Ok, I’ll admit that politics is dirty pool.  People hold grudges, want to “get even”, try to beat down the opposition….but, now Biden has gone too far.  By not endorsing Colm Connolly for a Federal Judgeship here in Delaware, he is messing with the quality of justice.  He is depriving this commuity of maybe the most qualified, most honest, most successful, and most just criminal justice system attorney I’ve ever met….I’ve been criminal justice department chairman at three universities, including Wilmington University, (’76-’78), plus my NYPD background, so, I’ve met many, many judges, attorneys, etc.  In fact, I fired now Federal Judge Farnan, as a teacher in my criminal justice program, and hired Joe Hurley in 1976, when both them were young buck attorneys….but, don’t blame me too much for that mistake.  

     Connolly is a Republican.  Connolly is one of the must successful U.S. Attorney’s this community has ever experienced. He has investigated, prosecuted, convicted, and jailed people from both political parties.  Tom Capano himself said that he would have escaped being convicted of the murder of AnneMarie Fahey, if it weren’t for Colm Connolly and his federal team entering the case, and getting the conviction. 

    Connolly is a proactive U.S. Attorney; getting involved with various potential crime trends BEFORE they became crime waves.  He is one of those rare presecutors who let justice rule his thinking and actions….not automatically assuming guilt.  He let the facts speak to the issue, and not a predisposition to convict at all costs.  He and his assistants often recommend meaningful prison sentences which fit the individual, for the good of the community; not one size fits all.


I don’t know the real reason that Biden refuses to honor Connolly with the position he deserves; but I do know that whatever the reason is, IT’S PERSONAL WITH BIDEN.  Yeah, it’s REAL personal, and that’s wrong, Joe.  The world does not revolve around your personal annimosties.  This federal judgeship doesn’t belong to you, Vice President Biden….IT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE OF DELAWARE.  DO A SURVEY….YOU’LL FIND OUT THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN DELAWARE WANT COLM CONNOLLY TO BE FEDERAL JUDGE CONNOLLY.

Not having any other premise to work with, do you want to know what most of the local legal community is saying, and what the political community is saying, and what many knowledgeable people are saying when it comes to why you won’t make the obvious appointment of Colm Connolly to be a federal judge?

Here are the things I’m hearing:  1. You are saving the postion for your son Beau, and/or  2. Connolly investigated, convicted, and put in jail, some of your close political buddies….does the name Mike Harkins come to mind? and/or, 3. You are pissed off that you could not have influence the way he ran his office. and/or,  4. You don’t want to honor him and put him in a higher postion than Beau. and/or 5. It’s just that he’s a Republican, and God forbid that a Republican gets any status in Delaware. I don’t know what the real reason is, Vice President Biden…but I DO know this…..YOU CAN’T FIND ONE SINGLE LOGICAL, INTELLIGENT, HONEST REASON FOR NOT RECOMMENDING COLM CONNOLLY FOR BEING A FEDERAL JUDGE…..AND SHAME ON YOU FOR THAT.

I, and many other people in this State, fully support you for the Vice President position….but you are certainly diminished as a person, if you don’t do the right thing and give this position to a quality person like Colm Connolly… know it, and I know it.

Now, I fully realize that I’m a nobody in the large scheme of things, but that doesn’t mean that  many other nobodies like myself don’t have ideas about the quality of people.  We do recognize dirty politics and personal grudges when we see them.  Prove us wrong Vice President Biden…show us that you don’t practice  petty partisanship.  Show us you are above all this, and just do the right thing…..WE WILL RESPECT YOU ALL THE MORE, IF YOU DO.

Please use your Judiciary Committee Chairmanship position to make the right decision–make Colm Connolly a Federal Judge.



  1. Steve Says:

    Please learn to spell, or at least learn to use spell checkers. Your argument is dismantled by poor grammar and spelling. It shows either a basic lack of knowledge, no respect for the forum you’ve just posted in, or at the very least, the maker of a hasty post (if I give you the benefit of the doubt on the spelling). The few extra seconds it takes to check your own rant makes you look (somewhat) more intelligent… always a good thing when you’re trying to make a point.

  2. Steve Says:

    Your response (for those not privileged with the email):

    You are absolutely correct, BUT, like most writers dedicated-to-causes and issues, rather than being a prisoner of form and style, I don’t give a rat’s ass about spelling a grammatical correctness—Sorry.

    Remember Bill Frank, who wrote for the News Journal?….He was reading one of my published articles in TV, Guide….( 800 words for which they paid me $2,000)—($1,000 for the U.S. TV Guide, and another $1,000 when they sold it to the Canadian TV Guide).
    Here is what he said and wrote about my articles,
    “It’s strange, I realize that, but one of the things I like best about Fulcher’s writing, is his charming irreverence for the english language”.

    What can I tell ya—-I prefer to keep getting three out of every five articles I write getting published in national magazines, and getting paid for it, than I care about how it looks—-if editors want to make those corrections for me, that’s fine. I prefer substance over image….my substance is solid, even though my image sucks. I’m writing a book…..can I hire you to be my spelling and grammar checker?

    So it is good to you that someone you apparently respect to some degree acknowledged your LACK of mastery of the language over your content? Sad. Some of us prefer substance, content, AND correctness. It shows intelligence and respect for the art of writing to master the medium in which we work.

    In short… so many words to veil an excuse for poor skills. Merely getting published is no longer a valid measure of worth. The quality of publicly available written content is clearly on the decline, thanks in a large part to “writers” like you who fail to master their skills. Unfortunately, the “style” you employ fosters ignorance of the language and permits those without skills to obtain some degree of mediocrity. The higher road would be to master the skills of a true writer, then selectively employ varied styles for emphasis. You make good points, and I agree with many, it is just a shame to see how you present those points when I KNOW that using proper skills would make your arguments that much more powerful and likely respected by a wider audience.

  3. Susan Regis Collins Says:

    I beg to differ w/you on Connolly…..have you forgotten his strong defense of (un)Patriot Act and his support of rights violating assaults on Americans by Bu$hco?
    Fuck him and his Bu$hco bullshit….I do not want the likes of him to sit on any bench in the USA. Right on Joe…keep on keeping up.

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