You heard me right!…..”The good Republicans are glad they lost this election so badly here in Delaware”.  Because only NOW can the better Republican types in the party shout out loud and clear; “I FREAKIN’ TOLD YOU SO!”. 

For the last 4 years, I have heard GOOD Republicans  like Tom Ross, newly selected State Chairman of Republican Party, Jim Ursomarso, Tyler Nixon, Bill Oberle, Cathy Cloutier, Liane Sorenson, Dori Connor, Colon Bonini, Judd Bennet, Ferris Wharton, Alan Levin and some others,  commiserate over the fact that their Republican Party has been going down the crapper, and these good people want to see the Party totally changer.   Why?;becasue the Republican Party has lost sight of their original goals….things  like being all inclusive; not neglecting any one who disagrees with their party leaders…..  not excluding people of color (any color), which doesn’t match their whiteness…and not excluding people of any religious faith, even those  which don’t match their own…not refusing to represent people of ALL sexual orientations….not rejecting those  people who haven’t attained their highest level of financial success….representing all levels of the workforce.  To date, too many Republican groups  have been limited…too limited; and this time it cost you big time….see the last election results.

The official call-to-arms of the official Republican Party has been; “ONLY RICH WHITE SNOBS NEED APPLY”.   

The Republican Party has become a group of tunnel vision, nose-in-the-air elites.   Well, “THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE”   WHOM YOU HAVE BEEN NEGLECTING  JUST KICKED YOUR COLLECTIVE WELL-SHAPED WHITE ASSES, IN THIS MONTH’S ELECTION.

Republican leaders have totally lost sight of what the better rank and file Republicans want.  Do you have any idea how many Republicans turned on their heels and left the party while in the voting booth this week?  Hockessin types in Delaware’s most Republcan district in the state voted for a Democrat.  They voted against the Party’s choice, Clatworthy (a dirty mud-slinging A-Hole; and elected Mike Katz…a Democrat..a first in many, many decades.   Better wise up….here are the Republicans you had better start  listening to from now on:  Party Chairman, Tom Ross/ Jim Ursomarso/ Tyler Nixon/ Bill Oberle/ Cathy Cloutier/ Liane Sorenson, Judd Bennet/ Colon Bonini/ Dori Connor/ Alan Levin/ Ferris Wharton.  LIVE AND LEARN PEOPLE! LIVE AND LEARN!




  1. Susan Regis Collins Says:

    Veatrice on Jimmy Kimmel says:

    “Watch and learn.” The R’s could do that too.

  2. Susan Regis Collins Says:

    Veatrice: RIP

  3. moronpolitics Says:

    Gerry, you should contact me.

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