SOMEBODY MUST BE NUTS!  the bosses at delawaretalkradio.com in Milton must be out of their minds, because they hired the F&F duo of Flaherty and Fulcher to do a DAILY THREE HOUR SHOW, from 11am to 2pm on Delaware’s first  intenet radio station.

Here’s the deal…..beginning November 3rd, every Monday through Friday you will have Big John and I doing our thing.  Until then, we are on the air every Wednesday (October 15th, 22nd, 29th). We will be doing a two hour show together from 1pm until 3pm—we are the opening act for (Mike “I don’t care how heavy Christine O’Donnell gets, I still love her” Matthews), who rocks every day from 3pm till 5pm.

At first glance, it might look like the point/counter point may not work, since John and I are on the same page in so many areas…but you know somehing?  We really aren’t.  After spending four hours per trip to Milton and back in the car going the to and from the studio in Milton, we really “go at it”…In fact, we should tape the car conversations, drop the tape off at the station, make U turn and go back to Wilmington.  

Although we have  many similar basic beliefs….our approaches are REALLY different.  Flahtery is one of those laid-back, intellectual professional types who likes to solve problems with logical, deep insights…..I prefer the sledge hammer approach myself…..we’ve tested the concept, and it works…HOPEFULLY YOU TILL LISTEN IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.  We should have no problems…..all John has to do is shut and do what I tell him, and things will be just fine…..(we all know that ain’t gonna happen).

We haven’t decided on a name for the show yet…but the two letters F & F should lead to some interesting selections.

“Frick and Frake is taken”…… “Foney and Fraud” is ok, (as long as you don’t mind spelling phony incorrectly)…..or, WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE HELP US OUT WITH YOUR SUGGESTIONS FOR A NAME FOR THE SHOW……As I said, we are going to be on this coming Wednesday from 1pm until 3pm—Give us a call with your observations on Wednesday……it will be great to hear from some you former listeners whom I remember from that other station I was on.

The studio is in Milton, but some  time after the first of the year, the powers to be are looking to add a studio in the Trolley Square area……hopefully,  a few yards from where I live.   Sounds like it’s going to be a blast…..  you can get the station from 8am till 5pm daily for now by  typing on your keyboard…   delawaretalkradio.com     See ya…….Gerry


  1. Susan Regis Collins Says:

    What about the old WILM studio on French St? It’s a dump but it might come inexpensively and it does have (limited) parking.

    Here’s my entries (2) in the name game:

    DTR proudly presents

    John Flaherty & Gerry Fulcher

    every week day from 11 till 2

    Three whole hours at The Fig Forum where

    Fulcher doesn’t give a fig…… and

    Flaherty’s perfecting the forum

    Listen to The Fig Forum where everyone gets to hear Delaware’s
    Facts & Fables but not necessarily in that order

    Listen to DTR for

    John Flaherty & Gerry Fulcher

    Join Fig & Friend

    Every week day from 11 till 2

    It’s a talk show where

    Fulcher doesn’t give a fig and

    Flaherty will still be his friend

    Fig & Friend where you get to hear all Delaware’s Facts & Foibles

  2. Bill Shields Says:

    The word is out. You two are stimulating the populace again.

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